ie 11

For the past few years, the research firm Net Applications has shown that worldwide, Internet Explorer 8 has been the most used PC web browser. Now the firm's newest stats show that Microsoft's latest browser, IE11, has jumped ahead of IE8 and is now in the number one spot for the first time.

Net Applications, which takes its data from unique visitors to its many websites, says that for October 2014, IE11 had 24.05 percent of the worldwide browser market share, well ahead of September's 17.13 percent. IE8 also came crashing down from the number one spot to number two with 17.31 percent, well below September's 22.20 percent.

So what happened? Net Applications also recorded a big increase in Windows 8.1 in October for PC operating system market share, along with a huge drop for the older Windows XP. IE8 is the last version of Internet Explorer to support Windows XP so a drop in the use of the older OS would certainly affect IE8's market share, as would a rise in the use of Windows 8.1 would most likely lead to more people using IE11.

Which web browser do you use the most while on your PC desktop or notebook?

Source: Net Applications