HTC Titan available already?

Here's a tip that might spark some interest in the HTC Titan fans in the house., a European electronics website, has the HTC Titan (Black) listed for 646.10 Euros (about $870 US).

While the price tag will make you pause, what makes you pause even further is that the website is showing the Titan in stock and ready to ship. As I'm writing this post, if I place my order within the next 4 hours and 40 some odd minutes, the Titan will be dispatched today.

With the HTC Titan, everything we have heard pointed to a release in early October. Is it too far of a stretch to believe that someone already has the Titan in stock now? If you happen to take the plunge and add the Titan to your cart, let us know how it goes.

Thanks goes out to elversson for the tip!

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  • Wish this was on T-Mobile.....
  • Well George, that WP Central expense account is looking a little lonely eh?
  • Mango on monday!!!! lol
  • well mango has already been seen in the wild,just hope they are still there when i get money in a few dayes :P meanwhile GIMME REVIEWS someone
  • I want to "feel" the device myself before buying it. Especially I want to see if there is no pixelation at all. If there is I really don't mind waiting for a new samsung or nokia handset.
  • when they showed it at the event people said they couldnt see any pixelation, if only it would have a duelcore i would but it even if i didnt had any money :P
  • I'd buy one if all the AT&T frequencies were covered. Unfortunately, in its EU config, it's seems to be missing the 1900Mhz band for HSPA
  • I want it. But Im gonna wait for Nokia and compair.
  • I wish I have that cellphone. I am fed up with the iPhones. They may be great phones but everybody is using them. I want to be unique, I want an HTC. -