T-Mobile HD2 release date spotted

We've known that the HD2 is headed to T-Mobile for some time now and have recently learned the pricing information.   But the "when" has been a bit of a mystery.

The BoyGeniusReport has stumbled upon an out of focus events list that might bring the release date into focus.  The second entry on the sheet indicates a "Dark Handset" will launch on March 24, 2010.

"Dark Handset" is reportedly double-knot spy code for the HD2. All of this goes along with the rumors we heard last month about the release date.

Now if only the other carriers could come up with thier own code words for the HD2 and leak release dates!

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  • Absolutely the sweetest piece of hardware on the market. Glad to see it coming state-side instead of all the watered down slabs we usually get (if it's true).
  • I think you mean double-naught spy code.
  • Funny you should mention that. I've seen it spelled -naught, -ought, and -knot. I just picked the first one that came to mind.
  • i figured out why its going to be nearly half the price as the euro version even though its getting more stuff. WM is definately dead. sure microsoft said that it would continue investing in WM. but why wouldnt they say that? they want people to continue to buy there crap until the last second. but if you look at how many developers have stopped there investment in WM and why such an advanced device is going for so cheap, it can only mean one thing; WM is going in the casket. this is beyond crappy. i have been waiting for a phone like this since the iphone came out. i refused to buy the subpar crap that had been pedaled out to "compete" with the iphone. i wanted a phone that was nearly a laptop. this was going to be it. now microsoft is telling me that a cell phone isnt a personal computer....
  • I agree with you on that to a certain extent. I also want an HD2 but.... wm 6.5... its good and all but it just has no future. I dont see myself liking WM7 all that much. Now i kinda just want to get a Nokia N900 ... As much as i like WM and HD2 and ive been using WM since 2003 on my Dell Axim X51v and i love it. But its just dying and as much as even us hardcore WM fans love it... there is just no more future. I personally would have been happy with WM7 being a much better version of 6.5. But instead its not even the same thing. This really turns me off.
  • By your logic all WM handsets now should be selling at much reduces prices, is that the case? Anyway I'll be sure to let you know how dead it is when I'm rocking that 4.3in screen with Transformers and Amazon music.
  • yes that is the case!! lol! its a little over 400 dollars out right from t-mobile in the usa. the euro version was 800-1000 dollars!!! and it didnt come with any of the cool stuff that the hd2 in the u.s is getting. even the extra ram/rom wasnt activated or advertised. the developers and carriers know whats going on. they always do this, just as soon as something better is coming out, the last best thing is promoted to death