Foscam Pro lets you keep an eye on your property from your Windows Phone

If you've taken the dive and picked up a Foscam IP camera or two, you've probably been looking for a convenient way to monitor those feeds from your phone. Well, you're in for a treat, as Foscam recently released an official app for Windows Phone. With Foscam Pro, you can quickly pop in to check on your IP cameras from anywhere.

Here's what Foscam has to say about the app:

Foscam Pro is the official app from Foscam US. Foscam Pro allows you to take control of your Foscam IP cameras directly from your phone! Protect your business or home, keep an eye on your elderly parents, or check-in on your newborn baby anytime, anywhere.

It looks like the app isn't without hiccups however. Foscam is aware of the following issues:

  • Getting MJPEG streams from some HD cameras can be slow, this is a known hardware issue.
  • Audio streaming is not implemented in this release.

Feel free to hit up the store link below to start streaming those Foscam IP cameras straight to your phone.

Download Foscam Pro for Windows Phone

QR: Foscam Pro

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  • So much love for WP this days
  • Using WP its a great experience, I hope developers realized that.
  • FINALLY. I have two of these bad boys and been wanting to use my WP with them.
  • So does it work?
  • Look into getting Blue Iris set up on a computer and using a companion app. It works wonders, I have 4 Foscam IP cameras and they all tie together with it.
  • Try the below app, I have been using it for a couple of years. Check out "IP CAM Controller" for Windows Phone
  • As stated before ip cam controller works weith foscam and has audio streaming. just no mic . 
  • Foscam cams also work Insteon hub and their WP app
  • I also have Insteon hub and I'm looking for a Foscam cam because they are better available in Europe then Insteon cams. Which Foscam do you have? Or do all Foscam cams work with Insteon hub?
  • camerakaze ( has been working just fine with my foscam for over a year! i've tried others, but I've preferred this one. let's see how this official app is.
  • Setting up right meow!
  • Yeah, right woof!
  • It's not the greatest of apps, ip cam controller is way better and probably the best, and ip cam monitor on the tablet and pc. I've tried them all
  • Yes. Just tried it. Looks like it had potential but used low res video and lost comms after a few pans. Others are already better which is a bit sad. Was hopeful it would be a great tool.
  • Another app, that is worse than on IOS and Android. Better than nothing, hopefully Windows 10 will be a free upgrade, loads of people upgrade and the windows store will gain 500 million new customers. Maybe that will get developers putting stuff in the store. I think that is Microsoft's only chance of getting apps for their consumer platforms.
  • Pikachu needs a thunderstone to evolve!
  • This is still a good addition, and it works on my 2 FOSCAM cameras.
  • I'm currently using Insteon but Foscam is a welcome addition.
  • So, do Foscams make good baby cams? I will need one eventually and some of the other specific baby cam systems have bad reviews on distance and quality
  • Dropcam HD is the best out there right now, well, except you can't move them. But audio mic/speaker is awesome and the image is great. Only issue is no official WP app, though there are some decent third party ones (just no audio).
  • Thanks! I may have to check into that...the no WP app may be alright, I have an older Android phone that I could use as a dedicated device to stream the wife has an iPad, so may be convenient for her even to just pull it up on there.
  • @Daniel Rubino:
    "[...], except you can't move them."
    But you can drop them...
  • Awesome! I've been waiting for this.
  • IP CAM controller is an awesome app, way better than any others. Has streaming audio, no mic.
  • This is my go to app.  He is updating it and keeps it working.  I am trying the Foscam app but so far it isn't close to IP CAM Controller.   I will say there are far more apps for WP now than there was back when I first started trying to view my Sharx camera over the Internet.  I just bought a Foscam for a lot less than my Sharx was at the time and the Foscam has better color and clarity and PTZ, something my Sharx doesn't have.