HTC Arrive for a penny at AmazonWireless [New customers]

Although we've seen plenty of devices on AT&T and T-Mobile on sale for a penny at AmazonWireless, this is the first for the Sprint HTC Arrive.

Not a bad deal if you're up for a contract renewal or were thinking of switching to Sprint (we're big fans of both the device and service). Of course, make sure you read the fine print, but our experience with AmazonWireless has been great in the past.

To catch up on the Arrive, here's everything we have on it and remember, it gets it's 7392 Security update in the next few days as well.

Source; AmazonWireless (opens in new tab); via SimpleMobileReivew; Thanks, Chris

Daniel Rubino

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  • Most people probably didn't notice it, but about a month ago on AmazonWireless the HTC Arrive was a penny. I actually ended up picking one up, which means I now own a HTC Arrive, Samsung Focus, and a Dell Venue Pro. Yeah, I like Windows Phone 7 devices.Very nice for people wanting to switch carriers, and want a WP7 device.
  • Anyone not under contract would be crazy to pay more than a $0.01 for a WP7. Amazon has had them at this price for months and months. I was as an AT&T customer, but was still able to take advantage of the $0.01 price when picking up my Focus. I must say, the phone has lived up to it's sale prices. Well, that's not fair. The phone has been fantastic. Microsoft and their ability to update it? Now that's worth a $0.01.