T-Mobile HD2 available today; we go hands-on at CTIA

The T-Mobile HD2 is finally available today for $199 on contract, and we got our hands on it Tuesday at CTIA. Obviously the star of the show is the hardware, but you've already seen that from our hands-on and full review of the European version.

T-Mobile has loaded its version with a major video partner -- namely with the Blockbuster app. You can download or stream movies at will. And speaking of movies, Transformers 1 and 2 come preloaded on the HD2. And, really, watching Megan Fox on an HD2 is a small price to pay for a two-year contact, don'tcha think?

Check out our video hands-on after the break.

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  • I am on board - and with T-mobile's new policy for smartphones that allows you to upgrade your phone after 12 months on a 2 yr contract at the subsidized price - it's a no brainer. I'll get my WP7S next spring, that is if we can not hack 7S on this beautiful phone.
  • all i have to say is... Sprint EVO
  • LOL, Android.
  • Same here....I am totally jumping ship for Android! Maybe last year this phone would've had me, but now even without 4G WinMo is dying. It's time to move on...
  • Lol seriously. With all the WM7 news leaving a sour taste in my mouth, your suggestion is tempting.
  • while you are WAITING for your EVO I will be ENJOYING my HD2.
  • Have fun with that phone. I am sure you'll have many months of fine ROM's, and decent 3G coverage.
  • would get if i wasnt on sprint. But since i am, i switching from my tour to the sprint evo. I really would get this though.lol
  • I just got one in Chicago from a T-Mobile retail store.
  • Me too! I'm loving it. The hardware is fantastic! I'm still getting used to the Sense UI, but so far it's great. No regrets on this one. Also, I paid cash (well I'm on the 4 month installment plan) so I'll be ready to go on contract for a nice new WinPho7 phone this September.
  • Let's face it, thanks to the Windows Phone 7 blunder our beloved Windows Mobile has a limited future. Application development is going to craw to a stand-still and what HD2 owners are going to be left with its a magnificent black brick. Heck, even it's star application "Blockbuster" is about to file chapter 11. As much as I have loved Windows Mobile over the last four years, it's a sinking ship and unlike Steve Ballmer I don't intend to go down with it. Microsoft failed to impress most power users with WP7S so I'm heading to the lifeboats with the rest of the droids. I'll bee everybody on the Android forum! EVO here I come baby!
  • I will have to agree. WP7 is slowly sailing in the wrong direction and it hasn't sailed on its maiden voyage. The HD2 is beautiful device. Carriers have to realize that Devices not just service alone make the decision for a lot of individuals. I think that T-Mobile gets it, Verizon is just starting to understand and AT&T is just trying to keep the Apple iPhone in the U.S. I think Android is in my future also. The HD2 is a wonderful device that M$ should be pushing with or without WP7....This device should be pushed out to every U.S. Carrier. This is a mistake that M$ will regret in the future. Good Job T-MO
  • Don't forget the Samsung Galaxy s
  • Picked up mine earlier this morning and after using it and viewing that absolutely gorgeous screen all I can say to all the haters, USE the phone and sprint evo and WP7S notwithstanding, this is a FANTASTIC phone and for T-Mobile customers really is a device that stands against anything on the market and in reality is closer to the sprint evo than all other devices available now. So WM haters, move to the android sites and let us WM users enjoy our Superphone!!
  • Yes, please go away haters! We get it, you want Android. How many more times do we have to hear it?
  • They just are all excited because after 6.5 sails away, they'll have the most open platform left... Since they can't claim that now ;)
  • I wanted Microsoft to succeed! I was anxiously waiting for the Mobile World Congress unveiling like everyone else. Spent two %*#@ing years waiting on a present which I thought was going to be the most innovative mobile operating system in the world only to be greeted at the door by Microsoft with their d**k in a box. So excuse us for being disappointed.
  • i am far from a WM hater. i have been with MS on mobile devices since the casio pocket pc came out 8 years ago. what i see is MS buying into the proprietary / we control every aspect of your device thing that has been going on since the first i-phone (maybe longer). i know the android platform isnt cooker friendly like the current WM6.5 - 6.5.x flavors are, but after 8 years to abandon it totally for the cookie cutter approach is going to do nothing but alienate a group of folks whom wanted the platform to grow, not die off for the app store model. and before you say "well android is an app store model platform"... i do know that and think if i am going to be relegated to an app store platform, i will go with the platform that has the best device for my use.
  • Android may have a App Store, but you're not required to use it. You can still download and install applications from the web or storage cards... unlike Window Phone 7 & the iPhone.
  • Yeah. so many people here saying they're GONNA get an android device. Well, do it then and bugger off. OR, shut up. But either way, send you whiney complaints to Microsoft where they can actually make a difference. THANKS!
  • I love mine cept for the locking everytime you put it in standbye and the bloody wake on SMS that I can't find a registry fix for... Otherwise, it is great... And I still like the TP2's screen better :S
  • i wish the evo was the one coming out today on tmobile instead of this. i would get the evo but i think sprint has little to no coverage in my area. i got a question though, how do people determine what cell provider has good great or shit coverage in there area? people seem to know right off the bat which do and dont have good coverage. i have no idea how to find this out. the providers site tries to give me a map but it just doesnt give enough info. i compared how many stores each provider has in my area. in a 50 mile radius sprint had only two stores!!! the other cariers had more than 10..... can anyone help me out?
  • Sure would be nice if AT&T picked this one up.
  • The 1ghz snapdragon processor is nearly twice as fast as the iphone. I played with? this phone at work last month and I fell in love.
  • Lol.