HTC Titan promo video surfaces

Wow. Here's HTC's first promo video for the HTC Titan. Panoramic stitching for the camera and the design looks more contoured than the HD7/S. While it's going to be a larger Windows Phone than we're used to, the contours might prevent it from feeling boxy.

Thanks goes out to John1980 for tipping us on this.

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  • Actually vids, yay.
  • dat panorama
  • Hmm this actually looks better than I expected. Very thin, looks like they put some nicer than typical HTC camera hardware in it from the look of their site. Unfortunately I know this won't land on Verizon so it's not an option for me, but good to see some decent quality hardware coming along. Will be interesting to see if you can add/swap SD cards in it for more storage as previously mentioned elsewhere.
  • Thanks for the links, Koki... The panaramic photos and wireless HDTV sych is pretty cool!
  • Really miss the panorama thing from my old Samsung featurephone. :(
  • If this were available today I would buy it! Awesome looking phone!! Please come to TMobile