We've received reports from readers that iHeartRadio has ceased to work correctly on Windows Phone 8. The popular radio app is a superb solution for those who enjoy tuning into an array of stations while on the go. It has in fact been delisted for Windows Phone 8 hardware, but is still available for those who are running Windows Phone 7.

We last looked at iHeartRadio when the app was updated and introduced Pandora-like playback functionality. It's a shame to see the app vanish without notice, but we've grown used to such instances on the Windows Phone Store. While this is likely due to issues with the app causing the team to pull the offering until a fix is applied, it would have been good to see some announcement prior to departure.

You can download iHeartRadio from the Windows Phone Store should you be using a Windows Phone 7.x handset. We've reached out to the team for official clarification on what's the status of the app.

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