HTC has announced that its VR subscription service is gearing up to launch on April 5. Called Viveport, the service's launch is set to coincide with Vive Day, the one-year anniversary of the Vive's launch.

HTC's Viveport subscription service launching April 5

Viveport will cost $6.99 per month, and offers subscribers a buffet of VR titles to check out, with some caveats. Subscribers can get unlimited access to 5 titles of their each month, with the option to rotate selections out every month. At launch, Viveport will offer access to more than 50 titles, HTC says. As you might expect, new subscribers will get to try things out with a one-month free trial.

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HTC has a couple of other surprises up its sleeve for Vive Day, including a $100 discount on Vive for new customers. Additionally, for anyone who bought a Vive during its first year will get the $20 Arcade Saga for free. With VR takes on pinball, table tennis, and archery, Arcade Saga will be available for year-one buyers on April 5.

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