We pretty much new HTC was a major contender in the smartphone industry and now, they've got the revenue numbers to prove it.

HTC's revenues for April 2010 is being reported as NT$18.01 Billion ($571.9 million US Dollars), bringing revenue for 2010 up to NT$55.71 Billion (or $1.75 Billion US Dollars) for the year.  The 57.93% increase on the year is a record for the Taiwan-based company and puts them on an easy pace to top its second quarter revenue projection of NT$50 Billion.

HTC's success is being attributed to the company's aggressive marketing of new devices running both Windows Mobile and Android.

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While life is good over at HTC, challenges are on the horizon. New phones are due to be released later this year from competing manufacturers such as Apple and RIM.  Plus there is still questions on when HTC will have a device to add to the Windows Phone 7 lineup. Speaking of Apple, HTC still has that pesky patent lawsuit lurking in the shadows.

Regardless of all the hurdles HTC is facing, if the success of the HTC HD2 is any indication on what the future will bring, things should stay brilliant for some time to come.

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