Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile once again available from the Microsoft Store

Updated April 19, 2018: Well, that didn't take long. Instagram is available for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab) once again. However, it appears to be an older version of the app than is available for PC, which likely means it won't receive new features going forward. Still, it's good that the app remains available for Windows phone holdouts. The original story follows.

Instagram is no longer available for Windows 10 Mobile from the Microsoft Store. While the app remains available for Windows 10 PCs, its store listing has been updated to remove "Mobile" as one of its supported platforms (via OnMSFT).

Instagram was one of the bigger names that continued to support Windows 10 Mobile for some time. However, it's not entirely surprising to see it drop support for the platform. Windows 10 Mobile was essentially declared dead several months ago and, while it still receives monthly security updates and bug fixes, no more feature updates are planned.

Instagram is just the latest app to drop support for Windows 10 Mobile, following, most recently, the official Ring Video Doorbell app. For now, at least, you can continue to check out the Instagram app for Windows 10 PCs from the Microsoft Store.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hopefully they'll enable the PWA version for W10M when that eventually comes... losing a huge social network like that should be a nail in the coffin for the remaining holdouts. Also will be supremely annoying if Andromeda launches without Instagram.
  • I'm assuming if it's available for windows 10 still then it would still be able to run on Andromeda?
  • Losing any social network is not a nail in the coffin for me. To the bitter end! I will NEVER use an android or ios device. I'll go back to a flip phone first.
  • +950XL
    Absolutely agree.
  • I'm close to where you are Ben. I'm still using my Lumia Icon too on Verizon, which still runs great (no 950(/XL) available on Verizon). Facebook is the only Social app I use on my Windows phone, and even that's pretty rare and certainly something I could live without. I use MS apps like Outlook, Office, Groove music for my library on OneDrive, Skype, MS Authenticator, Teams, To-Do and built-ins like mail, news, and calculator. For third party, mostly I use Slack, Pandora, TuneIn, IHeartRadio, ISeeVM (visual voicemail), and RSA SecureID, plus some Weather apps and games. I use a bunch of other apps too, but I could live fine without them or they don't connect to back-end services and probably haven't been updated in a few years anyway, so hard to see why they'd suddenly be removed. These include things like a flashlight app, the level, ProShot camera, etc. If Slack or RSASecureID goes though, I'd probably have to jump ship. I need those on a daily basis. My hope is that Andromeda arrives before we lose anything I really need or care about. Ironically, for people I know with iOS and Android devices, they use even FEWER apps than I do. Yes, they have a bigger selection, but they just don't use very many, and mostly they just find a few key apps and stick to those. So at least as of today, lack of apps in the MS Store for my phone might be a source of embarrassment, but it still has everything I want and use.
  • I was glad to see RCA app in store but need it to generate tokens
  • I was with you both on this but I have dropped wp and jumped to Android. I had a surface pro3 Xbox one and now X and a Lumia 950xl with OneDrive, groove music pass, office365 one not but also a big user of social media not for personal but for my club as well as PayPal user and with all this starting to be pulled I moved to Android and been nothing impressed with the support Microsoft give that platform I then used cortana, outlook, skydrive, office groove and more but as time has gone on I was forced to another music service so gone to Google as seemed the best out the ones on offer for a pass, dropped cortana as I got a Google home and now 3 at home and I do feel this is where Microsoft don't want to be in. Anything for home Microsoft seem to be none excistent and dropping the only thing that is being pushed is the Xbox. I get why people don't want to move from Windows mobile to another OS as for me nothing comes close to Windows mobile for ease of use looks ect but since moving to Android I have found it good to use and has all the Microsoft apps I need as well as other I never thought I would use like Google home.
  • Enjoy your flip phone. While the MATURE people will move on to another platform and not be a whiney little baby fanboy.
  • Yeah, mature people cannot survive without having social media apps.
  • I am not talking about social media apps, I am talking about the fanboys saying I am going to go with a flip phone instead of an android or apple phone. Total nonsense.
  • why? I have an Android phone I'm thinking about going back to flip phone. Surface pro all the time.
  • Meanwhile Steve adams has a flip phone himself. U can tell by that typical non mature responding to everyone to prove he's right and cool while telling other No!. I can spot a lying sheep from a mile away.
  • I thought the very definition of mature, was realising what a waste of time social media apps are? It's the banking apps, travel apps and that sort of thing that killed W10M for me.
  • Same here Mike, Same here!
  • Steve Adams - Do you not see the irony in your own post? Mature folks would never end a remark with "whiney little fanboy"
  • There's some real idiots here, Long.
  • My thoughts exactly! Flip phone or nothing!
  • Absolutely. Back to a basic Nokia dumb phone for me (a flip might be a bit too much tech I think). Way better than a smart phone. It's not like we'll need smart phone features in the future as the not-Phones like Andromeda will handle computing needs. Just calls, SMS and an MP3 player is needed on the phone. Needed? Hmmm... I may even just go with an MP3 player. No more mobile calls and texts coming in? Very tempting.
  • Ha ha..not-phones....a tablet.
  • Why don't you just start using a flip phone now? You seem very keen on the idea.
  • Too bad going back to flip-phones means losing 4G. That alone breaks it for me.
  • Not necessarily, Zeem. The Nokia 8110 is now alive and well with 4G
  • Moved to a OnePlus 5 last year and I really love it. I personally think it's a great phone for a WM convert. It's consistently fast, has a good camera, can load it up with Microsoft apps and they work great, and they have a dark theme in the settings and for their first party apps.
  • They got screwed with this type of mentality. If we dont use this app nobody should?
  • Still hanging on, L650, L550, L730, and all doing fine.
  • Seconded.
  • To those that were early Windows Phone users, the lack of a social app won't make them flinch. They are happy to stay with the platform until it disintegrates.
  • already has disintegrated.
  • I was an early Windows Phone user. Back from the Samsung Omnia 7 days. I'm happy i jumped ship last September
  • Me too TheFerrango, I used windows mobile 6.0 on my HTC 620 way back when. then I got a 900, then moved to the ativ S, then to a 1020. Had a brief stint with the 950xl, but after MS failed to support the 1020 on 10, even though it was working awesome on it, I just bought an iphone 6s. been awesome since then. Blah, blah, blah, it's boring etc. But it has all the apps, accessories etc that you would ever want from a phone, great battery life, and I dare say it, It works. More than I can say for the neutered POS that windows is on mobile devices. The unicorn is not going to change that.
  • My HTC was the 640...not was awesome back in the day however.
  • UU, WinMo. I had my first taste of it when my brother bought an Asus A620BT with Windows Mobile 2003. > I got a 900
    > then to a 1020 Somehow it always makes me feel better when I know that I'm not alone in making bad decisions while purchasing hardware. *cough*Zune*cough*BB Playbook*cough*Windows phones*cough* The Zune is still great though, it does exactly what I need it to do. Perhaps that wasn't such a bad decision after all. > I just bought an iphone 6s. Yeah, I bit the apple too after years of bashing on them. I now wonder why I used to do that
  • I saw that it was removed yesterday, so I was really surprised when it got an update on my Lumia 1520 and 920 today.
  • 9 Lives
  • I am utterly in shock!
  • Have you been living in a cave? Seriously why are you in shock?
  • 'Cause he just found out Windows Mobile had an Instagram app.
  • Someone doesn't understand sarcasm.
  • Seriously, are you new to Window Central's comment section. Mostly rabid fans clenching on to their Windows phone(s) until the bitter end. Therefore, as a default I assume no one is being sarcastic and when someone is it should be mandatory that they end with ;S
  • I'm not sure what clenching to the bitter end means here. My usage of the phone has not changed in the last 3 years. I guess because I'm not on any social media, except a couple of chat apps. For me, everything is running as it is supposed to. My usage is Phone, Email, Text, WhatsApp, Wunderlist, Internet Browsing, Bank of America app, Asphalt 8, TeamViewer / Remote Desktop (high usage), Word/Excel, Skype, Netflix, my MP3s, Pictures/Videos, Cortana, Connected home (Insteon), Invoke (recent addition), Office Lens, etc etc. Everything I need a smartphone for. Still running just fine. So, not really clenching to my 950XL. It's more than adequate for my use. Maybe not so much for a teenager, but I still don't see any need to switch.
  • Likegram works better than official version.
  • This is a bummer.
  • Instagram oddly enough got updated on my Lumia 1520 and 920 today.
  • Oy veh! I just hope Build 2018 has some clear path forward. I'm not ready to say that all is lost, because I think an app like Instragram is a poster child for PWA. But seriously, MS' lack of support for its own store only drives more and more and more and more and more and more developers away from EVERYTHING Microsoft. I don't know what meds Nadella is on, but if he thinks MS can survive as a company, in any way shape and form, without strong developer community support then he is living on another planet.
  • I haven't used Instagram, but I am quite sure it relies on the camera and photo editing. It probably wouldn't be well served by a PWA.
  • Camera at least shouldn't be a problem. This is a pretty good site to determine what a particular browser can and can't do: Haven't read anything yet on whatever wrapper the MS store is using for PWAs, which may give even more permission based access to the local device.
  • Anything Microsoft specific will and should be ignored. It needs to be a single standard. I doubt Microsoft will attempt to add any functionality without making it a standard.
  • Anyone else having trouble loading Instagram from W10M in Edge?
  • Might happen sometimes. Delete all the cookies and stuff. Youll have to login again.
  • Just bring back windows mobile with android apps. Windows OS is the best platform.
  • So basically an android phone......
  • No.
  • Sure it is. A grid of icons and low function widgets that you click on to open an app. Windows phones are basically the same thing as Android but with less function and choice.
  • You are too smart for me. Smh
  • Another sign the bitter end is near, waiting for Nokia 7 plus or something better.
  • Makes sense.
    With Windows 10 features moving forward beyond what was ever intended for Mobile, I suspect many apps will be dropping their mobile counterparts as they take advantage of the new platform features of Windows 10 proper. I only hope my W10M lasts until MS returns with a telephony enabled device.
  • Without w10 mobile development of UWP apps in any form is absolutely useless. So Nadella's decision to kill w10m will kill the whole w10 uwp platform.
  • But it should never have been this way. When Windows 10 was first announced, MS made a big thing about how UWP could be cross-platform and desktops could run UWP apps. With half a billion+ Windows desktop users, UWP SHOULD have been something brilliant. Sadly developers always assumed that UWP = MOBILE apps and never pushed desktop apps
  • It is never about the number of users, but about the money. And it turned out that desktop users gave just a little money for uwp apps. Could be that they don't know what is the Store, or don't like it. Could be that they are enterprises that aren't interested in most of the apps in the Store. Could be that they thought that UWP apps are underpowered. Could be all of the above. But simply, very little sum of money for whatever reason.
  • UWP has never been available to 1 billion desktops. It only recently broke 600 million. Targeting UWP has always meant missing out on any machine older than Windows 10.
  • This. Windows 7 & Windows 10 have almost equal market share, why bother with UWP when so many machines are still running an OS from 2009?
  • My thinking exactly.
  • At app was always broken anyway. I use Tag6 instead.
  • Well... Since Instagram Is Owned By Facebook... It Was Only A Matter Of Time... I'm Not Surprised
  • Microsoft's facebook client always was and still is better than Facebook's own one.
  • It's not available anymore, sadly.
  • It's still in the store, but only via the direct link:
  • It doesn't work as far as I know. When loading it tells you to go download the one from FB themselves.
  • This is the last thing I needed, but looks like they really want me to upgrade earlier than I planned to.
  • So what, never liked IG
  • The typical MS fanboy response when MAJOR apps leave the platform. Now they are running for zee hills from UWP as well.
  • So sad sad sad. I love windows phone...
  • Here is a way to install the latest instagram on w10m
  • The Instagram app got updated on my Lumia 1520 and Lumia 920 today.
  • 1) Wasn't Windows 10 Mobile dead? If so, what's so surprising about this?
    2) 6tag
    3) Won't matter for the Andromeda/CoreOS era.
    4) It was a bit crappy.
  • WindowPhone didn't need any apps, its really could just be as it is. A companion to a PC for work, not play. Not sure I use anything apart from Facebook app wise and still manage to have a life lol.
  • .
  • Not surprised, oh well I gave up a few months ago so I don't even care anymore as long as it's on Windows 10.
  • I just use everything Microsoft on my Note 8 and delete as much Google thing as possible.
  • The app was garbage anyways.
  • And that is why I left Windows 10 mobile. Seeing one app after another disapear was just not funny. This is the fourth app that I use a lot that leaves the eco system.
  • Still on my Elite x3 and works just fine.
  • The app got an update on my Lumia 1520 and Lumia 920 today.
  • It appeared again at the store. Windows 10 mobile version alsa got an update today.
  • Instagram is huge! This really stinks. Can Microsoft bring out Andomeda sooner rather than later and bring Instagram back through PWA?! Instagram and Fitbit seem to be the only updated and relevant apps on my phone nowadays so to lose one is sad. I'm a Microsoft fan but it's hard to stay sometimes when you see the technology of other phones and apps out there.
  • The app is available in the store again since yesterday and it was updated yesterday too. So it seems it was just a maintenance thing.
  • :))))) PATHETIC Microcrap as usual
  • App is back is the store. so a lot of drama and comments. whew.
  • I use Instagram and jumping ship this month, not because of IG but I feel it's time. Sad, the best OS in the market, but Microsoft killed it and that's it. Tons of reasons why,we can argue what could have been done different.. Using Wp since L520 come out, used 535 and now 650... But when I see whatsapp or Ig or any other app opening on my brother's just works better. Apps work better with new stuff. Gonna miss mytube (and jealous android users when I play it with screen off),Fiction book reader and syncing my books with my laptop, tiles (gonna use square home on android)... But 650 stays as an ebook reader.
    My android? It doesn't matter what brand, I decided to give Xiaomi a chance, good battery and I'm fine. For us, Windows 10 mobile users? What is dead may never die
  • Instagram BACK TO STORE.... according
  • I am asking myself why WC don't update or delete this article. The W10M Instagram app is available in the Microsoft Store again. That means the app can still be downloaded and used.
  • I'm not seeing Instagram for mobile back in the store. I just went to the store and Instagram is only for PC right now, not mobile. So Windows Central is right in sticking with this story. BTW the only reason I can see Instagram keeping its app for PC but not for Mobile is the fact that W10M does not support many Fall Creator updates like Fluent design. So if you want to upgrade your app to anything past the Fall Creator's edition and take advantage of things like Fluent design you have to resort to splitting your code base. And that's not exactly "universal". Since MS refuses to update W10M with all the latest features full W10 has and at the same time fails to release any equivalent mobile shell (i.e. Andromeda) then what exactly are developers supposed to do? Wait forever in anxious suspense?
  • Instagram is back with PC and Mobile listing.
  • Lol company microsoft.What they do, they do not promise the promise. all old apps.Social apps not live video support.
  • You can install it via appx. And it gets strangely update. The difference in applications (uwp, pwa, desktop etc.) is not only confusing for users, but also confusing for developers and companies i guess. Microsoft has not handled this situation really well. They could not resolve the mess which they created. The starting point was just one app in every device i remember. But now we have lots of app versions some of them are for mobile some or not, some of them for that device, etc... There must be a single application policy that is feasible and encompasses all devices. Maybe they should not offer developers an option to install on what device.
  • The instagram app for mobile is back in the Microsoft Store
  • It's back and listed for both PC and Mobile.
  • I will be getting back a repaired or replacement Idol 4s today. I will try this app again just to see if it is working or not, thanks. (Probably remove it afterwards, since I do not use any of the Social Media apps anymore, at least on mobile.)
  • I never installed it and so never used it. In the Store it is available for PC and Mobile. But mobile is tablet I understand.
  • #6Tag #FTW #Rudy4Life #2InstaWithLove
  • Hi Instagram. I know you are trying to please WM users by not putting any single ad in the app. I have been bragging on about it for years now. But right now, I am willing to see those ads in case they are needed to fund the dev team in updating IG WM app.
  • Windows Central aka Android Central ran a false news article Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile pulled from the store.
    Concludes Mobile is dead.
    Today is back, now what
  • Yes loaded it on my new L950 , but not using any social network . Btw is possible that a number of people are still buying windows phone now that prices are so low and the OS really different
  • Grid of icons and widgets with an app drawer and a pull down notification area. Windows phones are the exact the same as Android but with much lower capabilities. It isn't different in any meaningful way.
  • LOL, sure, crapware full android and windows phone are different. Android having success does not mean it is better. Lot of better products lose out market. iMAC, Betamax , HDDVD to name a few.
  • Windows mobile is dead, or at least dying honestly. Argue however you want but that's the truth. It's just time for everyone to give up and accept that it's not working.
  • 950 is still big camera performer though day, I use instagram daily while I wait for microsoft foldable, worthy or not as replacement for this camera centric beast.
  • nice
  • One good thing about Instagram, Twitter and Facebook apps on WM is that they don't have ads. I started using an Android device recently and I hate it despite the apps have more features.
  • It was nice that the app was avaiable for us Windows users but the app was pretty bad when it came to performance. It was zoo laggy on my 950. With that said the app runs a lot better on my android phone.
  • 0906212738