Invites for London Windows Phone 8 event rolling out

Microsoft appears to be pushing out the golden envelopes for the final reveal-all of Windows Phone 8. The event is scant on actual details but the data is locked in for 5pm GMT on October 29th, London. This matches the upcoming event in San Francisco.

The events held so far have seen journalists physically restricted from properly playing with the OS, so aside from videos and SDKs precious few have any idea how well it works on a real device.

We do of course have a very good idea about all the main features of the OS but there is a remote chance that MS might have a few tricks up its sleeve for the big day. With the combination of an actual live ID sign in and activation of backend, services on launch day much of the previously dark OS features could spring into action.

For those looking for clues in the invite, good luck, it's simply showing a splendid photo of Big Ben, the time and date and the LTE signal. If there is hidden meaning there we have certainly overlooked it.

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Source: TechCrunch

Robert Brand