HTC Releases Stock Tilt 2 ROM

The essence of this site is our enthusiasm for all things Windows Mobile. A common thread among WinMo enthusiasts is the unending desire to tweak and improve the devices that use. One technique that we have mentioned multiple times, and is a very popular solution for many hard core Windows Mobile junkies is the use of custom ROMs.

The hazards of flashing your device have been documented elsewhere, but HTC has assisted in alleviating one of those dangers with the official release of the stock ROM for the AT&T Tilt 2. This ROM enables you to re-flash your hardware back to using the standard (and more importantly, supported) ROM in the event of a need of hardware or software support.

Hit up HTC’s Tilt 2 download page (opens in new tab) to get your copy.

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  • This is great! I didn't want to flash mine until I had a stock rom to go back to. So when do we get Malware we can run on the AT&T version?
  • lol, probably not for awhile...too busy these days :-/ but there're plenty of other great GSM chefs to fill the void, so don't fret.
  • The stock AT&T ROM for the Tilt2 hadn't been dumped yet?
  • Not officially. Several have extracted or re-built the Stock ROM but this is the first "official" release of the ROM.
  • Shame they couldn't have updated the Manila version before they released it.
  • Would be nice if they would also post the T-Mobile shipped ROM as well.
  • Wow. Finally a manufacturer gets it. Users of smartphones are 'smarter' than your average cellphone user. And as such, they like to tweak. Some users aren't quite as smart as they think and the idea that a manufacturer is willing to provide the original ROM for their device speaks volumes about their recognition that the customer's experience is what matters most. If a tweaker has the unfortunate dilemma of flashing a bad ROM on their device, it might push them over the edge on that particular manufacturer's devices, perhaps thinking that those devices are buggy. Way to go HTC, that's why for the time being, I will only buy your devices, not to mention your UI's are the best, imo (all the other Android based handsets look pretty basic except maybe MotoBlur but I don't like the steel bat). Now get that Bravo out on AT&T post haste.