Call it a 4Chan day around here (what can we say, we like the internet hate machine), but there's another app called Imageboard Browser that will let you connect to your favorite sites.

The app works the same as 4Chan Reader--that is you manually add the site you want to view into the app. But Imageboard Browser seems to have many more advantages:

  • It's free (ad supported)
  • You can pin individual boards to your Start screen
  • Supports animated GIFs
  • Pinch-to-zoom support, allows saves
  • Post responses
  • Fast

The app is developed by KooKiz but was then touched up by Lance McCarthy (of Video Diary fame). The old version is in the Marketplace now and this new one is under-going certification--that's the version you want.  But if you can't wait, you can head to Lancelot Software and download the XAP now to sideload. We've been running it for the last 30 minutes and consider it a keeper.

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[Note: QR code is for the old verison in the Marketplace. Download and get the new, updated version in a few days. If you want the one in the video, you can sideload the app to your dev unlocked device now]

QR: Imageboard Browser (Old)