HTC Titan and Radar available for pre-order in Poland

Good news for those who reside in Poland. The HTC Titan (opens in new tab) and Radar (opens in new tab) handsets, running Windows Phone Mango, have appeared on RTV EURO, an online retailer in Poland. The devices are available for pre-order are are priced at 2599zł (£500) and 1799zł (£350) respectively. Poland now joins the UK among other countries who are preparing to release the second generation HTC handsets.

Head on over to the product pages below to kick-start the ordering process.

Source: RTV EURO Titan (opens in new tab) and Radar (opens in new tab) product pages, via:

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Too bad all the US carriers about to get caught up in the iPhone hype to announce dates for the best phone OS out there. Damn you Apple.
  • Ugh, and still no word on a US release date, >:(
  • With the Galaxy S II[US] and iPhone 5 coming soon. You'd think MS would like to throw their name in the hat with new HW announcemens.
  • I mean you would think that, but clearly that's not the case. Maybe they're trying to wait until after those are released so they can have their own moment? I dunno...
  • And still no marketing. Guess they're waiting for the arrival of WP9! /s
  • +1LOL!!!
  • There were quite a few posters at phones4u today. I was trying out the titan. I still think its too big, but I was surprised that the screen was still sharp despite the ridiculous screen size. Radar was nice, but the screen was **** ...
  • -1 both the radar and titan have better screens than the Sammy Omnia 7
  • I'd have to disagree, the titan has a decent screen, but radar just doesnt :/ The titan's screen looks noticeably worse than the SGS2 aswell. The colour and contrast on those amoled screens is great. I wish htc would use amoled again... On a side note. I dont see the point in getting the radar over the omnia w. Omnia has a better screen, faster cpu, its lighter and smaller(altho htc's build quality is better) and it has NFC...