I want Microsoft to make its own version of the PlayStation TV

We're already kind of half way there with Windows 10 game streaming but it'd be killer if Microsoft made some hardware to leverage that and go a little further.

What the heck is a PlayStation TV anyway?

The official description:

"This is PlayStation TV, the small, sleek, and simple to use micro-console that lets you stream your PS4 games to another HD TV. Cramming loads of features and amazing tech into one very stylish box, PS TV gives you a level of freedom no other console offers. You can also play compatible PS Vita, PSP, and PS one games on your TV and buy, rent, or stream your favourite movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store 24/7."

It's a super small box that can offer a more 'console-like' experience. Different to sitting in front of your PC.

Microsoft already has the streaming part down and Windows 10 is the company's choice of operating system for all the things these days. The rest is just gravy on top. PS TV allows selected games to be played from other, older consoles, something Microsoft has just got started with on the Xbox One with backwards compatibility. How awesome would be it be to have a tiny little box to take into another room and play games you don't already own as well as stream ones you do?

Then of course there's the media delivery aspect. Xbox One works great in an entertainment center but it's also a bit of a brute when it comes to the physical size of the thing. Currently I use an Amazon Fire TV Stick in the bedroom to get my fix, mainly, of Netflix and Amazon video content among some other local providers like the BBC. But I can't get Groove music on it and the same goes for Microsoft Movies and TV. I don't buy much digital video, partly because I don't have an easy way to get it whenever I want in any room in the house.

So, to make my set up complete, I'd love Microsoft to do something like Sony. A small box with apps, game streaming and some older games to play directly. Anyone else fancy the same or am I talking crazy in my sleep deprived state? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • I hope Microsoft is reading this.
  • Of course we are :)
  • Lol.
  • I really think an Xbox TV would be a right step furthermore that forked Xbox OS should also come in a form of WindowsTV OS for smartTVs OEMs
  • Actually that's the logical step to do. Just have the Xbox OS (which is essentially Windows underhood) and remove the Xbox console gaming aspects of it. Then license that Xbox TV OS or Windows 10 TV to SmartTV OEMs to use in their hardware. While they license it, they can release a stand-alone hardware of Windows TV in a form of set-up box/TV console way smaller than Xbox One nor they can have it on HDMI stick like a Chromecast. Seriously, Microsoft has to enter the dedicated SmartTV market before it gets saturated. They basically already have what they need, thanks to Xbox One.
  • You realize there's 3 OSes on the Xbox One, right?... XboxOS, windows, and a hypervisor that both run ontop of
  • id rather have an xbox handheld console and play games on there and be able to hook it up to a tv if i wanted to.
  • I have been dreaming about a Xbox portable since the PSP came out. I have always thought Windows phone needed a gateway device like the iPod touch but really leverage Xbox with live, original Xbox/360 games, and all the digital media like movies/ tv and groove music.
  • I already think the Surface hub is a TV from Microsoft.
  • I don't think so, its far from a TV. Surface Hub is really just meant for collaboration electronic board/screen, not for entertainment living room device. Xbox One is the only a TV entertainment solution from Microsoft, but Xbox are gaming console first while TV just a great additional feature.
  • I'm lucky to have one, and its in my house. I watch TV or simply play my music and do candy crush. In the end the best use is for work/ business where I use the hub most of the time for.
  • Its only really useful as a VC / Whiteboard. Pointless at home. Its actually made to be a meeting room VC / UC / Whiteboard with some app availability. Be much better at home to just have a large screen and plug an actual surface into it. Unless people stand around in door giving presentations every day. This is not the kind of device this article is driving at, which is a media consumption device. Duh.
  • MS have probably already noticed this and Steam Link. MS are last in line again, with PS and PC users already doing this and Xbox users left hanging. I miss the Bulmer MS, so much more forward thinking.
  • The Ballmer MS, the one that entirely missed the rise of mobile, was "foward thinking"?
  • Surprise! PC = Microsoft!
  • Why don't you just stream it to a laptop and hook it up to a TV via HDMI?
  • Not ideal. Ugly in the living room and clunky. Posted from this here device.
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • But isn't this what stick computers with Windows 10 are for. You can do almost all that is listed in W10 already and for a decent price that these stick computers come at.
  • Actually they could use the Win 10 OS on a stick, bake it to only have limited app options, and of course be able to mirror your Xbox.... Super simple, and could sell them less than a hundred bucks all day
  • I think the pc OEMs are doing fine in this area(intel nuc, gigabyte, etc) MS now needs to get these PCs in more stores then just enthusiast etailers like newegg ncix & ofcorse get the price point down to reasonable levels
  • Technically you could pretty easily accomplish this with something like a Compute Stick, but it would be great to have something official and with a nice UI on top.
  • Yeah, have thought about it. However...Compute Stick is what, $100-$130 ish? Don't know what it is in my currency but the PS TV is £40, Fire TV Stick is £35. So there's the cost savings involved, too. Plus as you say...something with a polished UI that required zero effort would be awesome!
  • Please don't think I'm ignorant or anything. But isn't that that part of the idea of Continuum.
  • Yeah, but at $500 per device it's too pricey.
  • Just curious, is the playstation TV that popular to warrant it? Also, hows the quality of the PSTV? If MS can beat the quality, as well as build it so someone can use the xbox for streaming, while you play games on it (probably not possible, or extremely difficult, with the X1 hardware) then I'd be all for it. Especially if it had a keyboard and mouse interface and ran like a basic version of windows 10 as well. If it was only like $50-$70 USD, I'd be all over it in a heartbeat.
  • Ps tv is already on clearance in most stores and on most sites
  • PS TV has been discontinued.
  • Selling it on PlayStations website is a weird way of discontinuing it.
  • The PS TV was released with a price tag of €99/$99 at the end of October, by March Sony dropped the price by more than %50. In august there was this: http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2015/08/27/official-sony-store-selling-playstation-tv-sale-for-just-20-bundle-at-40/#/slide/1 Even if it’s selling far better right now, considering the steep price drop … well, I’m not sure I could call that a success story. For MS to compete they would need to at least match the price if not offer more value at a cheaper price tag, imho.
  • The PS TV is a nice device for playing Vita games on TV, but unfortunately it's terrible as a video streaming device. It doesn't even have Netflix, and it can't do 1080P. Also, Sony completely failed to market it - just like the Vita. The thing has caught on this year thanks to major sales from retailers, but it will never be popular as an actual TV watching device.
  • the abaolute cheapest solution would be for the xbox smartglass to become more like the Xbox app in windows 10. then, publish it on any amazon/android/tvOS etc. device. like you say the devices are out there. just make xbox smartglass smarter.
  • You might be on to something minus one small deet... You have to be able to send controller signals to the main box, how would you do that without a dongle of some kind to receive and send them?
  • that would be up to the microsoft. the amazon fire tv uses it's own controller,so the msft would have to use that api for the controller. there is an alleged controller for the new appletv, but if not, Moga could probably work or will make one to work. its all about apis!
  • Plug in the Microsoft Wireless display adapter and stream anything you want right from your Surface (pro) tablet! :-)
  • I use the MWDA for watching movies on my TV. It works great!
  • In reality this doesn't even really require any outlandish new hardware, it's more of a software 'packaging' + pre-existing hardware solution that MS need to sort out. Take an Intel compute stick (or similar), install a landscape version of W10M with xbox streaming capability and full access to the Windows store, add a remote and you're pretty much done. I would also pay good money to have a very similar setup built into a double-din, touchscreen head unit in my car.
  • Compute stick still doesn't have the heft to handle intense graphics nuc is more suited for that
  • No intense graphics required; the Xbox does the graphics and the stick streams it. Just like PSTV.
  • Compute sticks are great, but lack a simple input method, and require that as a separate purchase, that just won't do with TVs imo.
  • Your talking crazy Richard!
    Of course it's a no brainer :P, playstation TV also allows game streaming to phones (only sony phones I believe). With this I could leave my x1 upstairs and play it downstairs on another. Alternatively they could simply xbox app for smart TVs. However given the different array smart tv o/ses out there that might be some what difficult.
    The solution to that would be Windows 10 IOT with a Full start screen... Guess that would make it something like WMC lol.
  • Ehh.. Remember halo 4 streamed on windowsphone? U must have read it somewhere. There's no need for a stick to do that.
  • Actually, you don't need a Playstation TV to stream from the PS4 to an Xperia device. You just need a PS4 and an Xperia device.
  • @ DJCBS. Hmm I see will have try it out with a friend's phone later next week. Got me curious now lol.
  • You're "talking crazy in your sleep deprived state" Get a Stick PC.  
  • See comment above. Besides cost it's also not a "for the masses" solution. It requires some kind of effort to get going. Plug and play. That's what I want. That's what I get from the Fire TV Stick. What I had from the Apple TV in a past life.
  • And the stick does not have a xbox wireless control reserver.
  • Its just Wifi-Direct, easy to add, and theres always USB.
  • Why do we need a separate dongle (When it comes out) to use Xbox One controllers wirelessly with our PCs? I'm waiting to buy one for my desktop, but that thing doesn't look small (for whatever reason). Not bothered as it will stay plugged into my desktop, but I thought the point was going to be we could use it wirelessly without a dongle at some point
  • @Richard - Have you tried sideloading the android version of Groove onto the Fire TV? Hadn't even thought about it before this article, but I'm going to try it myself later...
    EDIT: Sorry, meant to start a new thread, rather than reply to this one...
    UPDATE: The android Groove app does run on the Fire TV, and syncs with OneDrive music etc. Doesn't work with the remote very well, but it's fine if you've got a remote app on your phone.
  • That would work too, but its not too friendly for average consumer to setup.
    But yeah Stick PC + Windows Media Center would do....oh wait! :P  
  • I.want.a.handheld.xbox.
  • That ship has sailed years ago when they launched the 360
  • This is why an "Xbox TV" wouldn't sell as well. The major selling point for the Playstation TV is that you can play their handheld games on it so you don't have to shell out $300 to play some of the great PS Vita games that are out there. The only games I see an "Xbox TV" being able to play are some indie games and maybe original Xbox games.
  • Maybe it could be round.....like Cortana
  • You are looking at a specific part of Cortana methinks. The twins no doubt.
  • There is already an equivalent for PlayStation TV. Is called Windows 10. You can already buy sticks or mini pcs with it. Just go to Alibaba.com.
  • That's not a mass-market answer.  That's an answer for computer geeks like us.  Not grandma.
  • Does grandma want to stream games? Further I would argue Windows is used by more grandma's then any other OS. Ever since Windows8 the tiles have made Windows an excellent 10 foot interface. I get where you're coming from but I'd be curious to see someone testing these compute sticks out as the kind of device you're describing.
  • I like that the Microsoft streaming seems to work a lot better than Steams in my experience. Especially the kind of devices that it seems to work on. I've seen people stream to some pretty low spec tablets using the Xbox One streaming, but some laptops with integrated graphics I've noticed struggle with Steam streaming a little
  • I want one. Where do I sign.......
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  • Yeah. We spoon occasionally ;-)
  • Unsurprising.
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  • Which one's the big spoon?
  • Just what I was wondering....
  • Beat me to it
  • I don't see the appeal of the PS TV when there's Xbox streaming to windows tablets and PCs. Tablets and PCs offer more flexibility than buying another box to connect to a static TV. An Xbox streaming app for W10 mobile would be huge though.
  • So you plug a PC in to your TV then? Or a tablet? Not what I want.
  •   Tablets and latptops come with integrated screens, offering flexibility of location greater than that of the static location consumers televisions reside in.  Remember, this mythical Xbox TV set top box is only needed for secondary Televisions, since an Xbox One console is nrequired for game streaming, and will already be connected to the primary television in the home.  The only benefit would be young kids who only have an Xbox One in their bedroom, and occasionally want to play on the primary Television which may be larger than their gaming TV.  
  • So the wife and I want to watch a movie in bed on our big screen tv but based on your observation that is nonsense and I should pull out my tablet and we watch on that? Uhhh...no thanks.
  • There's definitely a market for this. And those happy to plug in a PC or tablet that they already have are still free to do that and not have to fork out for a new device. If it could be on par price wise with the Steam Link, and also include Miracast support then it's a bargain. I'm pretty sure Microsofts own Miracast receiver is between £50 and £60 alone. This thing would be able to use all the existing Xbox One apps (Any media consumption apps don't need high end hardware to run after all). Its almost a ready made product. If it was £40 it would be cheaper than knocking your own little PC together - I wouldn't mind a compute stick if it can handle the Xbox One streaming with decent performance and if I could find a decent remote control that worked with Windows 10, but it would cost me twice as much at least
  • It would be a really cool thing to have. I really like the look of the Steam Link for £40 (iirc that's the cost when it launches). It's cheap enough to easily be an impulse purchase and just a nice way of adding PC gaming to various rooms. An Xbox equivillent would be awesome - And from my usage the Xbox One is able to stream smoothly to a lot more low end devices, Steam streaming doesn't seem to work as well on lower spec hardware (As the receiving device). It's easy for people to say "Just plug a PC in" but as others and yourself have said, that's not what the general public want to do.
  • Exactly, and streaming to mobile is obviously something to look forward to.
  • And mobiles and tablets are able to stream to a dlna capable tv, so I'd rather not buy an additional product. I already own a Xbox, surface and a 930 which should be capable of doing this. What I see is a potential added value for Windows phones and tablets.
  • Have they said if streaming will work to mobile phones in the future? That would be great. I guess an input method is the thing missing since the Xbox One controller won't be wireless for PC's and other devices without a Dongle
  • Basically a roku 4 with Xbox One game streaming + Microsoft apps. I would definitely get rid of my roku3 and pick up one of these!!!
  • I only have one TV
  • Windows 10 HDMI stick?
  • Or they could just make Xbox One work with the Microsoft Miracast dongle.
  • Every time I've tried using Miracast I've been fairy disappointed. All attempts were using my Surface Pro 3 and casting to a Roku Stick and Xbox One - I couldn't imagine trying to play a game using it, even though it's supposed to be suitable for that according the marketing of Miracast devices. Not tried it with my Lumia 930 so far, but it's off for repair at the moment. Maybe it's the resolution of the SP3 causing me issues.