Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile once again available from the Microsoft Store

Updated April 19, 2018: Well, that didn't take long. Instagram is available for Windows 10 Mobile once again. However, it appears to be an older version of the app than is available for PC, which likely means it won't receive new features going forward. Still, it's good that the app remains available for Windows phone holdouts. The original story follows.

Instagram is no longer available for Windows 10 Mobile from the Microsoft Store. While the app remains available for Windows 10 PCs, its store listing has been updated to remove "Mobile" as one of its supported platforms (via OnMSFT).

Instagram was one of the bigger names that continued to support Windows 10 Mobile for some time. However, it's not entirely surprising to see it drop support for the platform. Windows 10 Mobile was essentially declared dead several months ago and, while it still receives monthly security updates and bug fixes, no more feature updates are planned.

Instagram is just the latest app to drop support for Windows 10 Mobile, following, most recently, the official Ring Video Doorbell app. For now, at least, you can continue to check out the Instagram app for Windows 10 PCs from the Microsoft Store.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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