Stephen Elop: First Nokia WP7 devices coming to China March 28

Just days after a Chinese Lumia 800 surfaced sporting an updated version of Tango, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told media outlets that the first Chinese Nokia Windows Phone devices will launch on March 28.  Elop did not confirm what model that first device would be, but it is expected to be the Lumia 800, which has been in testing for some time.  Other Lumia phones, will follow sometime in April and beyond.  Word has it those models will include the 710, 900, 610, and as one Weibo user discovered, possibly even the 719:

Nokia is looking to capitalize on what was a good chunk of business for their Symbian operating system.  They were beaten to the Windows Phone punch by HTC, who just launched in China, but it looks like they will give HTC a run for their money with a wide offering of devices.

Source: 21st Century Business; Via: Engadget, TechInAsia

Seth Brodeur