New Instagram competitor Photoplay launches simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8

It looks like a lot of people are gunning to replicate Instagram’s success. Such is the case with the recently launched Photoplay service (, which has a website and apps on all three major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone 7.x is coming later too).

The app and service of course is free and like Instagram, it combines aspects of mobile photography, filters and sharing onto social networks, including its own.

We’ll do a full review of the app in the coming days but we figured we’d share our initial thoughts on the app and service, in case you were interested.

A bold move

Photoplay for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8: Represent

To be honest, we sort of rolled our eyes at the company’s press release. If you’re not Instagram, simply taking on the king seems like the best new way to get attention these days. Because of that, we were skeptical whether or not the app and photo service would be even worth mentioning, never mind being an actual competitor to Instagram.

But after using for a little while, we have to admit, it’s a solid app. Sure, the big question remains if Photoplay garners enough users to make it worthwhile to regular people, even to the extent of its name being known alongside Instagram’s. There’s quite a bit of doubt, if you ask us, but if there were one app to challenge the hipster-photo dominance of Instgram, Photoplay may be it.

From their description:

“Photoplay is a community of people, who enjoy doing beautiful pictures every day and sharing them with friends. Contrary to Instagram, Photoplay focuses on breaking the limits. Three different picture formats: square, horizontal and vertical, suits any picture. Customizable effects, such as vignetting, give more power to user. Flexible privacy settings allow selecting right audience for each photo. Discover photos on map feature, three different location-based tops, as well as extended search, make finding interesting content easy as never before.”

The App

The app itself weighs in at a modest 4MB, and you can login to the service via creating an account or using the universal login of Facebook, Twitter or Russian social-network Vkontakte. The app can also, optionally (and off by default) access your address book to find friends to follow. Because like Instagram, Photoplay in not about just adding photos, but about following friends from Facebook, Twitter, your address book or Vkontakte. You don’t have to do any of that, but it sure makes the service more interesting.

In the app, you can then manipulate photos either from your gallery (previously taken) or hop right into the camera (sadly, there is no Lens support just yet). There you can do all sorts of basic edits to your images, including adding one (of seven) filters, tilt shift, pre-set crops and brightness/clarity.

Once done you can add tags and post the photo to the Photoplay service and your other social networks (you’re always given a choice too before submitting, which is great). Whether the photo is public or for friends only, is your choice.

Following friends is a breeze as the service once connected to your social networks (again, optional) can tell you who is using the service already and you can then opt to follow them.  Doing so means that your Feed will show their latest photos and similarly, the News area shows changes in followers, who’s following who now, etc.


One thing we were worried about with such a service is privacy. After all, who wants to have all their photos seen by who knows who on the internet? Luckily, Photoplay looks to have made this a priority. As we mentioned earlier, logging into your other social networks is completely optional. Likewise, you have to manually enable the app to access your phonebook and photo sharing is easily made public or private.

You can also report inappropriate photos, should you come across any.

It just works well

We’ll have a full review in the coming days for Photoplay, but so far I and Sam Sabri have been impressed with it. It’s free, the app design is fantastic (not just a port), it’s simple to use and understand (a big plus) and it just feels like the developers “get it”.

Seeing as it has launched within the same time frame as iOS (opens in new tab), Android (opens in new tab) and Windows Phone 8 (sorry, BlackBerry), we’re finally starting to feel our OS is getting a release parity with the other platforms. And that’s some good news.

Pick up Photoplay here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only, 512MB devices OK.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Seems I have only girls in bikini living nearby. Always a good thing right? Considering it "just" launched on 3 platforms, it is a bit weird how there are SO many accounts already and mainly bikini girls for first about 15 screen scrolls!
  • I'm sold! :D
  • Apparently everybody in my area (Las Vegas, obviously, lol) is Russian and doesn't know English. Kind of sketchy. Also this is nowhere near the quality of fhotoroom.
  • Hahahaha that's a great thing! I'm down too with this app! Lol!
  • they are trying to get more users.. thats the hardest part of it
  • Damn.... Same here. Loving the fact i live in Florida right now ;)
  • Anyone wishing to do a follow2follow - there is a thread now in forums -
  • But its not Instagram, WA, WA, WA. Cry me a river. We have 10 Instagram imitations and that does not appease the masses, why add another one.
  • Yes and no. I'd argue this is the fist multi-platform, concerted effort to challenge Instagram and do it right. I can't think of another challenger who pulled off 3 OS launches within a two week period. And as I've said, it's a damn nice app/service. Instagram doesn't have to be the top photo sharing app. They can be out innovated, something they are especially susceptible to since they are so slow. (and maybe have the worst business model since Twitter).
  • ^this
  • Great point
  • I don't agree what you said.
    Instagram has the best business model, better even facebook. They started from a small startup in a few years they got almost 1 bilion USD.
    Is this the worst business model? 1 bilion dollars in less than 5 years? Hello, I would like to my company has such business model.
    Instagram has its aura. They create a kind o hype, aura, feel around his social network. They focused in mobile, even better than twitter (that was supposed to be a mobile network in these days.) Instagram is almos mythic today. Go to Wired , there is a great article today, about the Instagram and Windows Phone, or better the missing of Instagram in our plataform. Are there any better photos apps? Of corse. The Snapseed acquired by Google is better than Instagram. Even Apple thought so. But Instagram has a social network, that have its glamour. You can even don't like it, but 100 milions of user do. Even newspapers use instagram photos. Magazines, News sites have instagram profiles. I post a photo using lomogram, 3 likes. I post a photo with Instagram 20 likes.  Imagine a big fancy party, this is instagram. We, windows phone users, are the typical guys that were not invited to it.  You can say that the party sucks and truly dreaming to be there with our friends.
  • @marcusasdrubal defined this.!
  • It was a bad step to them, that they revoked. But still more and more people sign in instagram
  • I remember when I have an Android. Android users was dreaming with Instagram. Like windows phone are now, Instagram made many empty statements like do to us right now.
    Then they released a kind of waiting list, you subscribe to your e-mail and they send an e-mail when the app was relased. It was so amazing, it was like a dream, when it is coming, when, let me check the e-mail.
    An less than 24 hours they got milions of downloads, when they send an email saying that app was avaliable. This is Instagram, the best business model. Better than Facebook. 
  • They have no business model. Getting bought out (and that $1B has devalued since it was mostly in stock) is not a business model. It's fortunate for them, yes, but it means nothing in the long run if they don't (a) come up with an ACTUAL BUSINESS MODEL and (b) continue to be innovative and create. So far outside of their name, Instagram has not done anything innovative, unique or special. They just got lucky, and that luck can run out. Brands fade. New services take over.
  • So far outside their name, Apple also has not don't anything innovative these last years either.
    In spite of that, it still sells a lot.
    Instagram is a brand that first focus in mobile experiences. All the other social networks has the desktop options. Brands fade, of corse. MS is fading for example with Windows RT. Windows 8 critics.. Windows Phone poor sales. I like MS, love my Windows 8, not so much my Windows Phone, but as far I know, it is what I got.
    But in other side, I can say, Instagram branding is growing, despite all the policy around the photos, you can check in the stats.
    Look at Wired article that I recommend to You, about the Open GL miss in Windows Phone, that avoid indie games to arrive in our phones.
    It is a clever and nice read.
  • Is this even a serious discussion? Just cause Zucks through a bunch of money at them doesn't say anything about the business model. The price is based on some sort of projections, whether those projections come to be is yet to be seen. People bought into Groupon when it went public and it was a fairly big IPO, people were thinking it's a great business model, how has that worked out so far? Comparing Instragram to Apple is just arguing for the sake of arguments; Apple has a clear business model aside from their brand name, they sell products and services and do it quiet well. Has Instragram monetized their services effectively at this point? Effectively enough to justify the supposed valuation they were bought at?
    Popularity+Brand Name |= Positive Cashflows. 
  • I asked if they wanna monetize their business, what will stop their success?
    They are still raising the social network. For example, just fews months ago the open to desktop to comment and like the photos.
    Facebook change the layout too. Instagram is a case of a great idea, great business model, can raise a company. The further steps is monetize everything, like Google did in past.  
  • Well one thing that can stop their success or prevent them from monetizing which already came up is privacy.  Your argument was how can it be a bad business model if it was bought for 1Billion dollars, to which a number of people answered that just because they were acquired doesn't mean they have a successful business model. Simple as that, no one is arguing the popularity of the platform, but successful monetiziation especially to justify the price tag is yet to be seen, and until then, Instagram can't be labeled as a successful busines model.
  • For example 25 big companies has instagram's profile. Intel for instance.
    I believe Instagram has a great potential. 
  • What does that have to do with how they'll monetize their service though?
  • What will stop their success? The fact that the vast majority of their users are most likely under the age of 25. And that group typically has little to no loyalty, and are always willing to move on to the "next big thing".
    Don't believe me? Ask Tom.
    (the guy who started myspace in case you've forgotten about him already)
  • Why 25 big ccompanies use instagram?
    Why newspapers use instagram photos?
    Not only under age, I have 27 and I use Instagram...
  • apple is a company, instagram is a social network, a social network depends on popularity and the number of users to survive, unlike companies, which can survive with much less users
    the reason behind this is that a social network depends mainly on people doing social stuff together, without a large number of people, you can't do social stuff, simply, the product is the interaction with the other users
    a company depends on physical products, not users
  • 100 milions users talk to themselves.
  • Wow, MS... a multi BILLION dollar company that has been insanely successful for decades now is fading??
    Dude, have you taken your meds today?? Or did you take too many...?
  • Read it:
  • I work for IDC, those statistics are not correct, all wrong! Articles from Forbes aren't trustable!
  • Apple sales is dropping, stock price also dropping, please get the correct information before you post anything, it shows how stupid you are when you post some information that are stupid and funny. I work for IDC so I know the statistic, and Apple isn't doing well after Steve Job had gone. OpenGL? DX is way better, look at those games on PC with great graphics built with DX, you dump!
  • In an ironic twist it'd be nice to see Microsoft sponsor ads for Photoplay on the App Store and Google Play. Drive adoption and awareness and really put the pressure on Instagram.
    Sometimes you have to do the unthinkable to get the results you want. Same rule applies to Fhotoroom. Seed it on other platforms and drive engagement.
  • Is that English? "Instagram has not don't anything innovative, unique or special." Sorry, but, has not don't anything isn't right. And I'm writting this because marcusasdrubal used the same nonsense as you. Be an example as others tend to follow...
  • As for my excuse, I am brazilian. lol. But sorry to my bad english. I can talk, but it is hard to write in perfect english. Sorry.
  • @MemoHK, You're calling me out on a minor grammar error in comments. That makes you an asshole, sorry. How's that for being an example?
  • I didn't write because you did a grammar error,  seeing that another user took your words and thought, how you wrote was right, he wrote the same way. I wanted to show him not to do that anymore because it's wrong. Like I said, your language is English and you should know that other users learn English by what they read/write and if they learn the wrong way they will speak the same way. Be an example! ;) And it is not a minor grammar, you wrote twice the same way. Cheers!
  • Take it easy guys. I understand what Rubino said to me. That's all I need.
     Thanks Rubino to all the answers. 
    I believe in MS plataform, but I am seriously think to give away to budget jelly bean phone.
    Missed so many apps (flipboard, instagram, temple run 1 and 2) in my Lumia 710.
  • time to change to lumia 820 
  • You just wrote "writting". I'm am writing this to point out the irony of this situation. 
  • Dammit, having Dan saying stuff like this makes me think he doesn't have Instagram on his windows phone.  Which means Instagram isn't coming.  I'll stop dreaming. 
  • He was talking about the bussiness model not it's popularity. And as a bussiness is very bad for current state in the industry. But I assume it was meant to be just a data-mine tool and support other development in some other areas. There is no reason for instagram to have the permision to look at what apps you have on your phone(Android version) unless it's true goal is data-mining and using that data to power other avenues.
  • Do you have a link to the Wired article?
  • Of corse, here it is:
  • thanks dude.
  • As soon as you said "the Instagram" I stopped reading.
  • What are you rambling on about? You don't know the definition of "business model" and your argument against this app is largely unfounded. Please refrain from making yourself look uninformed. Thank you.
  • Read it:
  • Do you know what a business model is? Being unbelievably lucky is not a fucking business model.
  • In five years time come sing that ying yang song to me.  Get real.  Things come and go.  Go aske Myspace.  Wow you get your ego stroked by 20 likes.  Woo hoo!  If that's all it takes then go to facebook.  I get like 40 likes when I put up a photo!  Big whoops! 
  • ROTFL. My stomach hurts.  You talk as if they had their first day with that story you just told. Truth be told, they didn't. They had to prove themselves and share their vision. It didn't happen overnight. BTW, sorry about only getting 3 likes. Its not like it was YOUR fault after all. 
  • I think what it is, is that instagram is a huge success and they want to keep it that way. Look how long it took them to make an android app. Why did they take so long? Someone look at the numbers if there are any to look at back then and see if Instagram was plateauing or loosing steam. If so, they released the android app and there back gaining again. As soon as they start loosing steam again, they will release a Windows Phone app. Just my theory...
  • i tried the apps.. and have to agree that it is a very nice app.. editing photo is amazingly different and the output is nice. so now it just need to attract more users to the app
  • Why instagram???????? Why people have to use it??????? On a Nokia phone, either Symbian or WP8, take a picture, you can share it on Facebook right away. If people like to add something on the pcture than share, either they don't know how to take picture or their camera phone sucks.
  • lol i totally agree on this part.. why need instagram lol.. all companies have facebook n twitter haha
  • I think that having credible competition may give Instagram the nudge they need to develop a WP8 app. Every little thing helps
  • I believe that even posts teasing or rumors of Instagram helps to come to our phones. You can say that this was the main reason to Nokia release such app (if is not marketing hype for the release).
    One of the founders of Instagram is brazilian like me. I saw many interviews and I believe what he is doing is to keep the aura of the social network. Many argued when an android version was released, specially the apple fags, but yes it was nice and clever step to them.  Wpcentral is the best portal for windows phone users in the world. It has the best reviews, the best reporters and etc.  I think WPcentral has more voice to show Instagram managers that they should release an app to us than many other things. Anyone who comes here, see that we are waiting big apps like Instagram. The last week and this last week, I tweeted at least 10 times to joe belfiore to stop that teasers. Because could be deceiving for many.  The wired article is about that.  I don't believe that MS tactic is wrong.  But, I have to say that they can do more for us ;)
  • By the way, Michael Stroh answered me today. He said when I asked about Instagram: "Marcus-- Trust me that, when I have any news about any popular app, I won't keep it to myself. :-)"   Then I believe we are still far from Instagram.  
  • Why would Michel Stroh tell you? Those who would know about such a high profile app in the works would be under an NDA. That means (1) those who know, can't tell you and (2) those who do tell you, don't really know (or they hate their job).
  • Daniel=1
    Everyone else=0
    Piss on them haters!! Lol.
  • Lol. hahaha
    Anyway, do you have any news about the WP7.x from the dev? Because some asked them and they say that is not planning to release it.... I wanna try before to decide whether I stay or sell this phone.   
  • you sounds like a stupid asshole! and a gay who likes instagram so much, go back to your android laggy world, your mum borned you in rubbish bin, goes back to your rubbish dump, asshole bastard!
  • You have an unhealthy obsession with social media in general.  Your interest in Instagram is highly over-zealous.
    I don't say these things to insult you, I say these things because you're really not taking the time to understand all points of view here.
    Also, I don't like Apple products either, but that you even stated 'Apple fags' means you're a trolling fanboy anyway.  I mean seriously man... I've seen phone fanboys, carrier/network fanboys, all kinds of fanboys... but an Instagram fanboy?  WTF?
  • Because this is the one who can make the #instateam afraid. This is a great app that runs greatly in my lumia, my galaxy and in my boyfriend's ipad.
  • Ball once again in your court Instagram.
  • Instagram has like 100000000000000000 users.  They have never let the ball go yet.
  • You know, people said the same thing about MySpace when Facebook launched
  • I don't know. MySpace was already on the wane by the time Facebook really took hold. I remember my school going bonkers when we got access to Facebook (back when you had to have a .edu email address). By that time, MySpace was becoming a bit unusable and the writing was sort of on the wall at that point. 
  • There are people out there saying the same about instagram and Facebook ;)
  • awesome baby love it, first comment
  • Fail.
  • LMAO!
  • /shakes head in disbelief
  • Haha fail indeed...! xD
  • lol...
  • Doh!
  • Then lets turn into something better than instagram
  • There's already so many of these same apps... so saturated
  • On iOS and Android and that is this good? I think not...
  • eyeem is on all three, but sucks on wp. 
  • meh, if it's not good enough for 7.8 then it's not good enough for me   :P
  • It is written in the article, WP7 comming soon...
  • So thats what our for windows phone symbol looks like..i like.
  • Hahaha that's what I was thinking too! And it's in the middle!
  • That is something we aren't used to seeing. Hope we get very used to it as time goes by.
  • I've used this app for a few minutes now - I must say, I like it better than EyeEm (cross platform) or Fhotoroom (currently WP, soon becoming cross platform) or any of those other dozens you guys mention. Why? Because this is so WP! No other app felt more metro than this does. That's why I will support this dev more than the others who would just port (EyeEm!) or not even give me running dots for starters! (Fhotoroom)
  • Another death nail for wp7.
  • I mention in the first paragraph a version for Windows Phone 7 is forthcoming.
  • Daniel you should start making the articles in a storybook format. This way 60% of the members can keep up :)
  • You need BIG, BOLD letters guys. I am not impressed at all how these things just aren't so apparent. Not even when you write it in simplest English.
  • Hey Daniel..any idea how soon its coming to wp7..?
  • LOL
  • Yeah, you should write in bullet points and lists rather than proper paragraphs :p
  • Not to be picky, but it's really a "death knell" for WP7.  Also it is coming to WP7 so it's not even that.
  • This app is really polished in a way that fhotoroom isn't. I love my fhotoroom though!
  • Are we all really that narcissistic?.. Hehe..
  • Who going to make the first gif social network app?
  • Google +.... Or vine....
  • Your all forgetting that those instagram apps don't allow us to upload photos or log into their service, just browse. So basically you can't use the part that people use the most.
  • CAN EVERYONE STOP WHINNING?! If someone is trying to make a change, support them. At least give the application a try. It has been released on all the platforms. Who knows people might just get bored of instagram and migrate to this application. If such attitudes are kept up the devs might just think the WP community is going nip every effort of their's, so why bother to create applications. 
  • ^^^^This!
  • So I'm kind of in love with the Windows Phone app store logo. It's certainly stands out compared to iOS and Google Play. Hope we see more of it soon!
  • First thing I noticed as well! Hahaha let's hope my friend!
  • Even the logo is metroish than other platforms
  • Here is why I think this will be a legit Instagram competitor. Photoplay is launched by a Russian company with ability to share on Vkontakte. VK is extremely successful in Russia and russian speaking countries, whereas facebook is completely non existant in Russia and russian speaking countries (even though VK is pretty much a copy of FB). So if this has a tie in with VK, it will be a lot more successful in Russia and again, russian speaking countries than Instagram. Again, this is because of VK log in and sharing.
    Something tells me Photoplay will become rather successful (even if not in US or some European countries). Time to create an account to reserve a username.
  • That explains so many Russian, really hot girls sharing pics on this network!
  • That can be bad. Such platforms can quickly turn into bikini and nude pictures only...
  • Like instagram already doesn't show millions of girls in bikinis and half naked, thats all I see on instagram nowadays.
  • +1.
  • Truth...
  • And I understand that WP is very popular in Eastern Europe
  • Solid point there...
  • Anything that launches on windows phone 8 at the same time as Android and IOS gets an automatic 5 stars from me. :)
  • +1
  • Damn right!
  • +1
  • gnarly.........Kudos.......i mean +1? (old Lumia 800 lover here)
  • +1
  • But what if it's crap...? :-/
  • What he said.
  • So the question is how do we get people to switch from iG?
  • Far more hot Russian bikini girls on here than IG, defo.
  • Ha ha. That's a start for a switch. Fhotoroom is crawling with Brazilian hotties
  • Simple steps like sharing a photograph through your photoplay account onto social sites will create an awareness. That could be one way of pulling in the crowd. If many WP users do that, it is bound to create a curiosity and a traffic for the application.
  • Hmm doesn't sound like a bad idea but I cannot link to my fb.
  • I linked my Twitter. Worked just fine.
  • Good point! We WP users are a dedicated and passionate group.
  • Just downloaded and boy! The app looks good and smooth. Unfortunately, all of my friends on Facebook don't have this app but will try to convince them.
  • Likes how it says in the description, Work's on every modern smartphone'... ;)
  • Pretty nice app. Add me. wetworker tag on that app.
  • I just did. ;)
  • did it yesterday :) cheers
  • If it gets out good, then it will do well. We'll see over the years.
  • So what are the big differences with instagram? In order to challenge the leader, you need some great features to beat them?
  • Not really. While this won't beat Instagram in terms of users, this app is mainly targeted at Russian speaking audience, those who use Vkontakte. Instagram fails at that since VK is basically a copy (with some better features) of FB. And if this app successfully gets attention of VK users, it will be huge in russian speaking countries...much bigger than Instagram.
  • Not really. I mean instagram doesn't have any "new" features. It's a fraction of what facebook has been for a while now. Like Daniel said, you need luck more than anything else... and that's what instagram got.
  • No lens support?
  • there is lens support.. try the app.. top is manual adjustment , bottom is lens
  • I rolled my eyes at "on all three major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8".  I'm pretty sure Blackberry is still whooping WP.  I'm not trolling. The truth is the truth.
  • Which BlackbBerry? Legacy 7 devices or their new to the market and not widely adopted BB10?  Neither got an app with this company and that's becoming a trend. Fact of the matter is BB10 will face the same daunting challenge of getting app parity as Android and iOS (and crap Android ports, of which many now fill the BB10 store, don't count). Windows Phone as a platform has made great strides in that area in the recent months, it can't be denied. If you don't see that as a competitive advantage or a defining characteristic for consumers, then I'm not sure what to say. To put it another way, there is no way you can spin this as a positive for BlackBerry. Every time an app comes to Windows Phone before BB10, it's a disadvantage for them, plain and simple.
  • I agree with everything you have said.  I'm just saying that "Blackberry/RIM" still has more market share than "Microsoft" when you look at the numbers from respected analysts.  That's all.  Hey, we're on the same team here.
  • True but not in mainstream space. In corporate space there are some hard core bb users but with their recent z10 launch with android support but lacking in specs compared to android and still being sold as the same price as newer android phones(with better specs) I don't see it becoming mainstream.
  • So now you're qualifying the original statement for only the "mainstream space".  Look, market share is market share.  What you see or don't see for the future is irrelevent to the reality of today.
  • Market share is market share. But apps and games are not for people who use their phone in corporations. Apps and games are purchased or supported with adds for mainstream use. Miss the mainstream segment and you cant subsidize your phone since you can't generate additional money through market sells. And for reality of today service-oriented companies don't seam interested in the bb ecosystem no matter it's market share
  • Is that old OS & BB10? If so we should count WM6.x a device is a device and I sell a lot of scanners running WM6.x
  • Yes, the analysts lump all Microsoft mobile OS's together, as they do all versions of iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and others..Altough, some of the analysts use web traffic as a measurement, so I don't imagine those scanners will show up so much there...
  • Not doubting BB's numbers, especially considering how many enterprise devices they have out there.
    But in case you forgot, Windows MOBILE is still in a lot of people's hands. Sad, but true...
  • You know blackberry just lost 9million customers and only sold 700,000 z10s in the first quarter right. Im not saying blackberry is bad, but there not whooping WP. Especially cuz WP seems to be significantly stepping up the game
  • Bb has a bigger use base which includes those using 3 yr old bb models. If you noticed, those users are going to other platforms as they are losing millions of users every quarter .
  • Blackberry's trajectory is definitely downward, but that doesn't change the fact that they still hold 3rd place in market share. If your favorite sports team is on a 10-game winning streak it doesn't put them in 3rd place unless they surpass the 3rd place team in total wins for the season.
  • Or if you watch boxing, the one of the fighters dominated the first 4 rounds and built up a lead, but punched themselves out and opponent is gaining momentum, yet the boxer that started off fast still leads on the score cards in round 5 and 6, who knows how the next 6 rounds will play out. 
    Going back to your OP, in no means is BB wooping on WP, the drop in marketshare by BB a few months ago and on to the news of 3 millino more gone (net 2 million assuming 1 million new z10 customers, realistically 600k or less new customers), looks like BB may have punched themselves out, but still leads.  That is my point. 
  • They haven't punched themselves out. They've had a few bad rounds, but went into the corner, got an ice pack for the swollen eye and the salts to wake them up. Now they're back in the ring throwing punches. Will they endure?
  • I know where Sammie lives now!
  • Redlands, California. And I go to that coffee shop almost everyday. 
  • I do work in Redlands twice a month.
  • That's not a nice thing to say about my mom :/
  • that's not what I'm doing in Redlands. I'm a IT consultant. Also last thing I need is my fiancée to think I'm stepping out on her as she reads WPC.... Thanks Sam.
  • :P
  • I'm in San Bernardino. I should check out this coffee spot.
  • You totally should. And if Bre is working, tell her Sam used the internet to give her a customer. 
  • I'm trying it out lets see how popular it becomes.
  • Hi there did they make a lens app available?
  • Anybody tryed PhotoFunia? Does this work as PF? (looove PF)
  • well PhotoFunia is considered a photo app in a different catergory. photofunia is more about editing your family photos etc and sharing to twitter facebook etc. while Photoplay is considered a social network
  • Ahaa, thnx.
  • No probs :-). But Photofunia is a very good app. use it for family photos!!! :-D
  • Damn this app is very good 5+ :-)
  • Just signed up. Add me, willrich354. Be warned I post alot of snarky political and nerdy pics. Hey yall might be into that kind of thing :-P
  • Anyone wishing to do a follow2follow - there is a thread now in forums -
  • The app is a beauty. Cant work out how to refresh the feed though
  • I am unable to register. I get a russian error message :(
  • Follow me on Photoplay :) - Yohanzor, I'll follow back 
  • Anyone wishing to do a follow2follow - there is a thread now in forums -
  • Hey. I'm in the lead image. Hey. Let's follow each other. Everybody list their user name. GO. (I'm samsabri)
  • lordnothing
    Sam, your nickname isn't in the image, and the app won't find you by full name. I had to find my nickname by viewing ny own profile (it's under your full name).
  • my username there is PipoDJ follow me !!! :)
  • My nickname is justin.m
  • I'm kirklyt ;)
  • Just registered as Munkeyphyst.
  • Thaidamen - you will get thai pics n stuff from me.. follow me
  • ticomfreak
  • Anyone wishing to do a follow2follow - there is a thread now in forums -
  • Aienjell
  • If nothing else, this is an absolute example of how gorgeous an app can be on Windows Phone. Wow.
  • It's beautiful. 
  • Many have already started following the Russian girls hah.
  • Guilty
  • Always nice to have some eye candy. I do have to wonder at the age of some of the girls, though...
  • Lomograms better tbh
  • Is Lomogram a social network itself? Or just an app to edit photos and push out to other networks like Facebook and Twitter? That's where the difference is.
  • What was that Malone/Malome?
  • i downloaded it and tried to register... i get some error message in russian about my email... i think.   lame.
  • me too. gave up and signed in using facebook
  • Weird. I tried to use Twitter first, but it wanted too much access. Why would it need to read my direct messages??? Anyway, I just registered normally and it worked
  • Hot Russian girls? Ok, I'm downloading it.
  • They're even using Segoe UI for their TOS page. Something's funny here but I can't tell what it exactly is 
  • If the idea is to battle Instagram, then they need a battle plan. Get the Windows Phone spokespeople to start posting on there. Pssst...Jessica Alba, I'm talking to you. Nokia and Microsoft might strongly consider pushing this app, since InstaGrime thinks they are too good for the platform. Seriously, if you claim to be a social network and go out of your way to be exclusionary, you need to be replaced. I love Fhotoroom and will still use it as my go to editor, but I will participate in this apps social network. It's success would be great for the platform. We would show a loyal user base that pulls in users, even from other platforms. More devs would see that you can't keep people out while claiming to be "social".
  • *cough Youtube needs to be replaced *cough
  • It does look good.
  • Lots of people use IG just like follow celebs. A new competitor needs a celebrity following to give IG any trouble.
  • Are we not celebritity enough for you!? :'(
  • I still love you guys, Sam.
  • Sam and Dan pack all the celebrity punch that I need
  • Are you sure that this app coming soon to WP7.x too? I asked the creater of photoplay and he said that he hadn't planed to do it:(
  • Giving it a shot.
    I like that you can change the brightness and contrast when you take/upload a picture.
    The UI is much more pleasing to the eye than Instagram.
    At least it's something new that all 3 major platforms can use and stuff. Something new and not so mainstream. :]
  • I'm the only one in Seattle using this. According to the nearby option.
  • Not anymore!
  • Sabri in the merc!
  • I'm live on Photoplay. PacificNormWest. HMU if you're on.
  • I downloaded and registered, but my wife won't left me use the app anymore :(
  • LOL
  • HaaSarD or JB Gauche if you want to follow me :)
    I'll follow back !
    Great app, really beautiful and feel like a part of the OS !
    Love the way WP is taking !!
  • I'm happy with Fhotoroom
  • Is there no way to edit an image info once posted?
  • I tried it .. And I CAN'T say its the best app ever. 1.) My location couldn't be found for some reason. So I tried to Detroit, since I stay about 45 mins away, and Detroit couldn't be found either. 2.) The only photos that I could view were that of skinny Russian girls (cute..but not my cup of tea. Lol) Is anyone else experiencing the same issues, or am I doing it wrong?
  • Damn this thing is full of naked teens
  • OK you did it. I am sold. Downloading now.
  • lol i have fhotoroom n tuding also haha
  • not sure how photoplay is a "competitor" Tuding had around 5 million users in 2012, endorsements by Nike oh and it has been available for Android and iOS for a while, that is the real competitor...
  • Tons of comments so I'm just going to post this in case no one else did. Double tap a picture in your feed to quickly and easily like it.
  • App sucks...basically a porn app for Russian girls
  • Sad, but true...
  • It has no notifications or email notifications to comments or likes
  • If have to WP8 512mb ram devices, why don't have to WP7.x?
  • Within 30 minutes of signing up for this app I received my first spam text. Greatness.
  • Looks good, but they should refresh the Photo front page more often. Oh, and I'm SilentType on Photoplay. Too old for the Russian Girls, I think...
  • Its fantastic that they supported all three OS platforms however the WP8 app is beautiful
  • App is great. What it can do with photos is great. How it saves your altered photo and provide you access sucks. No option to save to phone, and online version gets a very low-res version that's optimized for web's pleasure.
  • There is an option to save to phone.  On the "Publish" screen after applying filters, etc, there is "save photo to phone gallery" in the "..." menu.
  • Damn those Russians are fine!!!!
  • where is the wp7.x version?  Some say will not be released, other yes. I wanna give a try to stay or sell my phone.
  • get a wp 8 phone if you cannot wait lol.. developer respond super fast to question and i am sure they are bringing it to 7 soon..
  • Is this thing cross platform? Only see pictures for Windows lol
  • its a cross platform.. you can search photo by date n you will see about 800 pics update daily since yesterday
  • I'll be a hipster and try this out.
  • Been patroling a bit and found out there are A LOT of sexy girls nearby my area. I must be missing something.
  • Edit
  • i don't have this problem at all.. weird
  • Ok, Ive tried everything in terms of registering to use this app. Everytime I register, it informs me that my email is invalid. whats the deal?? 
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  • Follow me! Nickname - Joelsilva
  • Follow me too: guihendrix
  • I know it's not windows fault, but I really want instagram. Its really hard to be a materialistic bitch without this app. There are a shit ton of apps I can live without but they are treading on some thin ass ice. Apple is the devil, but sin might be worth it. Might be switching back to the IOS if shit doesn't get real real soon.
  • Now thats sad... well that is your choice. :)
    but for me WP7/WP8 is the best Mobile OS NOW and will be the FUTURE.  
  • Very Nice App.. MOLOME should be ashame.. they keep teasing us with MOLOME Phoenix last September 2012.. and its April 2013 and nothing. Waiting for this App to come in WP7. and people should pay no mind on Instagram..