HTC Touch HD running Android 2.0

We've mentioned in the past the growing trend of putting Android onto Windows phones and how this is not just an emulator but the full fledged OS running.

Of course the downside has been the difficult task of getting the radios, buttons and other aspects to be fully operational.

Looks like some users of the HTC Touch HD are getting quite the leg up with a nice build of Android 2.0 running on their swanky black slabs.

Big difference here?  This sucka is evidently working with the radios for once--phone calls, SMS, etc.  Looking at this from our Touch Pro 2, we're a bit envious.  On the other hand, there's hope that someday the rest of us will have our Eclair and eat it too. (Ka-ching! Pun of the day.)

See the full video after the break.

[MobileOS News via AndroidCentral]

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  • That's great to see. One of the things I absolutely LOVE about my HTC devices is that I can mangle the OS any way I want. There's a few apps popping up in the Android Marketplace that aren't coming to Windows Mobile ( is one of them coming in Q1 2010) and the ability to just boot into Android to use that program means there is no reason for me to ditch my beloved Windows Mobile for one stinkin app. Love it!
  • Hi, there is a free geocaching application for Windows Mobile that is far better than the official geocaching application for the iPhone (and I imagine that the Android version will be very similar to that) -- iPhone developers have been asking him to port it! Information is available at xda developers. Unfortunately it looks like has completely restructured their site in the last day or so which has temporarily (we hope!) broken it. Hopefully it will soon be patched.
  • I've been using GCzII for a loooong time now. Cachemate before that, and GPX Spinner before that. The difference between the Android app and the Windows Mobile app is that the Android one is beinge developed by Groundspeak officially with their APi, vs unofficially and getting whacked every time they update. When I talked to Groundspeak about a Windows Mobile official app, they made it clear they see Windows Mobile as a dead platform and aren't developing for it any more. So I'm not cluttering up the comments, PM me on the site if you want to talk about this more -- my handle there is northernpenguin
  • I've been using Android 2.0.1 on my Fuze for a couple weeks now. It's incredibly stable and very very close to being usable for daily task.
  • Eh? I've been running Android 2.0 and making phone calls and sending SMSs on my Touch Pro 2 for nearly a week now!
  • Android on the Fuze has also been going along extremely well. So far as I know, the current Android port project is new (separate from the old port project), and it's been going lightning fast. It seems like there's an update announcing something has been successfully implemented every day.
  • its not an emulator. windows mobile is completely kicked out of ram. and? using the latest files with android 1.6 has a data connection.
  • Tried HTC Hero, not impress with Android. Basic bluetooth file transfer is still not available... People are just buying into Google marketing. I like Google just that Android is still work in progress!!
  • blue tooth 3g tethering is not available yet so had to continue to use my 2 year old Nokia 6110 for that purpose. Talking about Hypes!! Google Rules!!!
  • where to get the android htc touch hd phone as did not find what you can by sending them to Skype: tetervinas4