Do kids like Windows Phone? Quick test suggests mixed results

It's already known that both Nokia and Microsoft need to get the word out about Windows Phone. Not only to adults and the teens, but also attracting an even younger audience. We've already seen the power of Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8 and how it offers useful functionality for parents to create a sandbox for kids to enjoy the smartphone experience safely, but what about those who own their own mobile phone?

CNET decided to do a quick test with two younglings to see what they both thought about Windows Phone. To make it slightly more about Windows Phone and not an individual device, both the Lumia 920 from Nokia and HTC 8X were used. Now we're not drawing any conclusions from the results of said test, but it's interesting to read the views and opinions.

Instagram was obviously missed, as would be the case with anyone who's socially connected and enjoys sharing photos. But there's an issue with the Live Tiles that was brought up - namely the small tiles, introduced in Windows Phone 8 (and 7.8). Using the below screenshot as an example, it's said that since small tiles do not have labels, it may prove difficult for some consumers to actually know what the icons represent.

WP Small Tiles

Who's the girl, eh?

There were some positives though, with the Xbox Live connectivity (and massive bonus for kids who enjoy their Xbox) and an interface that simply flows better being the main highlights. There are good points, which is what's needed to push forward into the important demographic groups and capture more of the market.

This is by no means a definitive test and we shouldn't really take much from the results, apart from the points that were brought up. If kids share the same thoughts as the two individuals involved, Microsoft may wish to look into addressing some issues that many of us may have overlooked. Head on over to CNET to read through the full report.

Source: CNET

Rich Edmonds
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  • My nephews have windows phones but they complain about the games that aren't in the store. They like Android better I think. I gave my N900 to my little sister and she really likes it. So I guess it depends...
  • Well that's no surprise. I see Android devices as toys, nothing else. Rooting, pointless customizing, enhancing, boosting speeds is a huge waste of time for me. Why can't a phone be set the way I want out of the box? So kids can play with I guess...
  • I dont think thats the case. If WP had the features requested in uservoice and was a bit more 'flexible' so to speak in a way that allowed my devices and services to talk more directly to one another. I'd prefer it over Android 5 before it comes out.
  • Who's the girl, eh?
    Justin Bieber
  • Whoa, why insult the girl!? You (probably) don't even know her!
  • hahhaa :D
  • this was hilarious :D
  • I've always thought it was silly that the small tiles weren't"live". The live tiles need an overhaul anyway, I don't find them useful at all and only use them for notification counts.
  • Silly?  What's so silly about it?  Why is a larger tile needed to inform me this tile is for a flashlight?  Why is larger tile needed to inform me this tile is for email?  It's your phone.  If you don't reconize the tile you put on your home screen that says a lot about the user not the phone.  If kids want to play games get them a gameboy not a phone.  And just like you the small tiles provides a notifications for me.  Lastly, you DO NOT have to use the small tiles.  Use the midsize or large size tiles if the small ones bother you.  As AT&T would say "It's not complicated". 
  • Depending on the app the small tiles do more than just give counts. Foursquare shows me the image of the  most recent of my friends to check in somewhere, sky motion shows me current weather for the selected locale, and package tracer shows me 3 different package statuses. These are only 3 examples but I do agree that more developers need to support the small tiles better.
  • Live Tiles are awesome in my book.  I scan mine all the time and they give me plenty of info and generally let me know if I need to dig deeper.  If all you use them for is notification counts you should probably switch to iPhone... Oh thats right, on an iPhone they are all small dead icons...
  • Kids will avoid WP if instagram is not available. Im in high school and teens ask me about my phone and i tell them they should check it out, but once i say there is no instagram app they will not care anymore.
  • +1
  • Same goes for me dude!
  • My son has said the same thing. On top of that they prefer the facebook app, want temple run, and because most of them have iPhones they iMessage. Otherwise be would be open to Windows Phone. It's never been about what we fans think, its about the masses and what they expect to have. Plain and simple.
  • I am thrilled to not be using what the masses use. The masses are dumb and boring. As long as MS and the OEMs make enough money to keep improving the platform I am just fine with low market share.
  • Well, I don't think you can have it both ways and still have the quantity and quality of apps a lot of us desire. The only company close to making money is Nokia. Samsung gave up on WP and HTC is bleeding.
  • HTC and all other oems except samsung are bleeding on android too.
  • Same, except 90% I don't have to bring up Instagram because its mostly kids who already upgraded being jealous, or they upgrade in a few months, or they just don't care...
  • Who cares instagramm? It is just a manipulation software which can upload pics to social networks sites...
    There are DOZENS of the same app doing a better job than instagramm...
    If somebody makes this to a KO criteria when buying a smart phone, then he/she has an IQ/self confidence around the frostpoint... ::)
  • I love no titles on the icons. Wish I could them off on the other sized tiles.
  • My daughter loves her Kids Corner, so yeah she loves Windows Phone
  • My 13 year old has kids corner set up on her 8X so she can let her friends play games and not mess with her stuff.
  • I really can't believe people are so in love with Instagram. What a shame...
  • Same could be said for just about anything. I don't understand why its hard to fathom why someone would enjoy something.
  • Not really. Not wanting a phone because it doesn't have Instagram is kind of crazy, but whatever...
  • I dont think people honestly realize there is a world out there besides the bubble they live in.
    Edit: Now I know for sure... See below....
  • "I dont think"
    I agree.
  • What are you like 2? You're a drone. Go away.
  • Oh, ya got me. I guess I'll leave now since you asked so politely.
  • I still don't know what instagram is! And frankly, cant be arsed to find out.
  • I couldn't understand the appeal of Instagram either until I read that Instagram isn't really about creating pictures but is a social networking app used by kids that, unlike Facebook, their parents don't monitor. I do understand that one app can make all the difference. If Windows Phone didn't have Netflix I wouldn't have bought a Windows Phone.
  • I'm sure android is cooler in the teen world.
  • Windows Phone is actually cooler here :-)
  • Funny really, especially when they don't know about half of their android phone's functions and capabilities.
  • Depends. The kids in my Country are mostly Apple-Lovers.
  • My sister has android and when I bought my windows phone she liked the live tiles, but than she asked me about the apps and I told her we don't have instagram then she was like "how about temple run?" and I was like nope.. She said she won't change her android phone for anything.
  • That attachment to applications sounds very unhealthy. Though I am addicted to wpcentral. Lmao :P
  • Thats true lol.. Even though I think having instagram on WP8 will be good so those people that care about apps will jump on board.
  • @chucky I think MS should use loads of money and get that Instagram and Temple Run out already. People love these apps and there is escaping that.
  • Oh, and the Xbox thing is great if you don't have a family account and pay the additional Xbox live fee for a separate account (I believe its going that way anyway) otherwise forget trying to sort out the Xbox live\music\etc debacle. Family account = pain in the ass.
  • dont fret - they are killing the family account as an option.  you can be grandfathered in if you want.  
  • No more fret here, just going to make the kids get their own accounts and pay for them. If they have to start from square one so be it.
  • I also love no lettering on icons.
  • How would you not know what the small tiles are if you're the one that shrunk them in the first place? Hmmm.
  • Not everyone has the same memory as us. Oh and you can tell because they came from iOS ;)
  • I hope MS doesn't choose to give up on some stuff which makes WP/W8 charismatic.
  • The kids in my congregation like my phone... But what do they know ;)
  • My household is a tad late on tech. I get the newer stuff. When I got my original Galaxy S back in 2011, everyone was still on feature phones. Over time, they eventually went full-blown Android (but entry models with 2.3.7). Likewise, I got Windows 8 on Day 1 because of the Xbox connectivity, but everyone hated the singularity of the mobile-like desktop. Recently, they got a Win8 touchscreen laptop and they all love it for FreshPaint and really nothing else. I taught my mother-in-law some of the features Win8 had to offer: beginning to ween off of the Win7-based desktop now. :D
    It might not be related to kids (or WP, for that matter), but I know that eventually they will learn to adapt. As for me, it was a cinch, after fooling around with the WP8 SDK emulation. xD
  • Hmmm...3 of my kids have Windows phone 7.5 or 7.8 and couldn't be happier.   When other kids see them in school with them I think they are really cool and they ask a lot of questions about the phones.  Also kids really don't care about "apps" unless they deal with instant messaging which Windows Phone does great.
  • And I think it's Instagram will come to WP, sooner than later. It's inevitable, and it's a good thing actually, to let the momentum / anticipation grow a little bit more.
  • U believe Instagram will come to WP as well. Just a matter of time....anyhow love my 920 and already awaiting next generation of lumias....
  • Do kids like Windows Phone? Microsoft thinks so.
  • My daughter, 5, prefers my WP over her mothers iPhone. I asked her recently if I should get the phone her mother has or a newer phone like the one I have. She said "umm, get the newer one of the one you have. Mommy's phone is good, but yours is better." I hear that a lot from her when she wants my phone, but I'm using it and tell her to use her mother's. "Awwwww, but I like your phone better!!!!" She is only 5 but feelin' the "Metro".
  • My 5 year old daughter is the same and I bought her a Nabi 2 which just isn't good enough.
  • I dont know how people arent liking wp?? It is far better than android n iphone and easy as well... I know ppl wont like it in once cz they expect OS to be like andro n ios.. But when they will start using it, they won't leave it :)
  • My 5 year old knew the ins and outs of my HTC Arrive when she was 4. I got her a Nabi 2 and she still begs to use my phone for games.....and to change the color of my theme....and download more games and apps. It's ok though I just play Subway Surfer in her Nabi.
  • I'm kinda a hipster in my school with windows phone, I'm 13 years old 7th grade and when I brought my lumia 710 my friends and upperclassmen wants to see my phone and a few of them want a lumia.
  • Android is good for kids only, they can install 1 million apps and be engaged with them all day long. I accept there are some really good games on Android (free too, perhaps) but most of the apps are pointless. I mean, what's the point of just popping bubbles on your screen??
  • Oh dear, they don't have labels, I'm soo retarded that I need iOS. If you seriously have absolutely no idea what the symbol/icon stands for, just tap it and find out!
  • I have 5 outlook icons all small I know exactly what account without opening. Maybe some people did play memory games as a kid.
  • No instagram, no temple run, no subway surfers, not as customizeable as android. It's pretty hard for kids to like windows phone
  • My kids both have windows phones (and surface). They love the Xbox integration, bit more games would be nice though. They are just glad not to have apple (I have turned them into Apple haters! Whoops!)
  • The small tiles is not an issue as it is subjective. One selling point of windows phone is making it your phone, personalizing it. Seeing how when you pin things, its by default a medium size tile lets you know what it is. Now if you want to personalize it, you can, and its your choice to make it small, this you, yourself will know what that tile is, hence personalization, your Windows Phone. That's what I think of it anyways.
  • Instragram? Isn't that that thing where people take there really bad photos and try to make them less horrible?