HTC Prime WP7 slider on its way?

XDA China has posted a picture and details of the the HTC Prime, a new phone sporting a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  The keyboard on the Prime looks to be a departure from the bulky tilting ones that we are used to seeing on other HTC phones.  Instead, it appears to be a thinner, straight slider with oval buttons, rather than rectangular.  Other features of the phone include:

  • 3.7-inch WVGA touch screen with 480 x 800 resolution
  • 512MB RAM
  • 5MP camera with auto focus and LED flash
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth

No carrier information has been specified. There is no release date included in the write-up, but there is speculation that the Prime may be unveiled at CTIA.

Source:; Via: PocketNow

  • Need more than this, something from LG/Samsung etc, HTC still doesn't seem to be going all out on WP7 yet.
  • hmm 5mp cam, 512ram 3.7in screen... nothing really special here. i'll keep my HTC HD7, 4.3 inch screen has spoiled me i cant go smaller
  • That's what she said?... that being said, that phone up there is a real downer.
  • Looks like a Dell Axim PDA with a slider:
  • It does seem like lately HTC has been repackaging a lot of their phones.
  • Cost savings I guess. If they make it there's a good chance there's a group out there that likes the design and will buy it though.
  • HTC overall makes a good phone. If this is a lot slimmer than a TP2/Pro7/Arrive (and it might be if it does not have the "tilt" feature), it might be something to look at.If it has those specs (about standard) and is as slim as a non slider phone, it might be really worth a look. I really would love a little thicker than a iPhone but, with a slider, that would be epic but, the display closer to 3.8-9"Not sure if I am crazy about the silver but, who knows.
  • So this is an Evo Shift with WP7?
  • I think it is great they finally got a clue, and made a slim design slider. But why are they stuck on mediocre specs. the screen is poor, the camera is only 5 MP, and the processor is probably 800 MHz not 1 GB like it should be. I agree with GP07 they are not going all out yet. I think it has anything to do with the OS, they like making devices for WP7 but they are only halfhearted in the process. The phone should have have 1 GB processor, 8 MP camera w/flash, and they had to move to AMOLED or something like it. The Focus is the only WP7 that has a good screen, the prefect example of HTC problem is the new Sprint Arrive which has been rated a good phone with a bad/out date screen. The Nokia C7/Tiger is a entry level phone when it comes out ,and it has better specs. and build quality. It has a 8MP camera, a metal case, and gorilla glass screen w/ good resolution. HTC needs to do better, android phones don't have to be the only good phones they make.
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