Foscam Pro lets you keep an eye on your property from your Windows Phone

If you've taken the dive and picked up a Foscam IP camera or two, you've probably been looking for a convenient way to monitor those feeds from your phone. Well, you're in for a treat, as Foscam recently released an official app for Windows Phone. With Foscam Pro, you can quickly pop in to check on your IP cameras from anywhere.

Here's what Foscam has to say about the app:

Foscam Pro is the official app from Foscam US. Foscam Pro allows you to take control of your Foscam IP cameras directly from your phone! Protect your business or home, keep an eye on your elderly parents, or check-in on your newborn baby anytime, anywhere.

It looks like the app isn't without hiccups however. Foscam is aware of the following issues:

  • Getting MJPEG streams from some HD cameras can be slow, this is a known hardware issue.
  • Audio streaming is not implemented in this release.

Feel free to hit up the store link below to start streaming those Foscam IP cameras straight to your phone.

Download Foscam Pro for Windows Phone

QR: Foscam Pro

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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