Not only has the London Tube app altered its brand name to London Travel (this comes with the recent update), Irtiqa have brought the much sought-after feature from user reviews - Journey planning.

We previously reviewed London Tube prior to the update and found that the features and design both complimented the effort and creativity that were present in the appeal, along with the cheap price tag. Although the majority of reviews on the Marketplace were requests for an ability to plan a journey through the boroughs of London, the presence of a live Oyster Card balance was warmly welcomed.

With the newly added journey planner, there isn’t a restriction to only tube journeys. You have the option to filter plans by; National Rail, DLR, tram, bus, coach and river boat. If that wasn’t enough, you can use your location to find nearby stations and services.

There is only one drawback from this update (for those who work in London) - the excuse for being late due to commute problems is becoming less acceptable, which is a slight pain.