Windows Phone 'Tango' to officially launch in China on March 21st

Microsoft China has been sending out invitations (see above) to the media for their upcoming Windows Phone "Tango" launch event. The launch event, set to be held in Beijing on March 21st, will mark the introduction of the emerging markets version of the mobile OS.

HTC has already launched the HTC Triumph (TITAN MK I), which reportedly runs the latest version of Tango. This also slots in nicely with Stephen Elop's announcement that the first batch of Nokia Windows Phones will be available in China on March 28th, not to mention the upcoming China Telecom CDMA "Lumia 800c" also uses a later version of Tango with newer firmware.

The Marketplace is still closed but developers can submit apps through AppHub. We expect it to be available to consumers soon after the official launch from Microsoft. What's next? The burning question as to when will "Mango" users receive all the improvements found in "Tango"?

Source: LiveSide

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Question dont yell at me either lol are ALL phones getting tango and the restrictions apply to low end only or are just low end phones getting it? cuz im not entirely sure whats gonna happen and i know there are some new features that should be coming out as well.
  • I don't think anyone is 100% certain, but Mango users SHOULD be getting the Tango updates. If it's being rolled out in China soon, then it should be just around the corner...
  • thanks much
  • AFAIK All devices should get the Tango update. I believe there are 2 tiers. As it is a minor update I wouldn't hold my breath as some carriers may choose to hold it back. The usual hacks for updating should be just around the corner.
  • Why get tango anyway, brings nothink new..
  • i just like to be up to date
  • actually ,  it brings  new features!  like NO-DO did ,,
    MMS comfirmation + SIM card options + 1 or 2 other features.
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  • The comment wasn't meant to start a flame war!
    It was meant to cheer up those who might not get the update.
    Then again if those MMS and SMS features don't seem to be all that usefull to someone like me, this update is nothing i couldn't do without.
  • Tango will have new mms upgrades for us in the usa
  • I'm gonna send away my phone for service as soon as this is rolled out. Hate that you can't do a full backup whenever you wish!
  • I unlocked my Focus S so I'll get it without having to worry about AT&T.
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