I want Microsoft to make its own version of the PlayStation TV

We're already kind of half way there with Windows 10 game streaming but it'd be killer if Microsoft made some hardware to leverage that and go a little further.

What the heck is a PlayStation TV anyway?

The official description:

"This is PlayStation TV, the small, sleek, and simple to use micro-console that lets you stream your PS4 games to another HD TV. Cramming loads of features and amazing tech into one very stylish box, PS TV gives you a level of freedom no other console offers. You can also play compatible PS Vita, PSP, and PS one games on your TV and buy, rent, or stream your favourite movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store 24/7."

It's a super small box that can offer a more 'console-like' experience. Different to sitting in front of your PC.

Microsoft already has the streaming part down and Windows 10 is the company's choice of operating system for all the things these days. The rest is just gravy on top. PS TV allows selected games to be played from other, older consoles, something Microsoft has just got started with on the Xbox One with backwards compatibility. How awesome would be it be to have a tiny little box to take into another room and play games you don't already own as well as stream ones you do?

Then of course there's the media delivery aspect. Xbox One works great in an entertainment center but it's also a bit of a brute when it comes to the physical size of the thing. Currently I use an Amazon Fire TV Stick in the bedroom to get my fix, mainly, of Netflix and Amazon video content among some other local providers like the BBC. But I can't get Groove music on it and the same goes for Microsoft Movies and TV. I don't buy much digital video, partly because I don't have an easy way to get it whenever I want in any room in the house.

So, to make my set up complete, I'd love Microsoft to do something like Sony. A small box with apps, game streaming and some older games to play directly. Anyone else fancy the same or am I talking crazy in my sleep deprived state? Sound off in the comments below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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