HTC Radar and Samsung Omnia W get pictured

Some exciting photos to feast your eyes on of the upcoming HTC Radar (opens in new tab) (T-Mobile 4G (opens in new tab)) and Samsung Omnia W (opens in new tab) have been published on the Windows Phone blog by Ben Rudolph. See two more shots after the break and check out the article (link after the break too) for more posing handsets and the Tania (opens in new tab) on display by ZTE.

Source: Windows Phone blog (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I prefer the Omnia 7's visual over the W, but this white HTC is very nice.
  • “Paging Mr. Teecee, Mr. Hech Teecee, to the white courtesy phone.”
  • I really like the HTC Radar, except for it's specs. A shame!So I buy the HTC TITAN.
  • HTC Radar:"Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round!"
  • The W a great looking phone, the Radar is not (putting it mildly).
  • dude seriously give it a rest! how many times are u going to say that? u hate the radar and HTC,we get it already.
  • I didn't know it came in black. I like the design of the white model.
  • they both look okay, but i can't use sub 4" screens anymore, i want to see more pictures of the focus s and titan! :)i'm all for consumer choice though OEM's, keep bringing on the wp7 handsets!
  • Can't wait for the radar!! Got first official look from t-mobile sales communication.. Oh and btw, tmo USA mango updates for hd7 started rolling out yesterday!
  • which carrier is the samsung going to?
  • I'm guessing the same carriers it was released to before, but hopefully more.