Keep your browsing data safe with doogiePIM, now just $19

Browsing the web isn't getting any safer, and there are plenty of parties looking to get their hands on your sensitive data. You can trust browsers to keep your information safe while stored in the cloud, but there are other options open to you.

Encrypt your data and take advantage of powerful organizational tools at the same time.

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doogiePIM is essentially a web browser that you can carry around with you on a USB drive to use on any Windows PC with a port. It's fully fleshed out with an organizational environment, including contacts, finances, appointments, tasks, events, journals, bookmarks, messages, and passwords to help you keep on top of everything. If that's not all, doogiePIM lets you choose where to save all of this data in a heavily-encrypted file.

Purchasing this software flat-out for lifetime usage usually costs about $69, but right now Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal that drops the price down to $19. That's 72 percent off the regular price!

Keep your online data safe with an encrypted local file.

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If you're worried about your important online data getting into the wrong hands, doogiePIM can no doubt help. And at only $19 for lifetime access to the software, the time to get involved is now.

WC Staff