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Sprint Arrive set to get 7392 Security update on May 24th

Good new for Sprint folks (remember, they're the ones with the HTC Arrive): your device is set to get that Microsoft "May" security update aka build 7392 on May 24th, which is just a few days away.

That update, if you recall, is just to fix some fraudulent third party certificates on the phone. In other words, don't expect any new functionality. However, it also looks to bump the bootloader to version 1.29.651.02 (currently it's at 1.24.230506), so who knows if that will bring anything new (we're not betting on it).

Considering we're about 2 weeks into the May update, Sprint's timing on the Arrive isn't half bad, especially considering this is their first update.

Source: Spantechular; Thanks, Mike, Joy and Sam, for the heads up!

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  • Verizon Trophy to get 7392 December 21st, 2012
  • so does this mean I finally get to have some kind of back up of my phone or is this over the air? Hopefully Mango brings really backups to include apps to the os. Jesus S is it a pain to do a factory restore months in to using the phone.
  • and still no word on the 7392 for the focus on ATT?