Lemur love pokes fun at U.S. iPhone MMS

Ooooo. Lemur burn. Gotta love lemurs.

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  • HAHAHAHAH..... America's 3rd fastest 3G network!!!!!!!
  • I need to jump the ATT train. I wish T-mo had better coverage.
  • wait a tic... if the 2nd gen iphone got 3G and the 3rd gen iphone got video AND copy/paste and now MMS... what is there to look forward to in the 4th gen? how is apple going to attract new users now? bluetooth file transfer, maybe? it's a long shot but it may just persuade consumers to think thats it's a must have on their 64G. you iphone peeps are starting to get greedy. you and your silly class action. leave apple and att alone. they know what's best for the consumer.
  • Ha, I love how every time Apple and AT&T adds something that Windows users have had for years it's considered a major upgrade. The people who bought previous versions then complain bitterly about how their phones lack something that should have been built in at the beginning. Next up will be removeable batteries, a keyboard, removeable memory and multi-tasking. The only thing I actually like about the Iphone after playing with one is the form factor.
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