HTC Touch 3G passes FCC

We are all awaiting the arrival of the Touch HD, Touch Viva, and Touch 3G from HTC to drop. Now that the FSS has just passed the Touch3G, aka Jade100, one would be forgiven for hoping it might see official release on these shores. The 3G bands on the device are not compatible with the US spectrum, however, so this is more in line with HTC/FCC interactions of yore: they're just making sure the European version of the Touch 3G is 'street legal.'

So will we see an official US release? The original announcement didn't really have any clues to suggest we might and really, given that HTC said the Touch HD would come here eventually, it would seem a little odd to also make another version of the 3G. Then again, we could (and have) say the very existence of the Touch 3G in a post-Touch-Diamond world is a little odd, so you never know.

WC Staff
  • Sounds like its aimed squarely at potential 'mid-range' smartphone potentials who are considering an iPhone 3G who are easily turned to take a look at another '3G' phone of the same price range.
  • I have a HTC Diamond for couple of days and on stand by battery last for 5 hours, is that connected with the program that are running, I looked at the task manager to see what programs are on, but there is no programs running, when I go to the program usage it says that usage is on 58%, is that normal?Which programs needs to be on and which not?
    What do I need to turn off or do, that my battery life improves!