White Huawei Ascend W1 Windows Phone revealed in new photos

The latest word about Huawei’s first Windows Phone 8 device, the Ascend W1, is that it will finally be revealed properly at CES 2013 (an event Mobile Nations always covers live). The Ascend W1 reportedly features a 4” WVGA display, 1.2.GHz CPU, 2000mAh battery with removal cover and NFC. In addition a 5MP rear camera and VGA front-facing camera round out the entry-level device.

Up until now, we’ve only seen the W1 in a Nokia-esque cyan color but now we can see it looking sharp in white as well. Sure, we’ve noticed that the Ascend W1 borrows a bit from HTC (e.g. the rear camera housing) and Nokia for color design but you have admit, it’s a handsome little number too...

The phone will most likely be sold in China and great Asia, which is a very important market for Windows Phone as competition is heating up in that part of the world. Huawei does have ambitions though of bringing this and presumably other devices to market in Western countries as well, although it remains to be seen how successful they will be in that endeavor. Having said that, they have recently landed a few Android phones on T-Mobile US, so that’s certainly a start for them.

Huawei is a fairly large and competitive electronics company, who is looking to expand their portfolio with Windows Phone. Recently, the company has come under fire from the US Congress for alleged spying and strong, suspicious connections to the Chinese military. Microsoft appeared to have distanced themselves a bit from Huawei by not having them at the Windows Phone 8 launch event, though perhaps the Ascend W1 wasn’t ready for prime time either.

Source: Arkady Markaryan (Twitter 1, 2); Thanks, Nikolay D., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Dope.
  • The white one is HOTT , ive been waiting for an all white high end windows phone from Nokia HTC or even Samsung, but i mean if HUWAWEI has it for me , why not right?
  • the 920 comes in white too
  • Besides, it's an entry level phone.
  • He meant all white, meaning the glass on the front white
  • The 920 is white in the back and front edges , I meant all white like the new Samsung focus 2, the lumia 710 , the HTC radar , and now I guess the Huawei Ascend w1 , trust me if Nokia made an ALL pure white phone I would get it in a heartbeat.
  • Ik
  • So much for the standardized bottom/middle charging port...
  • Correct, Microsoft has not standardized the USB port.
  • It's a shame, as some sort of standardisation would make it easier for accessory manufacturers and a lot easier for consumers.
  • To even get anything near the result you're indicating Microsoft would have to put huge restrictions on form factor, width, weight, etc. It's not enough to say it must be at the bottom centre with a max recess, for example.
  • Edit doesn't work...EDIT: Unless the cable plugged in is actually microHDMI and the indent in the middle is the charging port.
  • The phone is showing as being charged.
  • Looks like a lumia...the DOMINATION HAS BEGUN!!!!
  • It does not look like a lumia...
  • Isn't this the company that teased a 5.9 inch screen? If so I hope that one comes to tmobile.
  • We didn't run that story because I thought it was nonsense...and i still think that.
  • Actually, I believe that nonesense story was referring to ZTE.  The OTHER supposed evil, espionage company spying for the Chinese.
    Doesn't hurt to hope.  The Phablet market is growing, my Wife among them.  If WP 8 manufacturers do not go after it, consumers such as my wife may just jump on the Note or Droid DNA dispite liking WP 8.
  • Your wife is growing?? Careful, dude
  • Could we see this in MVNO's in the states?
  • (ex: Boost, Metro PCS, Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile, etc.)
  • Plastic chrome does not look good.
  • Nice looking phone if not entirely original. The rear camera housing looks like the HTC One X and the front design reminds me of the Samsung Omnia 7.
  • Make it sub-£200 and I'll buy it. Your move, Huawei.
  • Nokia, HTC and Samsung has no  "Entry Level" WP. 820 and 8S are a little cheap but... not $149 entry level.
    This market is HUGE - and nobody competes here... yet.
    ...YES... we have Lumia 6xx, and 5xx too - but ... 256MB RAM?
    I want a Full 1G RAM, 8 GB flash, 1.2 Dual CPU, 5MB Camera and plastic... plastic... $149.
  • And with its NFC, 2000mAh battery, and a front VGA camera to take advantage of the enhanced Skype in WP8, at $149 I'll take two! But we're just dreaming of course. The W1 will probably cost more than that.
  • Why a smartPhone cost so much?
    Because of the CPU? Display? Patents? OS? Camera?
    No!!! The - Design, Materials, Case, Performance - the best of the best - that's costly.
    I want a cheap phone - sync with SkyDrive all the time maybe (up to application level) - not only contacts.
    A $149 cheap - 6+ hours battery, Some Gorila Glass - and PLASTIC, cheap plastic - That's all.
  • Wow
  • Double click - post.
    No Delete Post option ?
  • It's a sweet looking phone. Too bad they've been blacklisted,...
  • Looking good. Too bad we don't get Huawei in USA.
  • Impressive phone... I like Windows Phone being available on all levels of devices.
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