Latest Microsoft advert sees Cortana take on Apple's Siri

Microsoft has released a new video putting Cortana up against the renown virtual assistant from Apple, Siri. The two assistants go head to head in a rather humorous commercial, showing just what Cortana can do to help with day-to-day tasks, offering a more natural experience.

The tech giant opted to use the iPhone 5S and the Lumia 635. The features demonstrated in this advert include reminders for both people and location events, something Siri is currently unable to perform.

What's your favorite part of Cortana?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Lumia 630 against iPhone 5s that must be painful....
  • 635*
  • Wasn't as funny as I hoped. Okay commercial I guess
  • I liked it. Better than their usual ones. I think this is the type of commercial that will help people recognize Windows Phone a little better.
  • Advertising a Beta functionality that is just available in the US. Great job :)
  • Cause its advertised for the US only
  • No such thing in this online world...
  • I have it in México and it works for several stores :P The only issue is actually find out what Cortana is reading when I get messages in Spanish. A lot of people here doesn't have problems reading English so the replies are non-issue for my contacts. When it's finally released for México my problem will the messages I get in English that will be read in Spanish.
  • Found it worked for many stores in the UK too on Prev for Devs. It even differentiated between the supermarket and the pharmacy in the supermarket for remind me notification.
  • Where do they play the commercial❓
  • In YouTube Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Lol!!!.. It was a rhetorical question..
  • Was shown during Today this morning on NBC.
  • Oh really??? Pretty cool..
  • at least we have comercials
  • I would imagine the commercial will air in the US
  • Nope... i´m in Brazil, and here it works just fine, but i have to talk in english with her :-D, i don´t know if everything works, but until now only my english hinders me :-D
  • Siri is in perpetual beta motion for several years now. Cortana has been in beta for only a few months. To be upstaged by a few months newcomer upstart is painful.
  • Apples engineering class is largely around the hardware. Siri shows how Apple run out of steam when it comes to machine learning, backend services and the lack of search. Apple are all bling. Its day is done, they were first in 2007 with a slab, everyone else has caught up. Amazing they still convince people to part with the double the money for what is the same internals as an Android or Windows Phone. Gotta hand it to their marketing team as well. Nice hardware, but I "use" my phone - I don't wave it people to show my status like many Appletards trying to prove so hard they are hip :)
  • iPhones are so ubiquitous nowadays that I doubt many people buy them as a status symbol, and because of that they're not really hip either are they? Don't act like your better than people becuase you use a different phone, it makes you look petty and ignorant.
  • And where was this comment when Apple users were doing it when iPhones weren't ubiquitous?  Just because Windows is the new "up and coming" phone and iPhones are just over-priced "plain Jane" now, doesn't mean you can complain about Windows Phone users doing what iPhone users did for the longest time.  Its called HYPOCRACY!
  • "Don't act like your better than people becuase you use a different phone, it makes you look petty and ignorant." This is relevant to anyone that acts like their better because of the phone they have, be it an iPhone user and Android user or a WP user etc. I'm not complaining, just pointing out how petty it is, and just because some iPhone users did it you want to sink to that level as well? Oh dear. By the way it's 'hypocrisy' not "HYPOCRACY".
  • Im not saying anything about me, or my choice (you have no idea what I do or dont have) but I can observe what people do. And I can tell you that many people think they are some kinda hot shot when they own an iPhone, its very much a status thing among execs at most companies who wont offer an iPhone to employees, but execs get them and feel special. Same with iPads. So get off your high horse mate, I can observe what I like. Youre the ignorant for presuming.
  • Advertising beta software that is more useful than finished and polished software in the two tech companies home country. Great job :}}})
  • They can advertise beta software because it works better than the other two so called polished devices. Imagine when it's complete. It works well enough just like it is. Google Now and Siri both suck. They should have been labled beta. My wife is waiting for t-mobile to get a 6 " phone so she can get rid of her note 2 and get Cortana after using my 925.
  • I think when siri was released it was heavily advertised despite being officially still in beta. It seems the best way to improve a service like a personal assistant is to release it to the general public.
  • But 635 is looking better from front side
  • +635 Yes it really is a nice looking device - better than some of the photos make it look. Just wish it had hardware buttons. Software buttons are crap.
  • I've been playing with a 635 for a week or so, you do get used to software buttons. With Camera on the quick access, I don't even miss the camera button. I pimped it out with white cover and 64meg class 10 SD card. Its decent and extremely cost effective. On some activty its way ahead of my 920 in terms of performance. Not sure why, just is.
  • That's awesome!!!
  • I agree with hardware buttons. At least close to the 925. I got the 635 for my daughter, and I'm constantly pressing where the buttons are on my 925.
  • Painful to whom?
  • Painful to the iPhone 5S owners?   I mean come on, when a lower-end device with Cortana managed to trounce the top-of-the line iPhone 5S' Siri, doesn't that make the latter two look inferior? :P
  • Hardware is important - that's why I have a 1020.
  • True. But if i was a L630 owner, I'd be proud that my phone's Cortana trounced the iPhone 5S' Siri. :P
  • It's Cortana vs. Siri, not 5S vs. 635
  • Agree !!!!
  • I disagree !!! I think it's a good point in favor of WP that Cortana works very well in an entry level phone like the 630/635. On the other hand, we don't know if the perpetual beta Siri can do the same thing since it's only present in high-end iPhones. So one of the very good points of the ad is "Siri in the S5 vs Cortana in the 630/635".
  • They still should have a flagship phone out before making a commercial like this. 
  • Lumia 930 is considered a flagship and it has been out for about a month now, but that's beside the point. The point is that Cortana works exceedingly well in the lowly 630/635 so I can't see why they should wait for a flagship before putting out an ad on Cortana.
  • Remember....... The OS is the same as the 930.... Besides, MS didn't want to kill the iPhone with a 1520❕❕❕❕
  • ha ha true :P  
  • :)
  • Extra extremely pain full for Apple t be beat down by an 135 of costs phone.
  • Yep!!!!
  • ayee 925 ya 1020 compare was better
  • I think they were implying you can do more with less.
  • Thats exactly what I thought!
  • Every god damn time I tell her something she just searches it!only some actins like alarm or reminder works,but map interrogation is CRAP,maybe cuz I live in Jordan and not the US,idk
  • You have the developer version huh? The 635 official cortana is fully featured and patched up from bugs. Plus the official cortana is only available in the US
  • Cortana is not an app its a backend service and everyone has the same whether you have dev preview or 635. It might be cause he lives in jordan though i live in india and map searches with cortana work fine for me.
  • Abhinav the major reason is my region (wow that rhymes :D)but i think the official wp8.1 is way much different from the developer's,major bugs fixed,ya??
  • nope, dev preview is the exact same build number thats on the 635, and as said before, cortana isnt local, her app is essentially just an acess point to the phone do the webapp (real cortana) can interact with your phone
  • Thomas I hope so
  • Works Fine with me, I live in Jordan too. I usually tell her to remind me to buy cigarettes when I get to the airport, and she always does.
    Jordanian tasks hahahaha
    When I'm in Amman and ask for directions to airport, I get routed to QAIA, when I'm in Riyadh it routes me to KKIA. Pretty neat.
  • Lol el-7oorra style :D
  • I live in Israel and it works really well here.
  • Exactly. She only interacts with the places she know..
  • I have my places saved on my Nokia acc. ,she only interacts with Bing maps,which are not very good here,but HERE works like a charm
  • Cortana so far only works in the US. Is coming soon to UK and China.
  • First because she seems faster in response then I impressed how accurate her prediction on world cup. Finally because she seem faster lol
  • You should be banned kid,I bet you're telling tho "joke" to every one you know, how old are you exactly???
  • 7aram 3alek. Leave the guy alone. He did nothing to you....
  • Garaf 3ardna kol Yoom seems faster !!! Eh! ,kol 3am winta b5eer :D
  • Hahahahahhahaha. Hala bil nashama!
  • Nashama el WP :D
  • Hahahahaha
  • Dude, "seems faster" is a ling time running joke on wpc comments
  • I know I was there when it first came out,but its getting old now...
  • Between iPhone 5s and 630, I choose sandwich xD
  • 635 ………
  • It's an Adventure Time reference
  • Here in India, CN needs to promote such great show. Adventure Time is as good as CN's 90's shows but kids won't realise that :/
  • I don't think this ad will make ifans switch,it just make them fan boy more :D
  • That's not the point. Showing MS products out perform Apple ones will help to create desire for MS products generally. It also makes the point that you don't have to spend a fortune to get premium services from MS.
  • True for the ones who still doesn't have an iPhone,but for who has one switch they will not :D
    IPhone users hold my phone and starts touching the start button,and screen,thinking its the lock,they touch every thing ,then the slide the lock right and left,then say"what a crappy phone"stupids :D
  • That's epic! xD +520
  • Lol :D
  • They are just like that! And when Apple copies a feature from Android or WP their excitement shoot through the roof, showing it off as Apple innovation.
  • Lol new phone #can_copy_text! Woooow
  • Stopped reading at outperform...
  • I think it has little impact, but I do like seeing it. You cannot use logic, cost/benefit analysis for iPhone users. These guys are in the same mindset as folks who buy $3,000 purses and $1,000 shoes - it's about the status symbol. Apple can jack up the price to $800 subsidized, and you'd still see a ton of people buying the phone as it is even more premium now.  WP can have features like 20x optical zoom on the camera, Cortana predicting stock price jumps, ordering your pizza, have 4k display, remotely control anything, have 128GB of storage, memory slots and cost $20 but the iPhone user won't switch.  All they know is Apple is where the cool kids are at, and Microsoft is old/sucks because that's what they've been told and it's what they've read by similar mindset bloggers. All MS can do with these ads is to just make them feel a little bad for clinging onto that "lifestyle".
  • I love you
  • Would say a percentage will move, I have seen this happen with my own eyes. Small screen to cost or the 1020 41mp camera has worked and you will see in the comments that some Windows Phone users have come from iPhone.
  • You could not turn fanboys of Apple to Windows Phone with this ad. Fanboys know exactly what they are buying, and how small they get from the huge amount they are paying. Same as they could not turn me to icrap or androidshit, eventhough how MS screw things up. I am a fanboy too. In short, this ad are for those in the middle. Those who are lost, "go with the flow" style, and "i buy, because, my neighbor buy" type of people. Peaceout!
  • Convinced me :)
  • Samsung does this all the time with their Galaxy ads.
  • These ads won't do shit,but getting that phone in a famous movie,ithink that will help
  • Nothing will make ifans switch. Apple marketing has a lot of people on lock.
  • We need Cortana here in Nigeria.
  • AND uk. Were still waiting Microsoft
  • AND Denmark, I have to use Fahrenheit with Cortana, and that is just... Ugh crappy
  • Poor you. Your life needs Cortana!
  • And Romania.
    I hate Fahrenheit. I use Celsius.
    I will receive Cortana in 2016.
    Bing doesn't work good here and courtesans works ok.
    And hey, directions work really good here in cluj, iasi, alba, baia mare, etc.
    I hope will release soon.
  • Bing is okay here but EVERYONE uses google!
  • I mean at interests.
    And Bing isn't translated here.
    Where are you from?
  • UK
  • You are lucky.
    Microsoft translate an small app in romana in 1 month.
    If Cortana takes 7 month to have British accent, in how time will be available in Romania?
    And Bing is launched in 2006 and isn't translated yet. I love English and Romania, but I don't like to keep the phone in English and U.S. just for Cortana.
  • OMG!
  • Just to know: An app is launch first in us, UK, China, Spain, Arabic, +32 countries, and just then in Romania, Japan and Argentina. W are at the end of the list, and here windows phones are 2nd at popularity.
    That's why we have specials programs for IPs, we always migrate and you expelled us from your country, and hey, we are in EU like you. And in Romania are a lot of "romi" who sad they are Romans and you confuse them witch us, thought in India, and when they does something, covered with us.
  • Wow, comes to show that Microsoft don't give a fuck about us. Just MONEY
  • In Romania everything is more expansive witch 200% and people tot buy. We generate more profits then China and here all taxes its big, because FMI doesn't let us in peace. Here isn't about money or profit, it's about discrimination.
    98% of companies from UK and US does it.
    Because it we hacking all US, UK and China's sites.
    P.S.: FMI is international money found from EU.
  • Wait, your country hacks websites?
  • Yes, my country does, and because police don't stop them, it's happened a lot of things.
    Last week, all people from Cluj doesn't have to pay any more taxes, because the server was hacked. My country don't hack international stores.
    And nobody has hacked US sites. We learn that at school.
    Why you think at security companies are a lot of romans?
  • And they think helping Ukraine and stopping war helps?
  • Maybe.
    But one war stop, three war start.
    If isn't in Europe+Asia will be Africa or US + Asia.
    Hahaha... From windows phone, we are now to Ukraine.
    P.S.: Cortana in Romania will be launches at the end of 2016, start off 2017.
  • And.....Back to wp.
  • Join your other national folks. join the work sign in the Netherlands.
  • Cortana in the bri'ish accent! How bloody cool
  • Scottish would be funny!
  • Wait till you hear Cortana speak the Aussie lingo, like the way Crocodile Dundee do and it would be funnier I think.
  • Would be funny
  • You can tell Cortana "convert that to celsius or how's the weather in celsius?
  • Oh you pooooooooooooor thing.
  • For UK you have only 2 days left
  • Really? Lets see what happens.
  • And Sweden...
  • Ti Kotana ba wa si Naija, o lati gbo Yoruba.
  • Made my day. Haha
  • Can't comment till I have seen the actual ad...oh, I did just comment. Oops, sorry guys.
  • All I can say is ohh snap
  • They forgot the part where cortana does a web search for almost every question.
  • She does not!!!
  • Im from SA, never does bing search unless that is what i want. She works perfect. Only prob, sometimes she takes to long to process my request
  • Well, Cortana is not AVAILABLE there yet. You expect it to work perfectly in an unsupported location?
  • LOL!!!
  • No, Cortana doesn't just search for things, even outside the US, I'm in Denmark and it works great! (on my L930)
  • Because it is a beta version for US.
  • seriously? your an idiot. you cant bitch about something not working right when its not supported in your area, especially when you have to cheat and change your phones settings to even unlock it
  • I live in the U.S., on a U.S. Carrier with a Lumia 920 running developers preview... And yes she does do web searches. I have tested all kinds of questions and tasks and her actual response rate is probably actually answering (vocally) 30% of the time. I understand MS is working hard to improve Cortana, but do this: Watch a YouTube video of questions people ask Siri... Then try asking those same questions to Cortana. I believe Cortana will be as good and even better than Siri eventually, but the truth is right now in current state, She's a bit behind.
  • They should rather make Cortana global. Americans don't like Microsoft and Microsoft should move on and offer more in markets they are loved.
  • Come over to Denmark!
  • i think theyre aware of that. nutella has acknowledged that US isnt quite a good market to them... but they should move quick, still too slow to act
  • Who's nutella?
  • Satya Nadella, or however its spelt, he's making a joke disguised in helpful information.
  • You are not pronouncing here dude you are typing I am sure there are equal characters required to type 'nadella' than nutella. I don't get why peoples always do this
  • They should release it worldwide before breaking peoples balls with these stupid comparison video's
  • This must've been the first story about Cortana that didn't refer it as "her". Congrats for the English skills! I just leave it t to the commenters to make themselves look silly with their "her" and "she" -stupidity.
  • Stop being a troll man. I talk about my car as a he and about my boat as a she. So i will reference to cortana as a she if i feel like i want to. I might even reference to you as a it if you post more useless coments like this
  • Yawn. It's not about a lack of language skills. It's about the personification of digital assistant. Geesh, such snobbiness, while not even correct in criticism.
  • I like that word "personification"
  • Look I know this is a WP Blog but Siri > Cortana. I'll check back in a year. It's like comparing Link to Young Link. Donkey Kong to Diddy Kong.
  • Dumbass... CORTANA CAN DO EVERYTHING SIRI CAN, AND MORE!!! do you even have Cortana?!?! Hell, check out the WPcentral comparison's video!!!
  • Ahem, SIRI can work in the UK, there's something Cortana can't do.
  • Neither could Siri a few months into its launch.
  • Well, iPhones are used by 29% of smartphone users in the UK, that means 61% don't care about Siri or the app store..... go figure!
  • Except work outside the U.S. in a variety of languages.
  • LOL..... You are so funny mate..... Please do come back after a year...... We will miss you alot.....:/
  • My guess for the next year ,Microsoft drops support of wp8,a new OS called wp9, but you can't upgrade your Lumia,classic MS :D
  • Lol
  • does 36months of support mean anything to you?
  • Asshole, i guess you never used Cortana, shut the fuck up!
  • He probably can't because it isn't fucking available anywhere.
  • Please to elaborate?
  • it when ignorance is put on such public display.
  • Kind of like a RL videogame AI turned secretary vs a standard personal assistant?
  • Lol, that was hilarious.
  • Where is the uk Cortana?
  • "soon".
  • It best be. Been waiting like crazy!
  • Apple eaten up by siri
  • Nice ad but they should have compared the 5S with the 930 instead of the 635. Also, I think that when a company's comparing its product with a competitor's, the former should always be on the left-hand side.
  • I totally agree :)
  • I think using the 635 was actually a very smart move. Makes the point that a budget phone out performed a premium device. Will score budget friendly consumers.
  • True, but this ad is targeting iPhone users or potential buyers who are looking for a high-end device. They should have compared the 930 with the 5S and the 635 with the 5C, even though there still is a huge price gap between the latter two.
  • The ad is more of a "If a 635 can do this, imagine what a 930 can do" statement.
  • Indeed, but it doesn't show the 930.
  • They can't compare it to the Lumia 930 becouse its an add for the USA market. They dont have an Lumia 930 there, only a Verizon exclusive Lumia Icon (wich is basicly the same phone, just not with Cortana out of the box). Since the Lumia 630 is an global phone and thus more widely available in the USA, comming packed with WP 8.1 and Cortana and Cortana being in BETA stage, only supporting the USA market, officially, at the moment it is the one and only USA available Lumia phone that has any right to be in an Cortana add. It also shows that when your a Windows Phone user, you do get premium services on budget phones, unlike Android and ofcourse iOS (wich is only a high end OS). These adds give Windows Phone the face it needs to have in the USA! There is a good decent alternative for Apple and Google, with cool stuff and for all price ranges. The USA might not be Microsofts best market at the moment, but its home base, the should not and will not ever abandon it. More focus on succesfull Microsoft markets is much needed, but they have to make it in the states! Becouse when a product can make it in America? Then it can make it everywhere!          
  • microsoft must have an app store like apple's one..too early to poke fun.!
  • So do nothing until the store is to your liking? That makes sense. /s
  • 29% of smartphones in the UK are Apple..... that means 61% are not, go figure why 61% don't care about apples app store!
  • "Now that's a smartphone."
  • Cortana tell me about the app store of WP..Sorry I cant do that..;)
  • You can. Just tell her the app and she will open it
  • U didn't get the
  • Unless you're just an unbiased WP supporter, you should just stick to the ifruit websites/forums.
  • siri: stop bitchin at me, cortana. no time fo kids. you need to grow up. come back to me when youre ready
    (*snap snap snap) cortana: ...o-okay. :(
  • They have it US only and compare it to a system available nearly world wide and in different languages. The microsoft services must be fun..... for the minority of the wp users living in the us.
  • Actually, the US has the most WP users of any country. Not that it matters, but you should probably change your argument.
  • You sould look at market share. Of cause they wil catch many users by adding services to the us. But the rest of the world also loving wp (ref: market share) are left behind.
  • No it doesn't, not even close. WP pick up rate in the U.S. is terrible compared to the majority of Europe.
  • He meant 'raw numbers', not marketshare. Because the U.S. population is significantly larger than those of other markets (311 million USA vs. 61 million Italy), 3.5% market share in USA results in more WP users than 15% elsewhere. There was an article about this on WPcentral a few weeks back.
  • They you have no idea how many number of times the population of India is that of USA's.
  • Actually, I know that quite well as I teach demography courses: approximately 4.02 times is your answer. However, total population does not equal smartphone user population. The difference between India and the U.S. is that a much higher percentage of Americans own smartphones than do Indians. Thus, despite the larger population in India, the U.S. is still the larger market for Windows Phones.
  • You are correct, this has been shown in a recent article on WP Central.
  • LOL! It has the most users because alot of WP owners changed their region to US for DP and Cortana. I'm from India and my region is set to US.
  • Very true. Microsoft is aware of this sp they are realeasing cortana to the world. Slowly...
  • That was simply hilarious...
  • That's cool
  • Siri is available in Germany. Cortana is not available.
  • Siri wins everytime in the UK as no Cortana yet.
  • And recent users data shows Apple users in the UK is currently 29% which means 61% of smartphone phone users don't want Siri or the app store.
  • I hope that MS don't try this kind of stupid ad until Cortana is good enough to compete Siri.
  • They did. Also, it looks like it was good enough to be better than what Siri has to offer. You should try Cortana before commenting. All Siri ever does is pull up a web search whenever I ask it a question unless it's about the weather/scores. Siri could not set a reminder based on a person I contact, or a location I'm near, so how could you possibly think it's not good enough? Go back to your App Store arguement instead, because iPhone users need a bajillion apps available so they can do simple things that Windows Phone does out of the box.
  • Yes Cortana is interesting but for US citizen only. On the other site. Siri was adopted officially by T mob in my country and know I can communicate with T mob through Siri. Cortana for my country is something so far away that we can get it may be within 2016 year or late but if yes.
  • Fuck MS, they should stop making this kind of ad unless Cortana is global. What's the point if I can't use it - sent from 1020.
  • The point being that this is an ad for the US?
  • Don't speak logic. ;)
  • Lol
  • These guys should stick to a regionalized WP blog site instead of complaining about only US availability on a US blog site...
  • this aint no US BLOG SITE, ITS NOT WP CENTRAL US there are articles about India every single day ;)
  • Correct. And this post specifically is about the US.
  • Notice how Apple's iPhone 5S is rather a high end phone, while the 635 is not that high end :)
  • I noticed. Now what should I do?
  • Buy a 635. Geez, must you guys be spoon fed everything??!!
  • Wow much notice!very see!so cool
  • Love it
  • At least we are better in a little thing. One step ahead them
  • Fuck you all... I'm hating... I'm in the UK and got dev pre. But I didn't manage to get cortana... :S
  • change your voice, phone and region language to united states. Install the voice language then congratulations, you have successfully installed cortana on your phone.
  • False advertising. They should show it in real time, with all the delay and the "internet and I aren't talking right now" and the "Sorry, I didn't get that?" parts. 
  • Then get better internet and talk like a human. That usually works. 
  • You ridiculous, generalising fuckwit. When are you ever in a place with permanent cellular internet? 
  • Always, because I'm not in USA. LTE all day long. Love U 2 ;)
  • So you never go into a tunnel, or on an aircraft, or in a hangar, or in a basement, or in a building with high amounts of steel in the structure? Up a mountain or out at sea? There are plenty of examples of places where even 4G is dead. And the point was this is as this is a US advert there are planty of places in the US where all these examples plus usual patchy cellular coverage will render what I said a reality. So your logic is as clownlike as you Hugs x
  • Then why are you complaining? If you're in a place with no cellular data connection (and you obvisously know where), you can't use a service that needs cellular data. That speaks for itself. Then you manually have to do stuff on your phone, you know; like in the old days.  Right now you are complaining about a known fact that's perfectly normal. To me it looks like you are pissing against the wind and complaining about getting wet on your feet.  The fact is that you stay in places with either WIFI or cellular connection most of the day, and if you so happen to be in a place with either of that; to bad. If your life depends on Cortana and Internet, stay away from aircrafts, hangars, basements or buildings built like bunkers. It's so obvious it hurst even writing it.  xoxo. 
  • I'm not complaining for my sake. Go back and read the intial comment. It was a tongue in cheek reference to how the advert makes it all look so seamless but there are clearly areas where Cortana never works. I am in the UK - we have no Cortana anyway. I'm not complaining about a known fact I'm saying how this known fact was conveniently forgotten in the advert. Instead of saying "Yeah, you're right" (because you have now graciously agreed that not everyone has a decent cellular internet) you chose to become all inflammatory, get all high and mighty about your permanently-on LTE (which is a blatant bollocks) and generalising about its use and users' voices. Fo' real.
  • I don't understand. You want Microsoft to release a commercial with someone using a Windows Phone in a tunnel and the punchline is that the user doesn't currently have 4G access so he can't use Cortana? That sounds like a pretty crappy commercial. Reminds me of all those Mercedes commercials that just show a car sitting on the side of the road because it's out of gas. Oh wait, those commercials don't exist. My bad.
  • No. I want you to go back and read my first comment and take it as the jibe in which it was intended. Then watch some comedy and get a sense of humour. Jeebus.
  • False advertising. They should show it in real time, with all the delay and the "internet and I aren't talking right now" and the "Sorry, I didn't get that?" parts. They didn't record the commercial in a tunnel; thus they had adequate 4G LTE coverage; thus it wasn't false advertising. Satisified?
  • And they say you people have no sense of irony. Where does that come from.. You have just won the internet.
  • Row row row your boat... LOL.
  • Gently down the stream....
  • ...and siri can answer you in these areas without 4G connection? Tell me more.
  • Facepalm!
  • Are you for real? Both Siri and Cortana sends your voice clip to the cloud to a computer sitting on a rack where it would process the audio, then send commands back to your phone on a 1:1 basis. If you were to have an issue with delay, or no signal it impacts both Cortana and Siri. Blame the carrier signal, dummy.
  • Where in the ad did they mention that it only works in the US? Run the same commercial using two UK phones and see how one sided it looks then..... At least everyone can use SIRI...
  • It's a US ad. Even in UK, Siri won't be able to do the tasks asked. I'm not sure what your point is other than complaining about a feature that everyone...even most Americans...are still waiting for.
  • Sorry, didnt realise my point wasnt clear, I'll lift the relevant text
    At least everyone can use SIRI...
    Not sure how I can make that any clearer?
  • Sorry wrong again!   Here in Sweden Sirs is not working in Swedish! So people in Sweden can not use Siri. Actualy it would be funny if Microsoft did a quick roll-out to smaller countries and come out before local version of Siri...
  • Read my post before telling me I'm wrong. I didnt say SIRI worked in all languages, I said that it was available everywhere. I dont ask that CORTANA works in all languages either, just that it is available. I ask for the disctinction because many people have posted here saying that dont care about the language, just make the service available (India is a perfect example, they would be quite happy to have Cortana in English, rather than not at all) Or are you saying that SIRI is not even able to run in Sweden (in any language)?
  • I dont think so. When I have shown my Apple loving friends how Cortana works (in english) none of them countered with showing how SIRI does things... So I supposed it was not available because its not localized. I will have to check this...
  • Have checked. It works like cortanan today in sweden. You have to speak English. So there the two systems are even. Apple looks to have absolutely no intentions to learn SIRI swedish anytime soon. But Microsoft will expand Cortana to 40 countries by 2015(as stated during Build 2014), which gives me hope that Sweden could be part of that list.   If Cortana learns Swedish before SIRI - then the real fun begins over here :-)  
  • Everyone can use CORTANA too!!!
    Change location settings to US and works like a charm!!! atleast it does in India
  • And then you can't use the store, that's a genius trade off, I'd love to be able to talk to my phone rather than download things.
  • that is a feature I would love to have in CORTANA...
  • That would be pretty cool, just tell Cortana what you want to download and it automatically sets it up, goes to the payment screen if necessary in which case you can approve it with voice also. That'd be awesome.
  • What are you talking about? You can use the store with your region set to US. I'm from India and I'm using the store to download all the time. I've seen maybe only 5 or 6 apps that only require your region to be India.
  • We are talking about paid apps.... We have to pay in dollars if we install Cortana by changing our location to US Also few apps require your location to run... Though for in India its just the game KICK... Too bad for a salman fan... :P:P
  • Wouldn't work for me. Maybe I was doing something wrong though.
  • you can use the store.. genius. I have L630 from UK and I live in Romania, region set to US and everything works perfect.  Dont  be stupid please.
  • Remember, everybody, please don't feed the trolls.
  • Yes you can use the store download the apps.... I live in India.... Own a L630 ... Use Cortana... But if you have to buy any app... U have to pay in us dollars instead of Indian rupee.. That is what I am saying... And I rest my case.
  • Clearly I am going to need to work on making my comments more precise.... It is true that, as long as you register for a developer account, download the preview app and enable it, update your phone, change your region, language and keyboard settings to another country, reboot again, then everyone can use Cortana.... However, Do you need to hack the iPhone as above in order to be able to use SIRI? No.
  • the phone in the advertisement is L635 it comes preinstalled with WP8.1 (as does 630,930 and 530) just click on US the first time u start the phone!! difficult, was it?
  • As long as you don't want to use the store then I guess its easy.
  • Paying in US dollars u mean!! Point taken!! But you can pay in dollars if you want... :P
  • although that is a pain in arse, I agree but you gotaa give something to get some... unless you are in US ofc!! :p
  • You don't need to pay for the internet as long as you don't want to comment here which requires internet.
  • Paying for the apps...
  • Recent % of smartphone users is Apple users in the UK at 61% don't want Siri. The majority votes and Apple gets minority support for there always in beta Siri, go figure!
  • Now only if we didn't have to switch the whole phone to US region to use Cortana, that would be great. I know Apple begun marketing Siri while Siri was in beta as well and US only but they were the first to bring it to the world and yes, they were overhyped at the time. MS is in none of those positions now so they better be careful so their ads don't backfire.
  • Lol, it's so hilarious.
  • In case of "smartness" do you guys really think Lumia 635 beats iPhone 5s? (Just asking, I'm not an Apple fan.)
  • I think so in terms of useability and personal information input. Cortana also seems a bit more human, although all assistants have a way to go before they sound like Her, the movie. I don't have cortana yet though...
  • When is Cortana official release for the UK?
  • On a scale of never to imminent, soon.
  • Well I'm upping that to sooner and predict this week hopefully or next week latest. I would ask Cortana but.....
  • now all you peeps should share this video on your social network streams to help bolster support for WP , we need as much marketing as we can get ,Microsoft Marketing teams sucks bigtime.
  • Now that's a smartphone!!! Lol love this ad
  • Lolzz!! Tht is good !!
  • Cortana have a hard time understanding my voice. Google voice too but it does a better job. Sir I I had don't know because I never use it. But Contana always does a search or ask me again. The only thing that it does well for me is voice to text messages.
  • Google understands me, Siri never used and wp has never understood me. Lets hope Cortana does
  • Cortana always understood me(Indian) Google now never, Siri never used(And I never will) :)
  • Funny as f****. This is pointless, considering most Apple users have Siri and only USA has Cortana.
  • Nope. In Sweden no Apple users have Siri!
  • If you want to use cortana change your location to USA, works like a charm in India :)
  • The one thing Microsoft should actually be proud of!
  • Just LOL it
    Why do complainers by WP phone? Android or apple don't have any issues? Don't think so.
    It's a US COMMERCIAL between a high-end phone and a cheapo, and the cheapo wins. Just love it. Wish they used an android too.
  • Where's the favorite button?
  • What a great advert. Finally a win for MS with marketing. Good job.
  • Cortana is damm good than siri. I used both handsets.
  • The YouTube comment section is like a nuclear meltdown, lol.
  • I love the Cortana vs. Siri ads!
  • Just read that HTC is preparing an M8 with WP OS,that is good news! It should rollout next year.
  • It's a good ad, but Microsoft needs to learn that Apple isn't the right enemy to target. They need to target Google.
  • They are targeting Apple because its a personal war that Elope has from his past with them,Jobs didn't want to hire that asshole.
  • I'm a fan of WP however if you are bragging about having a better mobile assistant when you are last to the plate then you have lost a few marbles. Easy to have a go at a market leader when you have a superior product but are late
  • iPhone 6 launch will severely cripple WP market share.
  • I doo agree with you,I personally have an Iphone 5,a Lumia 820,and now I just got an Imac,as soon as the Iphone 6 gets out,I will abandon Windows completely.
  • Not unless the iPhone 6 is US $99.
  • A UK Cortana will sort out every Europeans' problem.
  • They should but the prices under the phones:   iPhone 5S           Lumia 635 $649                   $129 ($849 - 64GB)     ($144 - 64GB)   That should give people something to think about... :-)
  • This should give YOU something to think about,try comparing the Lumia 930 and not the 630,asshole.
  • Please edit your comment. No offensive language here !
  • Why? Lumia 635 does Cortana as good as Lumia 930. It's all in the cloud. If you want a smart digital assistant, then the 635 may be all you need! And thanks for the polite and nice answer. Your parents must be proud!
  • And then siri goes like - let me open your music app and wp "resuming".....
  • Hahahahahahaha
  • hahahahahaha
  • Hahahahaha
  • Siri:feeling the pain
    Cortana: But i haven't kicked your 'you know what' yet.
  • They need to learn from Samsung. Samsung's ads are funny because of the shameful expressions on the faces of belittle iPhone users. These adds lack people to empathized with and as a result don't have the same emotional impact.
  • Off course they only asked questions that Cortana would knew and siri didn't. They all had it sorted out from the beginning
  • is there anything that siri can but cortana can;t??? :p I doubt that!!
  • Yup somebody write it above that Cortana instead of opening music player opens a buggy player
  • No it doesnt!! ask her to play music and it does!!
    ask her to stop and it pauses!! you can even ask her to play music of an album/genre or a particular artist it does flawlessly!!
    have you even tried cortana??? also it doesn't open a music player leave a buggy one aside!!
  • +620
  • How long until Apple file a law suit?
  • OMG! That's fuckin' hilarious!!!
  • Flagship device with entry level device.very funny Ms.
  • It's Siri vs. the USA...Cortana not available on Lumia devices outside USA
  • Hope that cortana will be available in the philippines
  • I wonder how many apple fans will be convinced to switch considering the fact Microsoft has no new device in the line up and almost everyday we hear something or the other about iPhone 6.
  • Cortana needs consistency, such as understanding "Take me home" ALL the time, regardless of LTE strength or GPS strength.
  • An efficient assistant at this price point is going to sell well. Pity more of the functionality isn't available offline.
  • Favourite part of cortana .......
    mmmmmmmm ..... Don't know
    Did you ???
  • I am a Microsoft fan, but I still think that Siri is more powerful because it has been evolving for 7 years. Cortana has a lot to catch up.
  • Well if you consider that Apple have about 17% if the world smartphone market then 83% of buyers don't want Apple or Siri, so after 7 years that's a great result. Give Apple a cookie.
  • I Love my Brilliant Cortana !
  • They should have used a 530, or it doesn't support Cortana? But then again, Siri is available almost everywhere, the same cannot be said about Cortana
  • It would be so easy... give us an option to turn on the US/UK/Chinese Cortana in every region of the world.
    Maybe American people should learn that in other countries we speak more than one language. Not perfectly, but even Cortana understands us. ;-)
    I'm from Cortana free and Xbox one free Switzerland.
  • Just saw it on tv... I like it :)
  • Just a quick observation but i think it's pretty cool that an article on a feature of a phone can bring together citizens of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, Nigeria, the UK, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, the US and numerous others that didn't list their origin for a (somewhat) civil conversation...   As The House of the Mouse says where I live "It's a Small World After All..."   Techiedude
  • This article should be posted on iMore..
  • Typo: "renown" -> "renowned"
  • I just wants Cortana to interact with apps I've installed for weather, finance, etc instead of Bing apps
  • she can. There should be something that says, what can i say. Tap on that and you will see all the apps that can use cortana features. If you download a new app, you have to start it up before it can show in cortana.
  • Although I know that is not convenient at all... But u gotaa give something to get something!! Unless you are living in US ... :P
  • Wow cant wait to watch this video.
  • Nice commercial!!
  • My favorite part of Cortana would be "Cortana is now available in all regions, get yours now!"
  • The nation difference between Siri and Cortana where I'm based is that people with iPhones can use Siri whereas people with Windows Phone can't use Cortana. Bit of a drawback that.
  • Cortana works very well for me in Bangalore.....way to go MS, BETTER BE FAST AS U ADVERTISE...even in updating!!!
  • That's probably the first good Windows Phone ad Microsoft has ever made. They need to get that on TV now.
  • They did, web TV, which really does them no good as most people don't go to the web to find advertisement, they watch actual TV..... Can someone get in touch with Microsoft marketing team and let them know?
  • What's the point of this commercial when Cortana will also be available in iOS and Android?
  • The point is to show that Microsoft is the best in innovation and its OS and apps can run smooth regardless of hardware.
  • It won't. When you advertise like this. It definitely won't.
  • Have you guys read the asinine comments on the YouTube video by apple fanboys?
  • What's the jist of it?
  • Windows Phone has no apps herp derp derp Without an iPhone, you can't have iTunes and cannot play music derp derp derp Where is the Blue Screen of Death derp herp derp derp iOS is so much easier to use herp derp derp
  • What is the steps necessary to get Cortana to remind you when it's time to leave?
  • You have to give her full access to your notebook and social media. Cortana knows me habits better than anyone
  • An address and time need to be associated to an appointment, event or meeting
  • Stop all of the comparison videos and just highlight the features of the phone. If you're going to, at least make it classy, kind of like the battery saver mode we've been having for three years that Samsung is highlighting in their latest ad as if it's something new when we know it's not. The ,"wall hugger" commercial
  • Grew vid, straight to the point
  • More videos like that of Microsoft i like it
  • WoW, that add us just amazing
    So excited getting Lumia Cyan update on my 1520!!!
  • I love the fact that a $99 phone outperforms a $750 phone in this context.  It drives the Apple fanboys up the wall, shrieking and crying rainbow tears.
  • They use 635 for the last part of ad ,$0 down
  • Great advertisement!! Especially how the video is using the WP model that I now use on a daily basis. Cortana amazed me the other day showing me a map, asking me is this where you work? The map showed exactly where I worked... it was a bit spooky there for a second but smart. She did the same thing about where I live and was accurate. Cortana have been learning fairly quickly about my day to day activities and have been accurate so far. Im starting to see that the new Local Interest is going to be very helpful as well.    
  • I watched the video on here this morning and loved it. Just got done watching on TV and thought it was even better. My biggest gripe with Microsoft is their advertising it's very lacking.
  • They should have used a premium phone instead of the 635 while they were at it. I know it is a Cortana commercial but why not knock out two birds with one stone...
  • I agree, but then they wouldn't have been able to use the $0 down part of the ad.
  • Here we go again. That comparing, that overall I'm better theme.
  • Haha I like it lol, I like that Cortana I growing faster than ever
  • Where the hell is 8.1 update?...has Microsoft forgotten about it :/
  • Yaaay...
  • Pretty entertaining.. They should launch a few more soon.
  • they should show a vid of Siri applyingice to thatburn. . . 
  • I know a lot of people with iPhones and I have never seen any of them use Siri even once.  You'll notice that Apple doesn't use it in any of their advertisements any more because it didn't really catch on.  I'm not sure why Microsoft thinks that investing a lot of time into something that's already proven to be a dud is a winning strategy, but what do I know...
  • Interesting logic. So Apple should have never "invented" the smartphone because windows mobile was a dud.
  • Oh I have seen iPhone users using Siri many times and they give up, it just does not live up to Cortana standards, so they just don't use it. Cortana is so much more usable than Siri, you may not like to hear this but its true.
  • One question for CORTANA... When is WP8.1 coming to us mortals in INDIA... CORTANA : clunk,click.kaput...:P
  • But cortana still won't let me dictate punctuation. Plenty of jokes! Oh man! Jokes! So important! Want to dictate more than one sentence at a time or put a question mark at the end of a sentence that doesn't start with a question word? Not a chance. Even though apple and Google's voice assistance both do it. Since day one of voice command for windows phone, this has driven me nuts. I had hugh hopes it would change when cortana came around but no. Doesn't this bother anyone else? Maybe it's just me. Still gonna mention it until it's fixed though. Sorry about that.
  • Now that is a smartphone. lol... I love these adverts than the WPs. lol x2!!! 
  • Funny video...great advertisement via Microsoft to promote WP. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • So funny!
  • Lol instead of reading a ton of comments repeating "perpetual beta siri", I'm going to ask a serious question. Can siri really not do any of that, or are these just jabs?? I really do want to know.
  • She actually can't
  • It's fun
  • Need more of this!!
  • Soo if i buy a lumia 930 tomorrow in the uk do i get cortana?..tge answer I buy an iPhone? ...the answer is yes to Siri - apple v windows...finished software v incomplete - still waiting for updates...not all features available..same old MS story - in fact the only piece of really recent top software is onedrive - that's it ....i have a 920 like it but i suspect it will be my 1st and last Windows Phone
  • Good luck moving, it's all about personal choices. If you buy an iPhone you get Siri but not Cortana, this is the point. Siri has been in beta for years now and Cortana is already doing things it can't. Microsoft will really push Cortana because this is the future, so your choice. Worldwide Apple have about 17% of the smartphone market so 83% of buyers don't want Siri so welcome to the minority and goodbye.
  • Not going iPhone ...just expressing frustration that MS show us ads only really available in US- and that apple.only release when software is 99.9% done and available globally.
  • The next Siri ad - "We're in every country".
  • my fav part is i cannot use it in poland ;)
  • Hi. How can i do such reminder for a time and place. At the moment i only see the posibility to say: Meet Tina at 4 pm. or Meet Tina in Munich But i can not do: Meet Tina in Munich at 4pm. Greetings Florian