We first made mention of Conflicting Gamers when they introduced the Portal 2 Transparent Wallpaper for the Windows Phone. They have now released another lock screen and theme based on the new Xbox 360 game, L.A. Noire.

There are eight wallpapers in the L.A. Noire collection and you can download them all here.  From there all you need to do is unzip the file, email the wallpapers of your choice to yourself, open the email on your Windows Phone and download the image.  From there, just tap to open the image, touch-hold and choose "use as wallpaper".

Along with the transparent lock screen, the L.A. Noire theme also includes live tiles and picture hub backgrounds. You can use the live tiles to customize your Windows Phone just like we saw with the Portal 2 tiles. You can find out more on the tiles and picture hub background here

I have admit the gangster/detective theme does look nice.

Thanks goes out to SeNiLe911 for the tip!