HTC HD Mini Promo Video

We've shared the announcement news on the HTC HD Mini and we've shared some hands on time with the new Windows Phone.  HTC now has the HD Mini listed on their UK website (opens in new tab) detailing the full specs on the phone.  Along with the specs already listed in the announcement, the HD Mini will have GPS, Wifi, Proximity, Light, and G Sensors. 

The specifications also indicate social networking capability with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.  There is also an interesting feature listed that automatically lowers the ringer volume when you pick the phone up and increases it when the phone is in a case, pocket, purse, etc.  Keep in mind that these are the European specs and if this phone lands in the U.S. it may vary slightly. 

Ease on past the break to see the promotional video that HTC is offering on the HD Mini.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Too much dead space on the front. What was the point of showing 4 screws that cannot be removed anyway? Sorry HTC, the HD2 is a million times nicer.
    Advertise that so people can see real phones.
  • wait a minute... ppcgeeks is claiming this phone is a WP7 phone but with sense on it??? they say it has been "announced"?? is this true?? WP7 on a device with 600 mhz processor? i dont get it...
  • The craftsmanship on the HD Mini is so fantastic that you can see the screws! Can you see the screws?! That SCREAMS top notch craftsmanship. Screws I tell you! Screws!
  • it takes a really long time for HTC to write quietly brilliant. You'd think a company that was quietly brilliant would be able to write a little faster.