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Indian Airline Jet Airways has planes painted with Nokia Lumia 800 ad

Now that the Lumia 800 is going big world wide, including India (see earlier "flash mob"), we can see the fruits of their advertising campaign. Evidently, Jet Airways had made a deal with Nokia to paint their plans with the Lumia colors and Nokia banner.

Not a bad look, if we say so ourselves.

Once again, we can see the power of Nokia to turn heads and get their hardware noticed. We can't see what they have in store for the States.


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  • My opinion is that the money spent on this would be better invested elsewhere. Where are the ads that actually show what the OS has to offer? Ads that show the People hub in action, quick updates via the Me hub, the organization of the Pictures hub and its Skydrive integration.
  • You do realize that this ad money were spent by Nokia who has no need to promote other manufacturers, don't you? As much as other manufacturers on WP are their "partners" they are also their competition #1. Nokia needs to sell their phones, not others. If you show people ads about OS only, people will go for what is cheaper. Nokia knows that, this is why they spend their money on ads for their hardware. Blame Microsoft and other manufacturers for not spending any of their cash on ads.
  • Where did I say anything about other manufacturers? What the hell are you talking about?
    It is possible to show off the OS *and* promote specific hardware. But the hardware is not the draw here, its the OS.
  • This isn't how phones are advertised. Have a look at the Droid adverts from the US.
    (I'm trying to think of a UK example, are mobiles even advertised here? :o )
  • actually... there is already quiet a few ads for the functionality of the device, even though there should be more... these ads on airplanes are meant to raise curiousities of travellers into looking up what nokia has up their sleeves or make an impression in their mind for the Nokia brand, its a different type of strategy
    as long as they don't stop other campaigns we're fine
  • This is awesome! :) I am really looking forward to seeing Windows Phone finally take off thanks to all this advertising and attention. But-- Microsoft needs to seize the opportunity to more quickly push feature updates out too.
    Simple things like being able to post videos through Facebook and "liking" individual comments (not just original posts) would make nice additions from the People hub.
    If I were Microsoft, I would push these things out in smaller modular updates or as individual apps in Marketplace so that they could bypass OEM's and carriers.
  • this beyond amazing no wonder why i love nokia over any other windows phone manufactors
  • Bring this kind of innovative advertising to North America!!!
  • Most of the people on tech blogs and websites never get it and never will. The 3-4 million people buying iPhones on the first weekend are not people reading reviews or commenting on tech blogs. Features don't sell phones to a majority of the population, "coolness factor" does. Check out the Nokia advertisements, they don't even show the phone till the end of the advert. I know many people find that "stupid" but that's the way it is.