AT&T Ratings

It's only fair that since we mentioned the HTC Radar 4G at T-Mobile getting high reviews, we talk about AT&Ts to flagship Windows Phones, the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S.

Interestingly, the HTC Titan is at number one with five stars and 27 reviews. The Focus S, meanwhile has 49 reviews and an average of 4.8 stars--not too shabby at all. Not only are both rated highly, but the written reviews speak very highly of both devices in glowing terms.

Now in fairness, while the ratings are high, statistically they are small when compared to the 1,500 reviews of Samsung Captivate--so perhaps they are skewed a bit towards the high. But lets not kid ourselves--the admittedly small amount of people who have bought both phones are extremely happy with them. We're hoping AT&T (and T-Mobile) take notice of these reviews and at least for AT&T, start pushing these devices more.

Source: AT&T; Thanks, konaitor, for the tip