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What you need to know

  • Intel will donate $4 million towards coronavirus relief.
  • Intel will also match donations up to $2 million for coronavirus relief.
  • Intel already donated 1 million gloves and other supplies to healtcare workers and $1 million to the International Red Cross.

Intel will donate up to $6 million towards coronavirus relief. Intel will donate $4 million to help community foundations and organizations that focus on food, shelter, medical equipment, and helping small businesses. The company will additionally match up to $2 million of employee donations, which will go towards food banks, school districts, and children's hospitals. Intel announced the move and shared more details in a recent post.

The donation matching system will run from March 26, 2020 until April 10, 2020, or until $2 million is reached. It's open to full-time and part-time employees of Intel, as well as U.S. retirees.

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Intel states that donations will go to several areas in and outside the United States. In the U.S., donation areas include Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, and Texas. Outside the U.S., donation areas include Costa Rica, India, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, and Vietnam.

Intel made several other donations earlier this year, including donating 1 million gloves, masks, and other pieces of medical equipment. The company also committed to donating $1 million to the International Red Cross in January.

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