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HTC HD Mini passes the FCC

The HTC HD Mini has passed the FCC with support for North American 3G Bands. The mystery now becomes where and when will the Mini land.

T-Mobile has been enjoying success with the HTC HD2 and while the HD Mini would be an interesting companion piece, it may also be an unlikely companion piece. AT&T is another strong possibility with the HD Mini replacing the AT&T Pure, which hasn't performed as well as expected. The long shot may be seeing the HTC Mini being sold unlocked and unbranded.

With the Kin being released next month and the Windows Phone 7 on the horizon, it will be interesting to see where the HD Mini lands and if it can hold it's own amidst all the new Windows Phone offerings. [via Engadget]

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  • So just to confirm, no way this is coming to Verizon?
  • It should land in the bin, where it belongs. If the Pure didnt sell one wonders what makes this any more attractive.
  • The frequencies match up to AT&T 3G or Rogers in Canada. (i assume Bell in Canada uses the same frequencies.) i really think that, if we see this at all in North America, HTC will sell it unlocked. There might be some appeal in this as a featurephone that happens to run a smartphone OS (see Motorola Backflip), but i don't see much potential in it beyond that.
  • May be its good move for AT&T after the failure of AT&T Pure this HD Mini will be a convenient mobile for HTC users.