It's official: KDDI launching Fujitsu IS12T starting August 25th

We've been talking up the Fujitsu IS12T for some time now. Not only is it Japan's first Windows Phone, it's also the first Windows Phone with Mango and some killer new specs to hit the market. We've heard that it was coming August 25th and sure enough, it's now official. Makes sense now why the Windows Phone developer tools (RC) was pushed today with Japanese language support.

KDDI has posted on their site that the IS12T will be available in certain regions starting on the 25th, which is in just two days--lucky! Those regions and dates, according to KKDI are as follows:

  • August 25 (Thursday): Hokkaido · Tohoku · Kanto · Central · Kansai · Kyushu · Okinawa
  • August 26 (Friday): Chugoku
  • August 27 (Sat): Shikoku

The 32GB phone with a 13.2MP camera, water proof case and latest-generation Qualcomm chipset/GPU (see benchmarks) makes this one unique and tempting device. Big congrats to Japan, KDDI and Fujitsu for the launch and being the first.

Source: KDDI; via NanaPho

Daniel Rubino

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  • Hey there's a big mistake in this post. Checked Nanapho. The Aug 26 launch I think they are actually talking about the central part (chuugoku) of Japan, not China. The kanji writes the same but they mean very different places...Or else we Chinese folks should have long been informed, saved up, and ready to spend some dough.I'm not familiar with Japanese geography and am confused about why there's another "central" on August 25, but that's the only way that makes sense...
  • Thanks @Chassit, @tezawaly. Updated. I knew that looked odd. But my kanji is a bit rough. And by rough I mean non-existent ;-)
  • - August 26 (Friday): ChinaThis is "Chugoku", not China. They are same characters, but have different meanings.Thank you Chassit.
  • lol china--if you loook at the map, china is supposedly inside japan, they wish xd
  • did you copy my id?
  • This phone and its specs look so friggin' awesome.
  • I want a GSM version of this phone! (in UK)
  • Not worth the price though. It's not THAT fast. Will be very interesting to see how well it records 720p video as well as if those 13MP are actually worth anything in practice.
  • 32 gb !!! Big deal my Dell venue pro has that, 13mpxl I own a good camera the only thing that would ever make me want this phone is a FF camera....did I mention I think it's overpriced !!
  • who gives a FCK if this is overpriced or not? this is a JAPAN ONLY phone,the point of this is to emphasize that mango is ahead of schedule so far. malagradecidos!!!!!
  • Daniel, with the is12t being released this week, does that mean that the Mango update for existing devices will be hitting the inter-tubes soon as well?
  • Daniel, you didn't really make a big deal or cover this launch? did it happen?, also is there a way to get an email when some one reply's to my comments?