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HTC One's Camera - How do UltraPixels stack up against the latest Windows Phone?

HTC unveiled it's latest Android device, the HTC One, today with a lot of the hype centered around the device's camera. HTC billed the camera as being a new experience for smartphones, likely in response to the attention Nokia has received from the innovative Pureview camera on the Lumia 920 Windows Phone.

How do the specs shake out? It may surprise many but the HTC One is fitted with a 4MP camera that has a dedicated next gen image chip and f/2.0 lens. Yes... "just" 4 megapixels.

But wait, there's more!

So you're now saying,  "How can a 4MP sensor match the 8.7MP sensor of the Lumia 920 or the 8MP of the HTC 8X?".

The smaller megapixel count may be able to hold its own because it uses larger pixels. The One's sensor uses larger 2 micron pixels compared to the Lumia 920's 1.4 micron pixels. HTC has labeled this as 'UltraPixels' and it is capable of capturing 313% more light than smaller pixeled sensors. We aren't sure about the 313% figure but larger pixels should grab more light and have less noise at higher ISO levels.

Other features on the HTC One includes:

  • BSI Sensor for low light performance
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) akin to the Lumia 920
  • Dedicated HTC Image Chip 2
  • Smart Flash - 5 levels of flash automatically set by distance to subject
  • Front camera with 88 degree wide angle lens, HDR capability
  • Continuous autofocus greater than 200ms
  • Realtime video HDR at 60fps~84db
  • 1080p video at 30fps
  • Still burst at 4-5 frames per second
  • Slow motion video recording and variable speed playback
  • Buffered capture cycle
  • De-noise (noise reduction) processing
  • Preshutter record.

We're guessing the preshutter record is along the lines of the Blink app on Nokia Windows Phones that captures images before you press the shutter to avoid missing that shot.

HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920

So how does the HTC One stack up against the Lumia 920 or even the 8x?

Both the 8X and Lumia 920 have the 8MP sensors and f2.0 lenses.  Like the HTC One, the 8X and Lumia 920 have a BSI sensor and it will interesting to see if the larger "UltraPixels" of the One can outperform both of them..

In addition, HTC has announce the HTC Zoe, which sounds a lot like Nokia's Cinemagraph:

"HTC Zoe gives people the ability to shoot high-res photos that come to life in three-second snippets.  These Zoes, photos and videos are then displayed in a unique way that brings the gallery to life and transforms the traditional photo gallery of still images into a motion gallery of memories.  It also automatically creates integrated highlight films from each event comprised of Zoes, photos and videos set to music with professionally designed cuts, transitions and effects. These highlight videos can be remixed or set to different themes, and can be easily shared on social networks, email and other services. "

While the technology is interesting on the HTC One, it's hard to look past the 4MP resolution. The HTC One does support 16:9 aspect ration at 2688x1520. The 8X churns out 16:9 images at 3264x1836 and the Lumia 920 offers the 16:9 images at 3552x2000.  While I've had experiences with lower resolution cameras shining, it's going to be interesting to see if the One's 4MP can stack up against the 8MP sensors.

When all is said and done, the proof will be in the pudding for the HTC One's camera. The specs on paper look interesting and maybe, just maybe, HTC found a way to put a small resolution, larger pixel sensor into play that can hold it's own. Not going to hold my breath but it'll be interesting to see how the One's camera shakes out.  

One thing is for sure, we can bet HTC will eventually port over this technology to Windows Phone. But will it be before or after Nokia has their shot?

You can follow all the news on the HTC One over at AndroidCentral (opens in new tab) and maybe we can get our hands on an HTC One and do a head to head comparison with these cameras.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Obviously I have no idea how the camera on this is going to be, but I personally would have zero problem with a 4MP resolution if it was high quality.  I haven't printed a photo in ages, and generally need to downsize images before I share them with people anyway.  If it's a high quality 4MP, that would be completely fine with me.
  • Nokia solved the whole thing a year ago with Phase 1 PV. They showed everybody that you can have a 5 Mpix image that is superior to any 8/12Mpix image. Its smaller in size (1 mb), has very low noise levels, tons of detail, and decent DR.
    Overall the HTC system is trying to overcome only one side of the problem, and that is image quality in daylight. The Nokia sytems pretty much solves the whole riddle.. it can truly replace a P&S camera. Proper flash, losless zooming during photo and video.. its a more complete package.
    But if the HTC camera is really using 2.0 micron pixels, I expect very good results.. much better than any of the standard 1/3" 1.4 micron sensors
  • Yeah, but this one is actually on a modern phone operating system.
  • Obvious troll is obvious
  • Uh... compared to the 808 running Symbian, anything is a modern OS.
  • Actually.. Symbian's core quite moddern.. its the UX that fell behind, but if you try an 808 with Feature Pack 2 you will be pleasently surprised. Its a very capable smartphone..
  • That's like saying Windows Mobile (ie, 6.5) is modern.  Symbian's core doesn't even run on a ARMv7 processor, which is to say that it's now outdated by more than three major revisions of ARM (Cortex A15, Cortex A9, Cortex A8 have all been ARMv7 chips).
  • It was running dual core SoCs back in 2009 ..

    you can also read this:

    and you will se what I mean by "modern"
  • Not interesting at all. Copy Nokia's technology and put it on Android first? That's akin to giving a middle finger to WP.
  • At least bother to read the freaking article, the camera software and tech is amazing and unlike Blink, it does not suck nor is limited by 1 stupid soc that can't process good pictures.
    > Gyroscope-based, multi-axis OIS is available for both the front- and rear-facing cameras
    > HTC also throws in an HDR video mode, an expanded photo editing suite, and a new HTC Zoe photo option. The latter captures five frames before you press the shutter, plus another 15 after you do, giving you a set of 20 photos to choose from as well as the ability to create some amateur stop-motion animation. If that's not to your liking, it also records a 3-second video clip alongside the pictures.
    Oh, and unlike WP8, they are not limited to stupid 720p when all phones are now 1080p
  • Agreed, I'm getting tired of WP not having everything like other phones and OS..
  • Why you rush into conclusion? 1080p screen just in market 2-3months. IPhone 5, L920, and GS3 don't have 1080p and are selling well. Even more so than Butterfly or DNA. And One camera and features are HTC exclusive. Don't be a child wanting what everyone have. WP has its unique features. Enjoy it. Appreciate it, because you find them on other OSs. Sit back relax, kiss your Lumia because more stuff is coming from MS this summer.
  • Those features are really cool, I'm expecting OIS to start arriving on more phone brands in the coming years. As for the Zoe it's a cool function, but I'm not sure I'd be using it much.
    WP8 HAS 1080p video recording already, there's no such limitation you're talking about.
  • I am talking about screen resoilution support, also, according to HTC themselves, they can't even bring awesome camera features to WP8 because its camera kernel is too restrictive.
  • > Gyroscope-based, multi-axis OIS is available for both the front- and rear-facing cameras
    The IOS needs to be part of the camera, I can imagine the "Gyroscope based" just refers to the main gyroscope for the phone, so have they really implemented a seperate floating lens camera for front and back? 
    That seems a bit excessive for the front, I think its going to be interesting knowing the details of this camera as the broad specs could be misleading.
  • 1080p is pointless. Its like saying you need 32-bit 384KHz sound, you just won't see the difference.
  • "Oh, and unlike WP8, they are not limited to stupid 720p when all phones are now 1080p"
    Calm down...1 phone is currently in the market that supports 1080p, not all phones...   It's not like the next release of Windows Phone won't support it.
  • 1080p screens drains battery fast... 720p is enought whilst on the L920 its resolution is bigger than any ordinary 720p screens... 1080p on a 4-5 inches screen for me is useless.... better have it on a 40+ inch widescreen TV.
  • What exactly are they copying from Nokia?  I think this departure from meagpixels to cameras which focus on quality is a brave move from HTC. 
    Also the idea of creating gifs from still images is nothing new, there are plenty of Apps on Android and IOS which do the same thing. 
    Although this site LOVES to bash HTC or anything which isn't Nokia. 
  • "Although this site LOVES to bash HTC or anything which isn't Nokia. "
    GTHO, maybe some in the audience, but I'd hardly say "this site" does. We've been big supporters of HTC especially with the Titan/Radar series and going forward. Still, we can't say we're thrilled with Android seeing this tech first over Windows Phone. It sure doesn't help our platform.
  • Maybe I should rephrase that to "some members of this site", my bad. 
    It is common knowledge that most topics to do with other OEMs deteriorate into a Nokia circlejerk, just look at some of the gems in this section already. 
  • People prefer Nokia so what? I don't understand how people cry fanboy fanboy, when they themselves are an HTC fan or Samsung fan people like what they like man you guys need to get over it.
  • I would imagine some of those folks are WP fans, like myself.
  • Exactly! don't label others fanboys when you're a fanboy yourself.
  • That I agree with but I personally blame HTC for not endearing any loyalty from Windows Phone users. There's a reason why Nokia has dedicated fans and why HTC not so much and I think to pretend that there isn't a difference between public perception is ignoring perhaps a bigger story... it's not just about specs, it's about perceived support and interest. HTC has won some of that back with the 8X/8S but now with the One, they will lose some fans. That's the bed they made.
  • I agree a LITTLE. HTC has most definitely deserved the crap thrown at it with weak Android update support. They also deserve it for not getting customers apps like Nokia does.
    That said, I won't say they deserve it because Android is getting this camera tech first. On one hand ,they made the bed they are lying in with Windows Phone (that being one not NEARLY as well-received as Nokia from customers), but the fact is they are still not selling stuff as well. That, and maybe they WILL bring this tech to MWC or a later release when Windows Phone's 8.1 release is ready. Tough to say, but it's possible. On the other hand, we KNOW that a better phone is coming from Nokia, but we don't know what (if anything) HTC is planning for MWC or the generally-near future for the platform, so they again deserve some consumer complaints.
    It's kind of the same issue as the app market stuff with the platform--they aren't bringing their best until they have customers, but they won't have customers until they bring their best.
  • Bitch please... Do I really have to repeat that a huge chunk of Windows Phone fans are actually converted-from-Symbian NOKIA fans? HTC is good but it doesn't cut it. And of course people here are going to stick with Nokia since it's the only company that's 100% commited to WP. There you have Samsung and HTC prioritizing Crapdroid over WP. You don't see Nokia doing that, as a matter of fact Nokia ditched their OWN operating system for Windows Phone.  
  • real smooth mr. editor in chief.
  • Why do people give Daniel such harsh feedback, when people are essentially calling him a biased hack? He tells it like it is and I don't think he is biased at all nor is he rude, he just doesn't like being insulted, just like many of us if not all of us here.
  • People appreciate Daniel, but he needs a lesson in the the art of "Its not what you say, Its how you say it". Lol. But hey, some people just let their passion flow and turn their filters off and that's his right. If you understand its just a comment chain filled with all manor of preference and fanboy love from all sides, it all becomes quite comical. Im a big Nokia fan at the moment, but my HTC titan is still probably my favorite windows phone. If only it saw any updates.
  • agreed i get it but it is what it is. we are all platform fans and i wish everyone acted like adults when discussing their preferences, and dislikes of certain things.
  • have you ever seen an editor over at Verge, Engadget, AllTD or these websites acting like a douche on the comments because some idiot commentor insulted them? No. It's called rising above and it's part of being a writer on major websites. What's the difference between you and the insulting commentor if you respond in the same way? And I'm not the only one who thinks this, a lot of people have point it out before. He might think it's his style or it's cool but it seriously undermines the integrity of the website if your lead writer goes on writing 'GTHO' in the comments. It's incredibly unprofessional and I'm pretty sure he's nearing a breaking point with whoever's incharge of Mobile Nations.
  • Trust me when I say that Daniel is a kitten compared to what you'll get over at the "Verge" in terms of blatant biased asshattery!!
  • The Verge is my most visited website and I have NEVER EVER seen an editor resort to making the kind of comments in the comments section this guy does on WPCentral. You should check out Crackberry forums where they tore apart the 'editorial' he wrote on BB10 on WPCentral a few weeks back. I absolutely love WPCentral, but it's these things that really ruin the impression.
  • The fact that the verge is your most visited site speaks volumes.   
  • LOL
  • yes it is. it's the most visited website for millions of readers. yes they don't plaster their page with Microsoft news but that's not why I visit it in the first place.
  • Shut up. This is not the same type of website. It's only about Windows Phone. And GTHO is not bad at all. It should not be taken literally.
  • Stop picking on Daniel. He is unique and we love him for it. When someone is rude to him in an unfair way he responds in an abrupt manner... I don't have a problem with that. Not like he's degenerating into insults or anything.
  • LOL @ stop picking. What is this, 5th grade?
  • Yes, what are you, in 5th grade? What kind of response was that?
  • Oh, Boo! Those other sites just hide their douchieness well...Daniel keeps it real, so if he feels close enough to his audience to engage in some harmless ribbing and YOU don't like it then GTHO LOL I'm jk, but c'mon and lighten up ham sizzle ;)
  • Exactly. Whilst they don't do it in the comments, they retaliate to harsh comments via other ways. Just follow the editors of these other site's personal Twitter account and you'll see. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  • Regardless what they say, it shows the WP Central guys actually read the comments. I think this provides a value added discussion experience for the community (Sam gets quite involved in discussions as well). It encourages users to think about what they say and feel as though they have been heard. As a result, the overall value of the site is enhanced thus bringing more people into the community through the powers of the 'network effect'.
  • Wow, you need grow some thicker skin if you were offended from that.
  • actually yes they are just as every bit "douchey" when commenting positively on a product they deem not worthy of praise. Hell, i was at zdnet yesterday on a surface pro review and if you didnt like the product your a paid apple/google shill, and if you did like it your a paid MS shill. People need to grow up and like what they like, use what they wish, and enjoy it. Nobody is putting a gun to anyones head here and saying LIKE THIS. Daniel is reporting news as it comes. Whether you see it as nokia central/WPNOKIA the team is bringing us what is current, and of course they're gonna favor wp when it comes to platforms as this is a wpcentric site. its inconcievable that daniel cannot comment like anyone else here simply because he wrote the article. Just saying.
  • Agreed 100%
  • I'll wait for the eos before i judge. No sense for me comparing this to Nokia 920, when something possibly bigger and better may be on the horizon. If Nokia does not make improvements to the pureview tech in the lumias (which I doubt) then HTC and their camera tech may be something to look at, but I will not do android and I will not do sense. When they bring it to ms' platform then it becomes an option.
  • THIS
  • I've actually bought point-and-shoots where later generations knocked the MP count down to get clearer and better pictures (Canon Powershot G12 vs G11). Too many MPs can actually harm a pic if the sensor can't handle it properly.
  • So after copying the Lumia signature feature of brightly colored cases HTC now turns to copying other Nokia tech but gives it a different name, ie Zoes. That is just so sad but typical of HTC.
  • Typical ignorant fanboy who does not know that such software existed in Android marketplace for years
  • Blah, blah, blah. Actually I should ask, are you going to single-handedly reply to every comment on this article that doesnt lavish love and kisses on your precious HTC? Hope you had your Weetabix then!
  • Are you just stating who you are and what you are doing ...? O_o
  • for me, this is just a bad copy of the Blackberry Z10.
  • bad copy? htc blows the BB out of the water
  • Lol!  I really despise HTC - ever since P. Choi's attitude about skinning WP7 back in 2010 (he seemed really miffed that they weren't allowed to put sense on WP), I basically eliminated HTC from ever getting my money.  These latest 'break throughs' with adding color to WP devices, and with the camera tech on their Android devices doesn't change my opinion of them; and their treatment of the WP users, and that their current users defend them tooth and nail, is baffling.
    To each their own :)
  • +1
  • Waiting to see this in their next HTC with WP!
  • Nokia and Microsoft's lawyers called! They want a check for all their copied innovations. Blink Feed/Live Tiles, ultra pixels/pureview version 1.0, Dual Membrane Mics/ Nokia PureSound duel Mics. But it is a nice looking phone and if they actually updated their software regularly, I'd be interested. Unfortunately, HTC and software update are equivalent to the Hatfield and McCoy's having a birthday party together.
  • Ha ha ha good one!
  • lol
  • Look at that, HTC "One".......what does this phone have to do with HTC One X/S series released last year?
  • Its a nice phone, I can't lie. But there are definitely some reminiscent features of WP8 within the new HTC Sense.
  • HTC's new Sense UI is akin to WP metro UI philosophy. Take the good stuff and slap it on Android. HTC could do this with WP. Take the their new sense philosophy and make into an app. They could make WP look just that good! But no, their bread and butter is Android. I don't expect HTC to produce outstanding WPs like the One. But who knows. So heres hoping Nokia will have something to blast HTC's One out of the water. Only drawback is screen resolution. So far MS is mum on what's next for WP.
  • I dont ee what is the point of them putting so much into Android when they are going to be an afterthought when Samsung releases its new Galaxy Phones 
    If anything they should have put the same features on both Android and Windows Phone because they are drowning in Samsung's glory.. 
  • It has impressive specs (I wish Windows Phone had cutting edge specs like that) but I think the design is terrible.
  • Do people in here knows what copy even means? Some people just like to spew BS. Anyways, it's a good tech and I'm glad the manufacturers are getting away from the #'s and moving more towards quality. Nokia and HTC are stepping towards the right direction with cellphone cameras. Nokia has done a great job so far let's see if HTC can do the same and bring it across all platforms.
  • Couldn't agree more.
    Nokia brought OIS to the smartphone though it's existed in proper cameras.  If the advances they're making are going to inspire other OEMs to do more, it's better for everyone.
  • Nokia's sitting back thinking, first they ape our colors then they ape our camera tech from 3 years ago and then they have the nerve to ape our microphone technology. Okay, yes were flattered, but you could have just taken our 808 and put HTC on it and saved a lot of time and research. Lol
  • Lol
  • Colors aren't exclusive to windows phone, the camera tech isn't a Nokia patent and neither is the microphone. All these things have existed long before the Lumia 920/808. 
  • Relax he was making a joke about the direction HTC took when thinking about the camera design and os design in past and present iterations of their phones.
  • Nokia also existed long before Lumia and maybe even HTC, what you should have done is just ape his comments and oh, right...this is the internet =[
  • Maybe?? Last i remember nokia was a hundred year old,company
  • Lol!  +1.
  • LOL
  • Htc coping nokia strategy and paste into android base
  • ...and who gets the recognition, Google.
  • That's also a good point. X company brings awesome tech into industry Y company takes that and uses already established brand name to take credit. Sounds like a rap beef.
  • awesome design ..
    wish Nokia win the battle
  • New one series looks so sick. So sicker than my 8x:'( it looks like evolution from 8x design. Also their skin sense is now windows phone metro!
  • I've just seen a hands on video of HTC one its design reminds me iPhone5 and BlackBerry z10
    the HTC's so called new innovative UI(sense5) is like copy of windows phone live tiles
    I will not comment on their camera tech since they bought some good camera stuff in past
  • Its about the image sensor size not the resolution, dynamic range might be a bit better though with the larger pixels.
  • It will be since the pixels are bigger.
  • I hear that's what all the ladies say... ;p
  • LOL
  • Shutter speed on this will be crazy quick.
  • 313% is 2.0 micron pixels compared to 1.1 micron pixels (the area of a pixel is 4x bigger). Against 1.4 micron pixels of Lumia 920, it should be then 100% more light per pixel (the area is here only 2x bigger), right? Combined with OIS and f2.0 it indeed sounds good, but I guess the physically bigger sensor of PureView 808 (hopefully in the next WP), combined with f2.0,  OIS, and downsampling will be still superior. But let's see.  Glad that our phones will have finally great cameras.
  • *oversampling
  • If the physical size of the pixels really is 2.0 microns this would provide better image quality than anything else expect the 808. It will be very simialr to the Nokia N8.. just in a much smaller mpix count. The N8 shoots at 1.75 microns.
    Can't wait for some samples from the HTC ... especailly in low light.
  • This must be the pinnacle of Android. But then isn't Android really about plagiarizing, copying and stealing other people's ideas concepts and patents and putting them on a cheap phone and calling it revolutionary? So im not really surprised to see the tech akin to Nokia and the general look to be very Metro inspired.
    It does appear however that both HTC and Samsung have to steal ideas in order to produce originality. Eventually, this will be their downfall.
  • You call it stealing, the open source community call it in communists who drink beer. =P
  • All bias aside, which we all have because we want HTC to care this much about windows phone, this is a nice device. Good job HTC for trying.
    Now try harder on the WP8 Side so we can keep Nokia working their :-)ss off to stay two steps ahead.
    Apple has to be sitting back thinking, "The rince repeat 6 times strategy might really be up"
  • well, good for them. Unfortunately having android os it's a big no-no from me. Too bad as htc touch pro was a great phone for its time and they should have gone from there on with more than ever since win 8 it's such a promissing os.
    still, just the camera is by no means the sole selling point of a device and in the android world there are many big names involved which will not stay put......much easier in the wp8 world where nokia is the sole brand that has a good following.
    although I might be considered a fan boy (which I'm not) I think android devices pretty useless in the long run.
  • Truth be told I'm just waiting to see if the camera lives up to the hype. If it does, this might be the phone to make me switch to Android. The features are simply amazing and probably ones we won't see in Windows Phone for a while. Slow motion? Live highlight reels of pictures in the gallery. Killer specs and most importantly the Android ecosystem which will always be one of the best. I won't have to wait for an Instagram or ESPNWatch app, AND I can stay on T-Mobile and enjoy one of the latest and greatest. This just might be the phone IF the camera is worthy to dethrone the Lumia 920 or whatever Nokia has up it's sleeve next week. Still I will be interested in availability of Nokia next creation. The HTC One looks promising.
  • where's the big android ecosystem ? I'm still trying to figure out the answer to this and why people believe there is such thing.
    phones and tablets don't make an ecosystem.....
  • I know phones don't make the ecosystem that's why I said Android ecosystem. The HTC One is an Android phone thus having access to the tons of apps and services that Android phones use. I'm not sure if you've noticed but I haven't used Instagram on my Titan as of late. And I can't watch live ESPN content or rent movies or TV shows(actually I can rent and purchase some movies through HTC Watch) on my Windows Phone either. And we're still waiting on Temple Run when Temple Run 2 will be released pretty soon on Android and iOS not to mention other killer games already available. Look I'm not downing WP and I will always support this OS but I'm not blindly loyal to WP either. We are behind in the app ecosystem and features. The Lumia 920 is the best phone hands down limited only by the up and coming emergence of the OS. I think that's a pretty fair statement.
  • HTC just came out with that phone. You don't think that they have not already cooked up something that is going to outshine both the HTC One's camera and their own?? 
    I believe that at MWC we will see what Nokia is truly capable of and it is not going to be a repackeging of the 808 Pureview camera. 
  • Yeah I'm sure Nokia will beast out and I'm convinced the HTC One's camera is behind even the 920 but like I said what's the point if they keep bailing the best phone down to AT&T in the states? It'll just be the same old sad story: there goes the sexy phone I'll never get to use. That's getting old. And don't say it's on T-Mobile cause I'm sure Verizon and even Sprint would live to carry a flagship Nokia Windows Phone on their network.
  • nokia is simply gonna CRUSH the smartphone camera competition next week with the rumoured EOS
  • Probably buy it will it finally be available to consumers outside of AT&T here in the states? Hopefully...
  • They already did that a year ago.. everyone else is playing catch up.
  • The one thing that I do not like is cheap non aircraft grade Aluminum, makes a case mandatory because you have no grip and it scratches real easy. With a case the HTC One is HUGE! Much larger than a Lumia 920 with a simple case. What I like is the front speakers and the HD display and the fast CPU. The camera... I want to how good it is before I voice an opinion. One feature I likes about the OneXplus in black, was its plastic grippy body, makes the OneX easy to hold and reduces the need for a case that only provides a better hold. My opinion... The One will either sell very well or liquidate HTC... with the Samsung S4 coming soon, I expect the One to not sell well, because most Android users will go Samsung.
  • Samsung is a juggernaut. stopping them in the phone department even with this is gonna be difficult.
  • Yep. The original One X was equal to the SG3 in specs more or less (it had beats on top), but Samsung just out marketed them. This phone looks good in terms of specs, the camera promises something much better which has been a real draw for the 920, but I still expect them to get crushed by Samsung. When I was in the US last year the advertising for the SG3 and the Note II was wall to wall.
  • Copycats!!
  • HTC ONE has OIS but its thinner and lighter than the NOKIA LUMIA 920......the OIS used to be the justification for the weight and thickness on the 920...was that not true ????
  • I thought it was a combination of that, plus the thicker polycarbonate body.
  • also the wireless charging the mechanical shutter and the ois and the size of the lens if im not mistaken.
  • I wonder how well their OIS works. Remember, Nokia's OIS suspends the entire housing, not just the lenses. It will be interesting to compare the two approaches and low light shots. The HDR shots are what im really interested in also. Its cool to take a picture and see the same thing as the human eye. I wonder what EOS has up it's sleeve for HDR.
  • agreed, i seriously hope nokia differentiates its windows phones with camera options i love being able to play with the settings and take multiple shots of the same thing. it will be interesting and fun to see what is done in that regard.
  • Qi. Wireless. Charging.
  • This is using the gyroscope AFAIK so it may not have any kind of physical springs for anything which is probably how they were able to do it.
  • I'm scared.
  • Very nice device, will have to see if these new features make it over to WP. I love what HTC has done to my 8X and if i see an upcoming WP device that resembles this i will most certainly stay with HTC. Nokia does intrigue me though.
    and how about MS starts loosening the restrictions with WP?
  • HTC is as they have always been a trend follower. They have no innovation but to pick up on other people's ideas and give it their own spin. In that they are much like Apple really, although Apple just buys oter people tech, patents it and then runs with it as if they invented the sh*t.
    So far Nokia has shown on more then one occasion they are not afraid to come out with actual new tech and while other will follow they do generally 'have it' first.. And it has been like that for ages. First with full touch, first with a phone heavy on Internet use, first with cameratech in general.
    Apple may be good at marketing but Nokia is a true innovator without which the current global phone tech would look a whole lot different.
    Nokia is also the _only_ company truly devoted to WP and teh only one who actively, systematically and constantly works on improving and supporting the platform in any way possible. Sure they committed by burning their bridges but at least they show the care and commitment required to make this platform work. IMO WP is the most slick and solid OS in the mobile industry, it's what V2000 was for video with Apple doing Beta and Android doing VHS. Things are moving and changing and HTC is now smartly trying to mix what seems to be good with WP together with what they know of Android.. Not my cup of tea, but they are trying to differentiate themselves just like Nokia does. And IMO for that they should be complemented.. It would be nice if they were not so obvious though..;)