HTC Titan top rated at AT&T with the Samsung Focus S number four

It's only fair that since we mentioned the HTC Radar 4G at T-Mobile getting high reviews, we talk about AT&Ts to flagship Windows Phones, the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S.

Interestingly, the HTC Titan is at number one with five stars and 27 reviews. The Focus S, meanwhile has 49 reviews and an average of 4.8 stars--not too shabby at all. Not only are both rated highly, but the written reviews speak very highly of both devices in glowing terms.

Now in fairness, while the ratings are high, statistically they are small when compared to the 1,500 reviews of Samsung Captivate--so perhaps they are skewed a bit towards the high. But lets not kid ourselves--the admittedly small amount of people who have bought both phones are extremely happy with them. We're hoping AT&T (and T-Mobile) take notice of these reviews and at least for AT&T, start pushing these devices more.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, konaitor, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • I don't want to be the guy who brings everybody down but sometimes you have to check the circumstances...
    First of, I was very happy to read this and I definitely  believe that the Titan deserves the top spot. But…
    When I read this I went to the ATT site at once. As expected there was no notions of the Titan there, just the ordinary iPhone pictures. So I clicked the wireless button to get to the mobile phones.
    That page gave me another list of pictures with phones. Lots of iPhones and Androids. Not one mention of this top-rated Titan. Strange… Wouldn't at least the Titan show up here as being the new hot top rated phone?
    So I clicked to the smartphones category. And there two or three screens down I found the first evidence that Windows Phone Existed - the Samsung Focus Flash showed up. So finally I sorted the list by "Customer review: Avg rating". And finally there it was. The Titan on top of a list. Took some work but there it was.
    Then something hit me… The iPhone was not to be seen among the top five. Strange. I am no big fan of iPhone but that this phone is loved and highly rated by its owners is no big secret. So I started to browse where it was in this rated list. And after four screens I found it on place 40!!
    So we have Titan first on a list where the customers rate their phones, where iPhone is at place 40?? Come on! This list have absolutely no credibility! Sorry guys. I truly believe the Titan whips the iPhones a** in user satisfaction. But this list is not trustworthy. Please give us a source that we can trust in and I will get excited. Until then… nice try :-)
  • I've read this comment a couple of times and visited the ATT site, and I can't figure out why you think the high ratings for Titan and Focus aren't credible because the iPhone doesn't show up on the list.  I went out and read the ATT customer reviews for these WP7 devices and its eems the customers really like them, and I know these devices are being reviewed very well elsewhere.
  • @ Bruno: While I understand what you're saying about the list being hidden among menus, I have no idea where you're coming with the "no credibility, because we know people loooove iPhone" ?! So, the *hidden list* has no credibility because we all know people love iPhones so this list must be wrong, "nice try" ?! ?! iPhone is your credibility threshold ?
  • The people that love the iPhone haven't used an WP7 phone.  They would switch.
  • Not sure what to make of it.  The Titan and Focus S have high marks in a sea of android phones.  The curious thing is that iPhone doesn't even seem to have a rating?  All the WP7 phones have pretty high marks.  We can conclude that even though there are only a handful of devices, the owners generally love them.  I think that slow and steady progression of satisfaction will propagate.  I know at least two people who will be buying WP7 devices when their contracts are up.
  • Its cause iPhone users are not capable to post feedbacks as the don't know anything about technology, or had bought another phone ;)
  • This really doesn't mean much. The Focus was released with almost zero advertising and it was out of stock on launch day. Reviewers got the review units late and are only now posting reviews.
    Most of the professional review sites are recommending the Focus S over the Titan, so it seems clear that Samsung and AT&T are to blame for the relatively few units sold vs the Titan.
  • While the ratings may be buried a bit, the news is fantastic.  I wouldn't take away from them because of the statistically small number of reviews either.  Sure the Captivate has over 1,500 reviews, but then again, the Captivate has been around for how long?
    The ratings go to show what those of us who own a WP phone have known for a long time - if you're smart enough to give it a shot, you love it!
  • Lastest excuse from local carrier, was that is more selection or options with Android...
    No sh.. there's no selection cause the company will only carry one phone and you stupid geeks want to manage every damn setting known to man and then change the colour of the font on the settings screen???
    I just want to make phone calls... I'll hack with my PC thanks.
  • Is this even real. Must be a publicity stunt to get rid of the stronghold of Samsung in the market. -