Joe Belfiore planning something for the Windows Phone community

Now this could be everything, or it could be nothing at all, but Joe Belfiore has teased on Twitter that he may have something for the Windows Phone community (or rather the general public) in the next few days. The manager of the Windows Phone division at Microsoft recently celebrated his Birthday and was greeted by numerous messages on the social network.

To say thank you, Belfiore fire out the following:

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So what do you think he could potentially have in store? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Twitter (@JoeBelfiore); thank, Samst22, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Ooh ooh instagram!!! Lol nosah hahaha
  • Haha +0,5
  • If this is another "Temple Run" scam I'm going to punch him in the
  • i would be very thankful if it is Temple Run 2 instead of Instagram
  • Well that would be acceptable seeing as how it's not completely old. Just don't hype us up for something outdated even if it is popular.
  • Something that big will need both your hands... inb4: maybe it has something to do with the may 14th announcement? 
  • Instagram! Someone had to say it...
  • Beat you to it lol
  • That will make me mad... I just bought instagraph
  • You probably spend more money on coffee :/ relax
  • Whoops I forgot the "j.k".. Lol..
  • lol
  • lol
  • Not everyone drinks coffee. :P
  • +1 x)
  • YOUtube
  • This or insragram
  • Who the hell needs it? The third party apps available are even better than the First Party YT apps available for both Android or iOS.
  • True, but the OS is designed to launch YouTube links in the official app, not in third party ones, so having an official app that can also handle those redirect links would be something special for a lot of people.
  • Wrong, if you click a YouTube link and don't have YouTube installed it tells you to install the app. We need the option in the OS to allow us to choose the app we want to use.
  • joking aside, I wish it's instagram or a wp update :)
  • The app itself wouldn't be a big deal. However, google has already said they had no plans for wp. if an offical youtube app from google where to come, it'd be a big deal just because it would show that google is willing to program for wp. (Could lead to maps, gmail, etc.)
  • I'd rather have Vine.
  • Agreed +1000
  • It's NOT instagram, NEW Facebook app OR snapchat.
  • Yes a new Facebook app!
  • Yeah, I'd love a new, native FB app. That would be great.
  • Could be iHeartRadio.
    iHeartRadio told me that they will release soon. Although I would love a new and improved Facebook (even though there is a new one that came out a few days ago, but it isn't MS's fb).
  • +1 for snapchat
  • Yep, now that we have Instagram to fill the Instagraph Void we need snapchat. Was just in SoCal this week for work and every one of my co-workers were snapchating constantly (and using Instagram every 5 minutes) 
    What I want is a new Facebook App, maybe a WP version of home (remember the rumors a while back that Microsoft may have been giving FB more access to WP that most developers, including the ability to alter some functions).
  • Probably a throwaway comment that he'll regret!
  • Lol
  • Thats is what i thought exactly.
  • Actually this Joe guy is a well known internet troll who gets Windows Phone users' hopes up then craps all over them.
  • For the love of God, snapchat and instagram. All my friends make fun of me for not having it :(
  • Related: I have really awesome and sympathetic friends.
  • Really cuz my friends are ignorant douches lol lucky you.
  • Lol
  • Wow.. Get new friends.. Or show them some exclusive apps games that you have in exchange..
  • i do but it doesnt mean much to them when they are just social whores that crave instagram.
  • You know what I hate about Instagram.. One posts a beautiful paradisiac place and receives a couple of likes and the girl next door posts a screenshot and she gets hundreds of likes.. It just makes me mad.. Also, social networks are mainly to make females' egos bigger since they get TONS of attention
  • you know i completely agree with you. i like dabbling in photography but havent had an opprotunity to go out and just mess with my camera so all i ever have is my 920. i take pictures of nature, you know like creeks and landscapes, and etc... and no one has like my photos, you got dimwitted teens posting a single pic of themselves touching their leg or with swimwear and its like a zillion likes and its like.... If you wanna see naked girls so bad just use the will get alot more for your buck you know what i mean? anyone who says this is for "the social network" is just kidding themselves into thinking that they have some fictional popularity that really isnt there. i dont understand how people can live in those fictional worlds.
  • Very true. I weep for my fellow females. :-( A young girl posting pics of herself on the internet is asking for a heap of trouble.
  • Yeah unfortunate because you consider elegant beauty is so much better than being naked or partially naked in photos. They need to let themselves be respected instead demand it without meriting it.
  • I wish I could drum that into the heads of a few women I know because I honestly get tired of them complaining to me about no one respecting them.
  • Lol you and me both lady
  • Lmao
  • +1, my friends are addicted to Gravity Guy 2. Well, so am I.  Glad I bought it, after the horrid experience with the trash that is Gravity Guy 1, I was happy that the sequel is amazing. Hope it's alot of things, but I think it'll be a good release.
  • Hahahah yeah maybe u should think about getting a new circle lol.. Jk!
  • nah there big old douches a way.... they are my douches know what i mean? :D
  • haha there has GOT to be a better way to phrase that ;P
  • where is the fun in uploading pictures of your food?
  • im on the exact same boat as you.
  • Is it a sushi boat?
  • You're making me hungry :-P
  • Halo/Forza/Fable/Gears/Keflings/Peggle for WinPhone. Though shitty filters for low resolution square photos is more likely.
  • Peggle would be awesome
  • Yes, please!  I love Peggle! :D
  • Halo!!
  • WP needs halo!
  • Halo!
  • HALO!
  • His resignation perhaps? I know..I'm mean.
  • Hahaha lmbo!
  • Well, that escalated quickly :P
  • Lol nice . Comments like these alone make the comment section worth reading :P
  • Hahahahhahaha, that's really funny!
  • I don't get it...
  • This guy is the man. Whatever it is I'm excited. First it was Pandora, then temple run.
  • And a good video player to support mkv, mp4 & ...
  • It already supports MP4 fine, I don't know what the hell you're talking about. It's even listed as a suported file container on the Windows Phone website. What it needs is one that supports MKV though.
  • All I want is wav files. Can't check work VM when I'm out of the office without taking my laptop or my old android with me.
  • Talk to your exchane administrator and have him change the save format for voice mails to mp3. No one uses wav files anymore.
  • vlc is coming. just gotta wait a little longer
  • How about wav file support?  It'd be nice to listen to a work VM on my WP8 device as I could on my previous WP7 device.
  • Idk what phone you have, but NL920 supports WAV files.
  • WAV files from VM.
  • Your exchange admin is lazy. Have him change over to mp3.
    I make the assumption you are using exchange and unified communications services (lync, voip office phones, etc)
  • A working Facebook app would ne nice :)
  • Yes!
  • Am I the only person who prefers using the website over an app for Facebook?
  • Instagram!!!!
    I want to flood my facebook timeline with pics of my dog, landscapes and food... Well, maybe not food. I eat at home anyway...
  • Flash support? Ha ha.
  • Maybe Flash and Silverlight.
  • Already runs Silverlight, and flash is being replaced by HTML5 so there's no need for flash any more. There is a reason you can watch YouTube videos, they switched over to HTML5 and WP supports it in IE10....
  • Yeah, I know about Flash... It was just a joke...
    *but i didnt know WP suport silverlight
  • It doesn't support in-browser Silverlight. Many apps are made using a subset of Silverlight APIs that were baked into WP APIs.
  • Silverlight is going the same way as flash - not needed with html5.
  • Your poop.
  • Vine
  • I wish.
  • Subway Surfer! ;)
  • Would love this game on my 920!
  • The best thing he can do for the community is to leave Microsoft anf to get hired by Apple and do there exactly what he does in Microsoft - it wlil destroy Apple in a matter of a second like an atomic bomb. 
  • Really......dumb comment
  • LOL
  • I bet you don't know shit about Joe Belfiore. He was in my opinion the best speaker in any conference, also he said something and he delivered. I love his work on WP I say keep it up
  • Hear hear! I think he's a wonderful speaker. His passion for the platform really shows. I don't think the slowness of these releases has anyhting to do with bad leadership, but becuase of a less competent WP team in general than compared to the Windows team. At least that is what P. Thurrott suggested.
  • Awesome the guy can talk, I think we need something more than a guy that talks like an America Pie advert. He could talk like a depressed 14 year old nerd, but as long as the apps are delivered, that's all I'd care about.
  • Why don't you go and talk to these app companies and have them make apps for WP? It isn't clear cut since app developers have leverage on Microsoft to extort them for money. It isn't just getting the app on windows phone its getting a high quality application on windows phone.
  • Are you still talking about Joe Belfiore? It doesn't seem though.
  • Seeing his last time's tease for a super old Temple Run, I doubt its something out of the box that we're waiting for.
  • Probably just a new Yelp app or somethin silly lol
  • A Verizon Flagship Lumia
  • +1
  • Instagram
  • Maybe the early update program for enthusiast they promised last year?
  • one year is only two weeks in Microsoft time.
  • I'm hoping for that.
  • This is what I was thinking also.
  • maybe he is finally making good on the PROMISE to provide early update access to enthusiasts.
  • Lumia 928!
  • Here we go again
  • Well,as long as its not restricted to U.S only i will be happy.
  • Yeh, true
  • Great username!
  • Here, here
  • I don't know. Too many hiccups and broken promises...which makes me passive towards this guy. At least he occasionally replies or DM's back.
  • pretty much.  Nice guy I'm sure but doesn't deliver.
  • Whatever it is will be cheered and jeered by all, because:
    1. It will be wanted by some but ho-hum to others.
    2. It will be accused of being "about time" or "too little too late".
    3. It will be accused of being "buggy" or "lackluster" features.
    Sadly, I fear people just aren't appreciative as they should be.
  • Right you are.
  • 4. Restricted by region
    5. WP8 only
  • Nokia Lumia owner only. Haas!
  • Sadly, this is true of most things. Appreciation and understanding are lost arts.
  • I agree. Its like some people think its Joe's job oversee the development of products that customers want. Microsoft is doing us all a favor by letting us purchase these phones. We should thank them no matter what they produce.
  • Is he finally going to add features to Windows Phone and make it even remotely competitive? I haven't seen him accomplish anything noteworthy in the last 8 months, so I hope he does something soon. Getting real tired of waiting for some very basic features...
  • umm... wtf?  Troll much?   What 'very basic' features are we missing?  Yes, there's features they can add... but 'very basic' and 'competitive' features we have tons of with Windows Phone 8.
  • Go look up the word troll, then stop using it. As far as basic features to, we can't change any sounds to what we want them on the Lumia 920 but the default ringtone. If you think that's not a basic feature, your lying to yourself. That was a common feature 10 years ago almost. Windows Phone is way behind, and that's the tip of the iceberg. What does Belfiore give us? A two year old Teple Run game, and a single update that gave us zero feature additions that were worth a few months of testing. 
  • If you're crying about custom sounds... then that's pretty sad.  Sure that's a "nice to have", but it's not a showstopper and doesn't make a phone "way behind".  They focus on the most important and key features before providing stuff like that.  Also, you're whining about Temple Run, while many people are happy we have it now.  If you're not happy then go jump to another platform instead of calling it "way" behind for 'nice to have' basic features.  We already have lots of unique features and all the key features we need to be on par with the other competitors, now it's just adding the 'nice to haves', growth and more apps.  Sit down and calm yourself.
  • If a dumbphone can do it its not a 'nice to have' feature, its a 'why the fuck isn't it available on a 2013 phone that retails for £500' feature.
  • No, it's not a "nice to have" it's a basic function that has existed on smartphones for 10 years.
  • Wait... You cannot load custom ring tones into a WP8 phone? I do not actually own a WP8 device. I am an Android user, I just support the WP8 cause. But for real you cannot load custom ringtones? My wife has a 30 dollar flip phone with a sd card and it allows custom MP3 ringtones... If this is true... this is sad...
  • Nope. The default ringtone and wake up alarm tones are the only ones you can change. Pretty sad they can't even add that in a phone sold in 2013.
  • Yes, you can load custom ringtones to it. You just can't use them for texts and calendar alerts.
  • I create customs ringtones all the time with the easy ring app, we just can't create custom SMS tones, which I would desire more then ringtones.
  • I'd be pretty dissappointed if they addressed this before a notification centre or improving the music + videos experience. Such a minor feature for me, personally.
  • I agree with you, music and video experience is downright awful. For me anyway. I don't have podcasts on my phone simply because the experience is absolutely terrible. I don't mean they should devote all their time to this one feature, but they are missing so many basic ones that they should have released an update to include them a very long time ago. It's way past time to have implemented them. If they don't have the 5 or so basics that I want, I guess I'll go somewhere else because if they can't do that, I have little faith they are trying elsewhere. So far I've seen nothing but two year old games as their big releases so I'm optimistic things can change quickly, but very cautious that they will. So far Nokia is the one doing all the updating. They are iterating super quickly and Microsoft has done absolutely nothing worth talking about yet. Not a good sign. 
  • Nokia has an app for that.
  • Joe Belfiore doesn't work for Nokia, so it doesn't matter what they have.
  • custom sms tones is my biggest gripe and a huge oversight
  • Dnt act like wp8 is perfect !
    no custom sms tone(i'll adjust prb but still basic)
    no filemanager(wish it had ..its ok if they dnt want to add)
    no separate volume cntrl (WTF??)
    no fully functional fb app
    nibuzz doesnot have call feature
    missing t9 text input(need this atleast using some app proper app avlb tat merges with system)
    no fm radio,notification centre(waitin for GDR2)
    for sending videos via bluetooth ,it should in the pictures folder again WTF?
  • I know what u mean..
  • You think Joe sits at his desk coding up new apps? He didn't give you Temple Run, Imangi Studios did.
  • Exactly... some people just don't get how business works.
  • Yeah, Joe Belfiore being the main one. Customers expect basic features and haven't been given them. Basic business 101.
  • Joe Belfiore is the Developer Evangelist for the company. He's not the product director or the development team. His job is to get all of the 2nd and 3rd party developers on board developing apps for the platform, not adding your features.
  • Then he isn't doing a very good job when his big releases are two year old games.
  • I know what he doesn't do behind his desk, and that's push the platform forward and get us customers things that should have been there from day one. We haven't gotten a single update that's added any new basic features they lack since it came out. We should have gotten these things months ago, and Joe has only talked about getting two year old IP on the platform since it was released to the public. How long is it going to take, and how many people are going to buy phones that are missing basic features before they leave? I left iOS after 5 years to try something new, and while I really like WP8 a lot for various reason, the little fit and finish things like custom email tones is really annoying me. 6 months is more than enough time to push out updates to add the basics back in, and if they aren't by the time my interact is out I'm leaving because there's no excuse for that. We've gotten exactly zero updates that have provided anything of serious value, and Joe tweets about getting old IP as if its something special?
  • By "custom email tones," I assume you refer to individualized (one tone for Gmail, one for outlook, etc.), because I have been able to add all sorts of different tones to my phone from day one. I was able to do that on wp7 and wp8. In any case, I feel that custom tones is a really small, nit-picky thing. If I receive an email notification tone, my lock screen shows me which account has the email (my Gmail, outlook, and hotmail all have different icons). I don't need an individual sound when I see well enough which account has new emails to check. You know which phone I had the hardest time adding tones to? The iPhone 5. I didn't like the fact that I needed to have the darn thing strapped to my laptop in order to add the tones through iTunes.
  • No, you can't change any alert tone in Windows Phone 8. You can add all the tones you want to the phone, you just can't use them on anything. You cannot change the email tone on any account on WP8, you can't change the SMS tone at all. The only sound you can change that the phone makes is the default ringtone. You obviously dont own a WP8 device because this isn't possible.
    If you had a hard time adding tones to the iPhone, you can't use a computer. You can make a tone right inside iTunes with any audio file you can find. It's literally like three clicks to do so. I can't add tones to my Lumia 920 without a laptop either, so that isn't a knock against the iPhone in any way. I don't like iTunes at all, but saying that's a ding against the iPhone is disengenuous when WP8 requires you to be plugged into a computer to accomplish the exact same thing.
    If it's nitpicky to you then that's fine, but it can't be done and that's a serious oversight even if you don't think it is. It's a very big complaint with WP8.
  • I'm a level II support tech; I assure you, I CAN use a computer, and that wasn't my point anyway. I was able to add tones to my phone without a PC (there are apps if you know where to look), but not with iPhone. That was my nitpick with it. If you think that's disingenuous, then that's your opinion, but I didn't like it. Relatively easy to do, but annoying.
    I did own a WP8 device, but admittedly not for long.
    My mistake, I saw options for choosing the tones, but never having felt the need to edit them, I didn't look at the list. Plenty of custom ringtones, yes, but only the alert tones can be chosen for the text, email, and vm. Sorry for contradicting you earlier.
    I guess it was just never important to me to be able to edit that.
  • You can get ringtones directly on the iPhone anyway through the App store, so that point is invalid anyway. Oh, and those sames tones you can get directly on an iPhone can be used everywhere a custom made one can so that dislike of the way the iPhone works is completely irrlevant and incorrect right off the bat. But saying that it's worse because you have to click a mouse a few times versus searching for apps "if you know where to look" is a strike against the iPhone is pretty much picking and choosing how you want to see a circumstance.
    Literally nothing on WP8 can be changed but the default ringtone, and the alarm alerts. WP8 is sorely lacking here, and you've gotten the iPhone all wrong with adding content to it. You don't have to hook it up for anything other than music you already own, and you can sync over wifi without pulling it out of your pocket. Something Windows Phone 8 can't do. So it's even further behind than iOS (obviously). I seriously doubt you've ever even owned an iPhone because it's been a very long time since you've been required to plug an iPhone into a computer to do anything other than factory restore one. Everything can be done over wifi, and has since the iPhone 4 if I remember right.
  • Onerun, I am done talking with you. There is nothing fruitful about this conversation whatsoever, and it has devolved into not a conversation of the merits of either OS, but your burning need to be right about a relatively irrelevant feature. I wish you the best in your ventures, but do not feel the need to talk to you further.
  • If he's excited enough to tweet that were getting a "huge" app and it turns out to be Te,ple Run, I'm more than happy to hold him accountable for it. People are asking for basic features and instead of addressing their concerns he takes time out of his day to announce the "huge" app we are getting is a two year old game. Not even the new one! He took it upon himself to be the face of Windows Phone on twitter and be the spokesperson for the platform, not telling us when they'll reach basic feature parity in the market and instead hype a two year old game is more than enough reason to lay blame on him. I don't want games, I want basic functions.
  • Lmao. Okay man whatever helps you feel better.
  • Onerun is right. I am now reconsidering switching. Temple run, instacrap, fatbook are all crap I could care less about but basic functions like assigning various sounds depending on the notification is a basic function that android had since day one, and is an exceptionally import function to me. it is how I tell if I need to get my phone out of my pocket, unlike others I do not live with the thing in my hand 24/7. I drag my phone out for work emails, phone calls, and text messages. By sound I can tell which is which so I am not dragging it out to see that I have been invited to farmville again by some cow I went to high school with or someone wants to challenge me in a game of words with not really my friends, or my oldest friend asking me to allow him to add my birthday which is literally 9 days before his to his calendar but all I have to do is download some POS fatbook app.
    /what now seem like a bitter rant against facebook....
    Fatbook = facebook where all the people you went to highschool with add you and you notice that all can seriously displace some water in a swimming pool.
  • When you're the head of a division, the buck stops with you. It's his department, he's accountable for whatever happens there. No matter how big or small. It's been that way for many, many years. Doesn't make me feel better, though.
  • If you guys have noticed he stressed on the you by making it "YOU". For all we know it might be a YouTube app. The likely hood of this happening is quite low, but its still a possibility. That's if google has some sudden love for Microsoft.
  • Good thinking! I still hope it's Instagram. :(
  • Btw, where did he mentioned that its for windows phone community? I guess 'YOU' means, all his fans.
    Anyway, Happy birthday wishes for him.
  • Nah... Joe is putting out a picture of the flowers he got... ;)
  • Pitfall or Pong
  • +1 on pong
  • Him feature in the daily Bing image!
    At least I won't be disappointed...
  • Does anyone even know what "huge app" he was hinting at about a month or so ago that was said to be announced in a few days, then delayed, then never announced?
    I don't feel the excitement regarding all of these "announcements" that everyone else does, I think maybe because I don't really consider the WP to be lacking.
  • Temple Run
  • Ya it was tample run
  • Some kind of app for free or an exclusive deal, nothing Groundbreaking for sure.
  • Blue Stacks
  • Early access to OS updates for enthusiasts. •promised like a year ago...
  • HA!
  • for the love of god let it be snapchat for WP8... I would much prefer that to instagram. Even though there has been no word on snaptchat for WP... A guy can dream right?
  • There has been a word snapchat on twitter said they were "meeting with the windows guys" back in February so it might be it
  • I'm thinking Instagram. It's rumored to come out next month anyway.
  • Oh, thats true! I've forgot about that rumor.
  • The user Instagram is taken for the developer usernames so it could be instagram using it, but then again anyone could use the username Instagram.
  • I'm hoping GDR3 release including support for 1080p resolution screen before big nokia announcement on the 14th of may!
  • Official Notification Center! (a dude can dream no?)
  • Yes that would be nice!
  • I hope its a slice of cake.
  • Exactly what I was thinking.
  • The cake is a lie
  • Nice !
  • I hope it will be GDR2 update.
  • At this point I think it HAS to be instagram. - "the next few days" hmm.. How long could that mean?
  • At LEAST a month. Lol
  • Whatever it is, I'm sure us 7.x'ers will be very disappointed.
  • Yeah, I'm still pissed every new Xbox game doesn't release on the original Xbox..
  • Apples and oranges. Try again.
  • Exactly the same thing, just get over it.
  • Indeed.
  • Facebook home I think
  • I wonder which version of Temple Run he'll announce this time. I have to say I don't have high expectations from much that dude says anymore.
  • Lol! I agree a bit with you! You expect something big, and then once it drops, you may end up with your heart dropping. I want the whole temple run franchise soon.
  • Free Catwalks for all!
  • I love jow he's so nice
  • Something for your avatar.
  • I hope it is a new top notch  Nokia Phone for Verizon and a marketing team for the retailers to teach them about the Windows Phone, most of the retailers don't know or don't want to know for one reason or the other.  They are great phones, just get a new one out there.
  • The Nokia Lumia 920(something) is always easy coming to Verizon. That's top of the line right there!
  • Just give IE10 on WP8 flash and I'll be happy forever.
  • +1
  • I'm not really missing Flash on IE10. Videos seem to play just fine, and it's rare that one doesn't play at all.. I really believe in HTML5!
  • I have respect for Joe for real, he messaged me after telling him about my phone and told me that he would send me a new for my old one..
  • Talk to any warranty department and they will tell you the same thing...
  • Actually they won't if you are our of your warranty smarty pants!
  • He he he!
  • Nuclear bomb on android camp )))))
  • From the court decisions, Android is being 'B' slapped. It was hilarious that the judge basically told Moto 'your FRAND IP is not as valuable as you think'.
  • Jetpack Joyride..for free :D
  • I hope it for the reason they made smartglass...MAKE IT WORK FOR THE WP not just the tablets and PCs....i got HBO for the sole reason lol
  • SiriusXM app!!
  • Ooohhh, good one. Would love to see that happen.
  • Everyone needs to pitch in and email SiriusXM and ask where the winodws phone app is..
  • I hope it's not another game, please. We already have tons of games.
  • ?
  • I don't think we need more games, that's all I'm saying. I'd rather have a better Facebook app or something. The temple run announcement kind of let me down last time.
  • What happened to the notification center???
  • Official Facebook app, hopefully! i bet it'll be something shit though
  • at least temple run for 7.8, no love for us?
  • A little something I put together for all the funage!
  • Please please pleas Watch ESPN or MLB.
  • I would love to have at bat 13 for WP 8!
  • +1 to that!
  • NOT Instagram! How about GDR 2??????
  • GDR2 released ahead of schedule?
  • Instagram is next month, this could be anything
  • Knock knock Sam.
  • It's an app that puts Joe's hair on your self pic...
  • LOL! Right!... So basically it gives you an old Justin Beiber doo?
  • Belfiore's surprises are always underwhelming. This time I don't care.
  • It's a brand new WP8 exclusive Angry Birds game! Wooo hoooo
  • Maybe updated whatsapp :)))
  • I like Joe, he seems like a very personable guy, and I liked that he brought his kids up on stage for the unveil; he seems like a really decent guy. But I also get the impression that he doesn't have a sense of urgency with the Windows Phone market in general (hardware or software) and really wish he was much more aggressive in ensuring Windows Phone gained traction, or replaced by someone who was. Just my humble 0.02 Microsoft Points.
  • I believe it's a better featured search button! Would make me feel more at home coming from webOS...
  • Might be he's leaving for Apple....?
  • Cash money?
  • A free Bill Gates Windows 9 Condom, metro enhancified?
  • Something that he has to take back because he spoke to soon?
  • Keek!
  • This guy does this a lot. I am not expecting anything earth shattering.
  • I would like a notification center and a more stable OS that does not reboot at random interval's.
  • I dont see the need for a notification center, I see a need for shortcuts to enable/disable hardware tho....
    If you want a notification center to see new emails and texts, your using your phone wrong, that is what live tiles are for.
  • Sorry i meant for the live tiles a better notification for them. I have had android and ios i prefer windows OS to those. But i would love to have the random reboots sorted.
  • I don't have reboot problems, phone just hangs. Alarms don't work, missed my plane because my phone crashed and alarm failed!
  • Here is what happens when Joe does this.  He gets everyone excited for their [INSERT APP HERE] app. Then one of two things happen..
    1.  App is delayed/takes a while -> some complain
    2.  App is released -> Some dissapointed it wasn't their app. (some happy)
    So in either case, people are discontent.  It would make more sense not to give nebulous app announcements because then when the app is released noone expects it and everyone waiting for it is happy and noone is let down with dissapointment.
    If Joe really wants to hang a carrot out on a stick to give us something to look forward to, he should at least tell us what is the carrot. 
    Now he has us playing a version of the game, "Lets Make a Deal" and we don't know whats behind door #3. No Whammies... No Whammies.. Stop!   (Sorry had to mix two old gameshows there:)
  • Pic Stich! WTFIT? and no trial version? Yawn
  • Cool. Another new app the L820 can't install because there's no more storage.
  • Anyone for real racing 3?
  • Not a damn thing. He needs to shut up with the giving us something nice...WTF Ever!!!
  • hope its GDR2 + addressing all other outstanding basic features
  • Me too hoping fr this
  • We should get an Android emulator for Nokia devices! (breaks Googles TOS, so said manufacturer can't sell any android phones)
  • New fart app
  • Please -- enough with the games, instagram, etc.!  What I'd like would be good old-fashioned productivity boosters: a file manager, automated sound profiles, improved calendar, notification center, call whitelist/blacklist, etc.
  • Windows Enthusiast Program??? Anyone know what happened to this????
  • Definitely a new Fart Noise soundboard
  • How about a Bluetooth share app for HTC and Samsung phones (7.8)
  • Can't wait to see what it is
  • pic stitch just got added 35th most popular app on iOS, i dont think thats what hes teasing us about.
  • It is pic stitch
  • He could just be saying this is a popular app there could be more later this week
  • Hopefully it's something useful like a truce with googleand get proper google calendar integration.
  • Keep dreaming..Google declared war months ago.
  • I'll take some chocolate...
  • I think it will be (If it is a anything) the new cut the rope: time travel. It just dropped for iOS and android. Timing fits. I'd much rather draw something 2 though. That also has just released on iOS. My gut feeling is its either of the two.
  • I would like to see the Windows Enthusiast Program and let the public test GDR2 but, I know what "gift" he is going to give us.....
    Windows Phone 9 will be released in fall and you need a new device WP8 devices will not handle it :( 
    Right before the Verizon Lumia 928 comes out, already outdated before released....
  • This is Instagram
  • Offical YouTube app
  • It is sad that  Andoroid platform is getting to a point where you control the device without touching the screen or eyes movement, whereas Windows phone platform users are excited about apps like Instagram and Temple Run. WP not only needs a huge leap  ahead of all these shortcomings, but something innovative that would give users a reason to switch or even try. At this point, even if MS throws in Notifications, its going to be "too late to the party" material.
    Love WP, but hate this situation.
  • That's what happens when you have an open platform
  • Fb home??
  • Facebook Home is basically a knock off version of the excellent People/Social integration already found in WP
  • ok what apps would we need to shut everyone up?
  • I'll take a Cpt. Morgan Spiced and Coke please Mr. Belfiore :-D
    Now! Damn It!
  • I find it stupid how so many people hate Joe Belfiore now just because he got them excited over 1 not so great app. It was one time and maybe he just made it sound really exciting because he thought it was really cool and everyone thought oh this is something people want. When he tweeted about temple run that sounded more like I'm excited for this new thing coming to windows phone not this is something you've been wanting on WP and people got excited then were let down and cant get over it.
  • Well my wish is simple! The ability to change txt message tones to something other than the standard crap!
  • Would love this. Can't believe we still can't edit message tones...
  • I would settle for an OS update. People hub enabled to like individual pictures. Facebook app to share posts, creation of albums and upload of multiple pictures in Facebook. Zoom on month calendar view. Skype chat integration to message hub. Podcast support outside USA.
  • Maybe its GDR2 or even perhaps "blue"???
  • How could Blue come before GDR2?? The order is: GDR1 (Portico), GDR2, then Windows Phone Blue. GDR2 is due out in the summer.
  • Yeah my bad lol I was pissed last nite:P
  • Hey Joe, just finish distributing 1308 to everyone and resolve the windows phone store issues.
  • Agreed... or step it up with 1314.
  • Instafram it is
  • I doubt that it is Instagram... Microsoft and Nokia know all too well how much this is sought after on the OS that there would be a ton more Hubbub about it coming in a few days.
  • I like Joe
  • I just came off android, windows phone 8 is so much better, but I do miss having a notification centre so maybe that would be nice or swiftkey or a better whatsapp
  • Just more apps, nothing too exciting.
  • He's ordering us a large pizza to split.
  • Thinking its definitely instagram this time, picstitch goes hand in hand wth instagram. So we enjoy it, learn how to use it over the weekend and BOOM on Monday or Tuesday all our hard work in picstitch pays off by being able to post to instagram.
  • A fix for sd card storage maybe??? Not flipping likely. :-/
  • Spoiler alert! I've Heard it is the new game Balance from Sparw Creations! Either that or it's instagram, but im not sure :)
  • A fix for battery drain issues lol
  • Zune.
  • He'll pick a few people who've sent him birthday wishes and give them a Windows Phone phone! (I love saying that! :D I feel like I'm rebelling against the English language!)
  • Announce that heroin isn't as bad as everyone thinks. L920