Do kids like Windows Phone? Quick test suggests mixed results

It's already known that both Nokia and Microsoft need to get the word out about Windows Phone. Not only to adults and the teens, but also attracting an even younger audience. We've already seen the power of Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8 and how it offers useful functionality for parents to create a sandbox for kids to enjoy the smartphone experience safely, but what about those who own their own mobile phone?

CNET decided to do a quick test with two younglings to see what they both thought about Windows Phone. To make it slightly more about Windows Phone and not an individual device, both the Lumia 920 from Nokia and HTC 8X were used. Now we're not drawing any conclusions from the results of said test, but it's interesting to read the views and opinions.

Instagram was obviously missed, as would be the case with anyone who's socially connected and enjoys sharing photos. But there's an issue with the Live Tiles that was brought up - namely the small tiles, introduced in Windows Phone 8 (and 7.8). Using the below screenshot as an example, it's said that since small tiles do not have labels, it may prove difficult for some consumers to actually know what the icons represent.

WP Small Tiles

Who's the girl, eh?

There were some positives though, with the Xbox Live connectivity (and massive bonus for kids who enjoy their Xbox) and an interface that simply flows better being the main highlights. There are good points, which is what's needed to push forward into the important demographic groups and capture more of the market.

This is by no means a definitive test and we shouldn't really take much from the results, apart from the points that were brought up. If kids share the same thoughts as the two individuals involved, Microsoft may wish to look into addressing some issues that many of us may have overlooked. Head on over to CNET to read through the full report.

Source: CNET

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