HTC HD2 unboxed in all its retail glory

We'd love to say those are our hands doing the dirty work here, but, alas, they are not. Instead, this unboxing of the HTC HD2 is done by Sotopolmari and shows what at this point is the most anticipated Windows phone since, well, the last one. Let's all take a moment and soak this in, shall we?

Via MobileTechWorld and wmpoweruser

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  • Awesome,totally awesome !
  • Better get a screen protector on that bad boy, pronto!
  • That is an insane start up speed! Is it that fast to get to the home screen after the initial setup?
  • When and where?
  • Anyone else notice that the HD2 looks a lot like the old Sony Clie SJ series? Talk about full circle.
  • That was amazingly quick! Well I had only gotten my Topaz last month so I guess end of next year I'll hopefully be upgrading to a WinMo7 device XD
  • I can only hope that deafening silence from Sprint is because they're working on bringing us this phone and not wondering if another WebOS phone will be the next "iPhone killer".
  • I would say it could be the final package. Official Touch2 comes with the same package (the only difference is the picture on the top box)
  • Could have done without the middle - didn't need to see the same ole charger unwrapped for the millionth time. I'm glad to see HTC is going with the green packaging - even making it green to stress the point! I'm also glad to see the CD's go, but would have appreciated a screen protector (even a glass screen can get scratched and isn't as easy to buff out) and a case or pouch.