T-Mobile iPhone/HD2 Trade-in Plan

T-Mobile apparently has a trade-in program that may help those who can't decide what to do with that old iPhone. From April 1 through May 19, you can trade in an iPhone for up to $350 credit towards a new HTC HD2.

Participating T-Mobile dealers will be authorized to give a minimum of $100 credit (max $350) to those trading in their iPhones. The iPhone must be functional and in working condition; screen not broken, damaged or leaking; and no liquid damage or corrosion present. According to the details, activation is not required with the credit being applied to the fully priced HD2.

The HD2 is already priced extremely well and for those who have an iPhone lying around collecting dust (we're looking at you, CrackBerry Kevin), the trade-in program makes the HD2 even more attractive of an offer. [via tmonews]

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  • This is of course assuming they ACTUALLY have any HD2's in stock. Jerks. Still waiting for mine going on week 2.
  • Try Wal-Mart i hotline there $50 cheaper than t mobile store and it was in stock
  • will they take a tp2 instead? i have had enough with sprint and am looking for a change
  • what do you think.....................
  • just more evidence they are trying to milk the dead OS
  • So... give your iPhone to TMobile for a "trade-in discount" so they can turn around and sell them on Ebay, Amazon, Craigs List, or what ever... Why not get your new HD2 and sell the iPhone yourselves, and be money ahead? That would make a lot more sence, and dollars.
  • I see what you did at the end there... lol
  • I personally believe iPhone has a better integrated music store and way more apps.If we do not consider money,T-Mobile is not the country's best carrier...
  • Hey, will you be able to trade in your HD2 when the new iphones comeout in 2010?
  • Ha, i just traded my 2 year old iPhone 3g that i bought for $150 the other day for a brand new HD2... best 150 ive ever spent for sure