HTC Touch Diamond - Noooooo disassemble!

If you just can't bring yourself to rip open your HTC Touch Diamond to find out what makes it tick, we're right there with you. After all, this is the phone that launched the 2008 wave of black-slab sexiness.

But PPCGeeks member BigDiesel07 took it upon himself to rip apart the Diamond. And what he's found is that it doesn't look like an enterprising DIYer with a soldering gun will be able to upgrade the internal flash memory. And as the Diamond doesn't have external storage, we're stuck with what our HTC momma gave us.

There is really only one section of the board with anything on it, the board that has the processor on one side, and the huge memory bank on the other (the 4gb internal).

Keep an eye on the PPCGeeks thread. BigDiesel promises higher quality pics soon. And if you're up for more HTC carnage, check out his excellent CDMA Touch Pro tear-down.

Update: Big Diesel gave us a heads up in the comments that the new, higher-res pics are up. Go get em'!

Phil Nickinson

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