Interview with Touch Diamond Developer

Vincent of got a sit-down with HTC's Horace Luke, their Chief Innovation Officer. Backing up his sweet job title, Luke talks about the philosophy behind TouchFLO 3D. I gotta say, Luke and I must be on the same wavelength, because there are two things about TouchFLO 3D he mentions that I also mentioned during our WMExperts Podcast this week. The first: that a touch interface isn't so much about just “TAP TAP TAP!” as it is moving and dragging.

The second: The Touch Diamond has a great feature built-in with its accelerometer. When you receive a call, you can just set your phone face-down on the table and it will ignore the call. That's really perfect. They've taken a common social cue, namely:

Talking to this person right in front of me is more important than this call, so I'll see who it is and then set the phone face down so they know I'm interested in this in-person conversation.

...and turned it into a feature on the phone. HTC: we love you.

WC Staff