Latest Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity patch forces a 40GB game download

Ubisoft's latest issue with Assassin's Creed Unity showed up Tuesday for Xbox One owners as a mistake in the launch of a new patch forced those gamers to redownload the entire 40GB game.

Ubisoft is aware of this problem, according to a post on the official Assassin's Creed Unity blog, but there's no word on when it will be fixed. It stated:

"This is obviously not the expected behavior, and we apologize that many of you will have to wait longer than expected to complete this download. This issue isn't causing any other problems and once the download is completed players will have the most-up-to-date and fully patched version of Assassin's Creed Unity. We are working with Microsoft on a solution to reduce the total download to the intended size so that you can get back into the game faster, but as of now we have no ETA on when this will be resolved.

If you happen to still have the Xbox One disc version of the game, Ubisoft says that uninstalling Assassin's Creed Unity and then reinstalling it from the disc will allow just the small patch to download. Ubisoft has already offered owners either a free game or a free DLC pack to make up for earlier problems with Assasins's Creed Unity since its launch in November.

Source: Ubisoft

  • Seems heavier
  • +920
  • lol
  • They finally found the missing files on the dev's box who left the team? Did the patch help, if this big a patch wont solve issues, what will, rewrite?
  • Well, in a country like India, 40 GB seems like a data that is highly impossible to download..
  • I am already playing the game and let me tell you..this game is lags so much and co op is so hard to get into...ubi needs to get their stuff together if they want me to buy more games
  • I didn't encounter bugs during my play through on the Xbox One. And to those people who claim there are frame rate drops... How did you measure that? ^^ If the game is super fluid all the time I for one don't know nor care if it has 25, 30, 60 or whatever amount of frames per second.   Well, the 40 GB patch after having downloaded about 50 GB already (digital game and the 2 GB patch before) is a bit annoying however. Especially when one didn't have any issues to begin with.
  • I saw it happen while I was watching Conan O'Brian play it in clueless gamer. I don't need a counter to see a massive change in FPS.
  • Live in Russia. 100 megabits per second and I pay only $10-15. And yes, it unlimited data.
  • Today.
    Tomorrow it'll be 25$, and by early next week around 40$.
  • Live in Brazil. I pay about the same amount of money for 4mbps. Currently unlimited, but there are rumors saying it is about to change.
  • In Russia the internet downloads you.
  • Cant believe people still buy this game.
  • this game makes fun and a lot better than III and Black Flag. No wonder people buy it.
  • I'm hurt. Where is the "what do you think about..." question in the end of the article?
    You don't care what I think? Fine. Let it be that way. I'll remember that. ;)
  • Love the question caboose
  • I think the criticism finally got to them
  • How do you feel about that?
  • No issue for me, my xbox set to automatically download. So did it overnight on my unlimited connection. But can see its an issue for some people. Its supposed to be the patch to fix all bugs, wouldn't have been right to not have a bug I suppose
  • Mine's set to auto download as well, but it didn't do it -_- I'm updating it now
  • 40GB?! Why the hell so much, can you just download it to OneDrive and play it off there...and is that feature even available on XboxOne?
  • Read the article! Its downloading the full game with the patch included.
  • I hope they fix pc version too.
  • The patch itself is 'only' 6.7GB - it apparently downloads correctly for PC and PS4... an 'issue' arose with the XBOX One patch that is forcing the entire game to be downloaded again. Mine downloaded overnight and I have an unlimited connection. Stinks for people that don't though :(
  • But the weird thing is that when I tried to launch the game yesterday on my Xbox One I was told about a 6.7 GB patch. I didn't want to install it however so I tried again today and they changed it to the 40 GB size patch. :(
  • SOOO since i have my xbox on auto update it's probably downloading this again.  I hope Ubisoft is going to pay for my data cap overages. :D
  • It needs it.
  • Wow. I can't wrap my head around some of these huge updates. Its not as if these "next Gen" games are that much longer or better looking so what does this double digit GB of data consist of? Think about it. 360 games were limited to DVD discs which are vastly smaller than some of these Xbox One games. Yet some of these games aren't that much improved graphically or much lengthier than 360 games.
  • The update itself is only 6.7 GB - an issue is causing the XBOX One versions to download the entire game (including the patch).
  • Well, that what I thought about graphics until I left my xbox one Destiny game at home for a week & played the same Destiny game on a ps3. The graphics on the ps3 looked like crap. There IS a difference in graphics
  • They have the space now on Blu Ray so they cram everything they can think of into the package. All localizations e.g. Even on game discs intended for US which are supposed to only have English and Spanish on them, if I install such a game here in Europe I'm sure to get the language of my region.   Also I think if we're looking at the world in games such as AC and Watch Dogs, GTA V etc., to me it's only logical that these vast worlds with hires textures need GBs of data.
  • I got the game on disc, hopefully this isn't downloading at home right now - I pay £50 for my first 50GB of data, and then £15 for every 10GB after that. Which is the main reason I still stick to buying games on disc - The article makes it sound like the full 40GB will be downloaded, even if you installed from Disc, but hopefully this only affects people who bought it Digitally (But in all fairness should never have happened at all)
  • read the last paragraph - answers your question.
  • Oh poor Xbox owners... If only they had spent their money on a good PC xD
  • I don't have a One but its what ill be getting, why? Halo. :3
    PC doesnt have halo 3, 4 or any of the others that are on Xbox. So I can't buy one till otherwise.
  • Come on.. I know Halo is awesome but still.. PCs don't suck your money like consoles do, console games are fucking expensive.
  • Its not expensive though. It depends on your perspective and income. A game like Destiny which I have played for 200 hours, cost 60 pounds, means a few pence per hour. Its waaayy cheaper than a move ticket which is like 4 pounds per hour (more if you add food etc right?) If I buy 1 or 2 games per month instead of : going down the pub smoking eating out Then its good value. It depends on your priorities. I also PC game, they aren't mutually exclusive you know. I know you were trolling, but you do need to get over paying for things. Dev costs money. The games are great for their price.
  • No I wasn't trolling. I got Titanfall on PC for $6 on origin, now tell me if that's possible for a console game.
    I'm a student and my parents will never agree to buying a $60 game every month lol
  • i wish the fanboys (no matter xbox ps or pc) would play with their system instead bitching about that in the web...
  • I was mid-mission yesterday when suddenly the game quit and made me download the 40GB "patch"
  • That really sucks on Xbox One. No choice about when to install a patch. I even had such a prompt when my Xbox One was configured to download patches over night when I'm not using the thing.
  • So are these game disks blu ray or DVD? DVD wont hold 10gb.
  • Of course they're bluray. DVD is just on the XBOX 360. I believe all the current gen consoles (PS4, XBOX One, Wii U) are all bluray variants now.
  • wiiu doesnt have bluray.
  • This is what will happen when a company goes crazy trying to milk a franchise, with yearly releases. For greed of money, they release buggy games every year.
  • So true
  • 40Gb how many days download 512Kb speed? sucks india govt they never give high speed internet
  • Indian Xbox owners xD
  • Lol! 40 GB is going to take an eternity!
  • Nice to see that Ubisoft QA is near non-existent. :-S
  • Honestly acu is a total mess
  • Yet I've still poured and enjoyed the 57+ hours I've put into it so far more than the 25 or so hours I put into Destiny. Sure, it has its bugs but nothing has been gamebreaking for me. But, I know there are others that haven't faired so well... In fact - I had way more issues with Destiny than I've had with ACU - and those were game breaking because I couldn't even connect to the game for about a week and a half...
  • This explains why the patch took a long time to download last night
  • I hope the devision does not have these problems. I'm so tired of these half baked games that need day one updates to play. is anyone else getting tired of this?
  • Nope. Just you.
  • LOL spare my ribs pls
  • Will this be part of universal app thing when windows 10 outs!! Can a phone really handle such?
  • Ubisoft can't seem to catch a break, can they? It's like they've completely washed their hands clean of software quality assurance. This really makes me question the quality of The Division; one of the few games I'm looking forward to next year. :(
  • Crap... Lucky i have highspeed internet this week... its a shame that such a good game has all this problems
  • This game has been a case study of how not to release a game. It is a shame that these are taking people's money before finishing the product.