HTC Surround hands-on; Updated with Video! [Windows Phone 7 launch]

Here we go, folks, with the first hands-on from the craziest phone of AT&T's initial Windows Phone 7 launch -- the HTC Surround. Those are dual Dolby-capable speakers you see there, flanked by a 3.8-inch touchscreen. It's tough to get a gauge on how the speakers actually sound when you're in a big space with a few hundred people, so we're going to have to take their words for it at the moment.

A few more pics after the break, and we'll be back with more later.

Update: Want video? We got it: check out two videos showing off the Surround's video playing capabilities and gaming chops.

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  • Nice. While you folks are there it would be great to see what docking solutions will be available for these devices on display. Speaker docks? Any with 720p HDMI output?
  • any comments on the quality of the speaker would be awesome.
  • I always throw my support behind HTC and their "support" of the hacking community, but not having the HD7 on AT&T was a huge mistake. The Surround is a neat idea, but does not support my usage model not to mention the screen size.
  • Totally agree gman, this phone is just a gimmick and I can't believe they passed up the HD7.
  • Yeah, i'd love to see it on AT&T now, with T-Mobile later. T-Mobile subscribers who got the HD2 earlier this year won't even be eligible for an upgrade when this launches. The Surround also fits the T-Mobile portfolio better as they typically have the more "fun" phones.
  • i still have heard no comment about the quality... i mean its like the most important part. only 1 youtube video shows the sound playing in a loud room. and its hard to tell how it is. If the sound really is quite good, then i think it may be worth it...
  • Hey guys!
    Quick question about video playback on the Windows Phone 7. Does it only support the one viewing mode? i.e. is there no zoom feature like there is on Galaxy S or iPhone?
  • Wow!! cool window phone it in the market now? ________________________
  • The interface is so fast that every reviewer seems to just love flicking through the screens. Can't wait to get my hands on this!