HTC HD2 soldiers on past Win Phone 8, runs Windows RT

The HTC HD2, a smartphone from the Windows Mobile era, has been continuously pushed by developers and the hacking community to support Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and even Windows Phone 8. But now they've managed to get the handset to run Windows RT. Yes, Windows RT.

Get your boots on; WP7/Android dual OS on HD2

Can't decide between WP7 and Android?  Thanks to some of the minds at XDA, now you don't have, if you have an HTC HD2.  Due to limitations in both operating systems, WP7 will reside in NAND memory and Android will be booted from an SD card. 

Here's what you will need for the recommended method:

Once you've gathered your materials, go here to get started, or you can find another method here.  Good luck!  Try not to hose your HD2.

Source: Ali Waqas (Thanks for the tip!); via: XDA

Windows Phone 7 successfully ported to HD2 by DFT

Well, it's finally here folks. After months and months of tinkering around, Dark Forces Team (DFT) has finally completed their Windows Phone 7 to HTC HD2 port and it's all demonstrated in video glory (after the break). The whole process is demonstrated from flashing to it actually running and it's technically in four parts, but really only the first two you need to watch.

Here's the dirty list on how much works:

  • System starts quickly, after flashing the first boot needs about 20 seconds up to start settings.
  • Battery can be charged normally in WP7 OS. Testers reports that power consumption is normal.
  • Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large, volume +,- keys works fine. During a call when you can adjust the volume.
  • SMS send and receive works without problems, display Chinese symbols right.
  • Import contacts from the SIM card works, the Chinese text displayed correctly, contact editing all normal. Setting ringtone working.
  • Camera works, all the features available, including the 720P video. (Photo-Flash sync is slightly buggy, better make photos without flash)
  • full list after the break...

Update: LIVE services seem to have been succesfully cracked, see here.

Xbox LIVE and the Marketplace still seem to be off limits due to Microsoft's advanced security, which is a bit of a downer, but the rest looks pretty solid. No word on when all of this will be made available, though we're sure your local XDA forums will have something on it soon. Question is: Is all of this worth it?

Check out all the videos of it in action after the break to see for yourselves.

Source: DarkForcesTeam; via @chassit

OtterBox Defender Case for HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 will forever hold a special place in Windows Mobile lore. As one of the best pieces of hardware in the pre Windows Phone 7 era, there are a lot of people that view the HD2 as a way of extending the life of what many consider a superior platform (Windows Mobile 6.5).

To make your device last as long as possible, you want to get a high quality case that is going to take the abuse for your phone. Nobody makes rugged, usable cases like OtterBox. The OtterBox Defender Case for the HD2 not only meets the high standard the OtterBox is held to, it exceeds them.


Rugged, yet functional. Protects every aspect of your case.

T-Mobile HTC HD2 ROM is back...again

At first it was here, then it was, then it was back, then it was gone...and now it's back. (Get it here)

That finicky HD2 ROM from T-Mobile has once again returned to the site, ready for download after being recently removed reportedly due to technical issues causing mischief on people's ginormous black slabs.

So what was fixed? Evidently nothing.  In T-Mobile's forum they blame the last ROM yanking on server issues. Yeah.

Due to overwhelming demand, some customers experienced slow download times when attempting to access the HTC HD2 software update from the T-Mobile Web site. As a result, we temporarily removed the link from our Web site to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Now that we have solved our server issues, we are happy to announce that the software update for the HTC HD2 is now available on the T-Mobile Web site for customers to download and install on their HTC HD2 smartphone.

If you have already downloaded and installed the software update to their HTC HD2, please continue to use your device as normal. You do not need to reinstall the software.

So no need to re-flash as nothing will change. Speaking of, with the new ROM, lots of complained about the poor touch response. If that's you, XDA has you covered with this .cab fix to adjust the settings for you. Good luck!

T-Mobile pulls HD2 update--cites problems with ROM

In regards to the latest ROM update to the T-Mobile HTC HD2, people's reaction fell into two camps:

  1. It made it better
  2. It made it worse

Guess who won? 

T-Mobile has pulled the ROM update due to complaints, one of which is that touch-sensitivity starts out very high but then degrades to the point where you have to mash the screen to get it respond. Another is dialing 611 reportedly screws up the speakerphone till you soft reset. Others complain of freezing and general instability (see this thread at

It is unclear when T-Mobile will release an updated version or what they plan on fixing, but most of seems to focus around Sense 2.5 and areas of customization. We'll keep you posted on any changes.

[via T-Mo News]

T-Mobile HD2 gets an (unofficial) official ROM update

Well that sure didn't take too long.  Looks like the T-Mobile HTC HD2 (aka WM6.5's last hurrah) has received a ROM update.

Slight word of caution: we're hearing this isn't 100% officially public yet, but perhaps the final ROM for T-Mo employees/testers, etc. So expect an "official" announcement next week by T-Mobile and HTC on this exact update.

The OS build is bumped to 21892 (a very good build, we might add), updated radio, updated Swype , reportedly more stable and responsive (via XDA forum) and finally, it includes a new app to see your account information. 

If you want to know all of the software changes, here ya go (not for the faint of heart!).

You can grab the download directly from HTC here.

Update: HTC pulled it :-/

Update II: T-Mobile will make the update official on the 18th!

[via TMoNews and PPCGeeks forums]


HTC HD2: Takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

Important safety tip, don't place your HTC HD2 on the roof of you car and drive off.

However, if you do, all might not be lost. The Talk Show host in the above video was loaned an HTC HD2 to review. He was distracted while leaving work and left the Windows Phone on top of his car. Once home, he realized what had happened, traced back his steps and found the HD2 lying face down in the road.

The HD2 didn't look pretty but the overall condition of the phone might surprise you.


The HTC HD2: A dead end phone?

We ran across an interesting review (with accompanying video) on the T-Mobile HD2 over at the Wall Street Journal's Personal Technology site. The review refers to the HD2 as a dead end phone because it runs Windows Mobile 6.5 (as opposed to the upcoming Windows Phone 7).

Agree or disagree with the review points, it does present an interesting question. Is the HD2 a dead end phone? Microsoft has repeatedly stated that Windows Mobile would continue to be developed but are you buying a phone with a severely limited life-span? Does Windows Mobile become obsolete when Windows Phone 7 hits the market?

My guess is that Windows Phones running Windows Mobile 6.5.xx will continue to have a strong following.  We just need to find a way to get the HD2 on a few other networks.

What's your thoughts?


O2 ROM update for the HD2

U.K. wireless provider O2 has released a ROM update for the HTC HD2. There is no change log available with the ROM likely fixing minor bugs and tweaking things under the hood to improve stability.

If you happen to be using an HD2 from O2 you can find the updated ROM here. Remember, when you flash the ROM you wipe all your data so it's important to back-up everything before updating.


'That screen is pure sex'

Can't say we disagree. [via Android Central forums]

HTC selling T-Mobile HD2 for $99 flat (2 year contract)

For those still on the fence about the HD2 (we imagine Hulu would look great on that screen), HTC Shop America, their direct sale store, is pimping the phone directly with a T-Mobile plan for $99. No rebate, no waiting.

Rumor also has it that this deal may not last, but who knows with these things (that 35 percent Bing cashback is still available as is the Wirefly deal). And considering how often T-Mobile is running out of stock/replacing stock on this device, we take it to mean it's selling quite well.  Go here to get started.

Microsoft giving away a T-Mobile HD2


Want a T-Mobile HTC HD2?  Have a creative mind?  Microsoft's latest giveaway contest may be right up your alley.  As the above video promo mentions, Microsoft wants to know what you would do for an extra inch.  An extra inch of screen space that is.

Head on over to Microsoft's Windows Phone Facebook page and tell Microsoft what you would do and you may find yourself winning a T-Mobile HD2.  Entries will be accepted through May 15.

Turn the HD2 into a metal detector

One of the many creative minds over at XDA Developers may has come up with a way to turn your HTC HD2 into a metal detector. XDA member 6Fg8 has created an application, Metal Detector, that works under the premises that the built in compass on the HD2 relies on the earth's magnetic field to calculate the deviation from magnetic north. If you put a piece of metal near the compass, it deviates from the natural deviation.

There are still a few bugs to work out in the application but for the most part, it performs as advertised. Yet somehow I don't see scanning the beach with an HD2 looking for buried treasure.  However, if that screw you dropped blends in too well with the carpet, this application might be of some use. [via]

HTC HD2 commercials spotted

As if we needed any more convincing that the HTC HD2 is an outstanding Windows Phone. Just in case there are those still on the fence, HTC has released a pair of short commercials highlighting the HD2.

Now if we could only get an AT&T branding on the phone?

Follow the break to see the pair.


Windows Phone 7 Series possibly (and unofficially) running on HTC HD2

Update: Added video above. Level of skepticism still fairly high.

Microsoft has said that the HTC HD2 won't be getting an official upgrade to Windows Phone 7 Series, but that's never stopped anybody before, has it? Tom at HTCPedia says he's got the WP7S Metro UI running on the HD2, and most of the big bells and whistles are up and running, including WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. There are issues with the graphics drivers, he says, causing some lag.

Let's hope we see some video from boot to actual use pretty soon, to help shore up this one a bit, cause we all know how easy it is to be duped by pics. And speaking of pics, there are a few more after the break. [HTCPedia via Redmond Pie]

Deal Alert: Save 35% off a T-Mobile HD2 using Bing cashback; $99 with WireFly

So you want a T-Mobile HD2 but not sure about the price? (Even though we feel $449 is pretty good with no contract already).

Fret not as Microsoft's Bing is offering a whopping 35% off of the full $449 price which brings down the total cost to a nice comfy $292, give or take a few cents.

To take advantage, simply follow these directions:

  • Open web browser to
  • Type in "T-mobile HD2"
  • Select the "Sponsored Links" at the top with the 35% off info

Now to be clear, you won't get the 35% savings right away. Bing cashback works by refunding the difference after 60 days (read 'How it works' here, their FAQ here). The refund is either by check or, if you have Paypal, they will automatically deposit the money after the alloted time.

Still, for customers who want this baby for a fair price without committing to a two year contract, is $292 your number?

And for those who don't mind a two-year commitment, WireFly is offering the HD2 for a low $99, which ain't too shabby either.

Edit: As noted in comments, if you do both Bing cashback + Wirefly, you can have a spankin' new HD2 for $50 + 2 year contract.

[Thanks, JB6464, for originally noticing this deal!]

CTIA 2010 Special Edition Podcast

Phil is joined by Dieter and Kevin as we talk about the news at CTIA 2010. There was just a smidgen of Windows Mobile (the HD2 on T-Mobile), but plenty of Android. Listen in!

Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile 6.5 is Official

After teasing us with a leaked .cab in February, Slacker Radio has been officially launched for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. The Slacker Mobile application is "optimized" specifically for the HTC HD2 and is launched in conjunction with the release of the HD2 on T-Mobile. Slacker should work on other 6.5 phones with WVGA (800x480) screens; those specifically listed are the HTC Imagio, HTC Pure, HTC Tilt 2, LG eXpo and the Samsung Omnia II.

Slacker Radio for Windows Mobile provides access to your Slacker Radio account (Free or Premium), over 100 stations, the ability to create your own stations, and various information about the current track and artist. To give it a try point your mobile browser to Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

T-Mobile HD2 available today; we go hands-on at CTIA

The T-Mobile HD2 is finally available today for $199 on contract, and we got our hands on it Tuesday at CTIA. Obviously the star of the show is the hardware, but you've already seen that from our hands-on and full review of the European version.

T-Mobile has loaded its version with a major video partner -- namely with the Blockbuster app. You can download or stream movies at will. And speaking of movies, Transformers 1 and 2 come preloaded on the HD2. And, really, watching Megan Fox on an HD2 is a small price to pay for a two-year contact, don'tcha think?

Check out our video hands-on after the break.