HTC Opal: HTC Touch Beefed Up

If you listened to WMExperts Podcast 26, you would have heard that HTC was bringing back something that looks and feels like the original HTC Touch (aka the Elf, and elfin it was) but with the newer features found in the Diamond. Mal and I were a touch skeptical, but it looks as though Anton has been vindicated. Witness: the HTC Opal [via], which seems to fit the bill pretty nicely.

Pretty nicely, but not very nicely, it looks like we're seeing nearly identical specs to the original Touch -- EDGE / WiFi, 320x240 screen, and so on. The thing will run TouchFLO 3D, but we're guessing that it must be getting a little driver/graphics proc help because the TI OMAP 850 ain't likely to be able to get that particular job done. In other words, let's hope this doesn't retail at anywhere near top-shelf prices.

WC Staff