Get your kicks with Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016

Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is a Windows 10 Mobile for the soccer lover in all of us. It comes to the Windows 10 Store by way of Game Troopers and challenges your skills at timing and concentration to see how long you can juggle a soccer ball.

You play the role of soccer star Robert Lewandowski in this free Windows 10 Mobile game and must master your ball control by tapping the screen at the right moment to keep the ball in the air.

Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is not a very complicated game, but has its fair share of challenges. It is a fun game to pass the time with or to play amongst friends to see who has the best soccer skills.

The design of Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is uncomplicated. The primary menu overlays the game screen and holds a host of options that include buying power-ups, view and collect the daily rewards, check out the online leaderboard, view your achievements and access the game's settings. There is also an option to access Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016's store where you can pick up customizations for Lewandowski such as hats, shirts, shorts, soccer balls and more.

Along the top of the game's display is an energy meter that regulates gameplay, your gold count and any special deals on in-app purchases. Each game costs you one point of energy that is replenished with time. You begin gameplay with seven energy points and they replenish at a rate of one every ten minutes. Energy points are also fully restored when you level up in experience.

Gold is earned through daily bonuses, as you advance in experience, unlock achievements or through in-app purchases. The gold, in turn, can be used to buy customizations and power-ups. Power-ups include score boosters, experience booster and other multipliers.

To start gameplay, just tap on Lewandowski to drop the ball and get started. When you first start playing Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 a brief tutorial plays to give you an idea of what is expected. In a nutshell, you tap the center of the circle as the ball reaches your foot or forehead to keep the ball in motion.

Tap the circle too soon or late and the kick or head bounce can go astray. Should you tap the circle slightly off center, your kick or bounce may stray too far and become unrecoverable. Either miss-kick results in the game ending.

The goal of Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is simple: keep the ball in motion for as long as possible. Each kick or bounce earns you a point and as you advance in experience, tricks become available to give the Windows game a little more flavor.

Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is not the first soccer game from Game Trooper and approaches the sport from a unique angle (at least in my American football mindset). You have Tiki Taka Soccer that offers you a fast-paced, abridged version of a full soccer match and now Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 that tests your ball-handling skills.

Graphics are top notch with plenty of color and detail. I like the panoramic backdrop of the stadium and Lewandowski's facial expressions. Gameplay is challenging, but not overly taxing. Timing is key and if your attention strays for but a second, it will likely cost you the game.

I think Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 has across the board appeal; even those who don't care for soccer should find the game entertaining. I doubt it will hold up to lengthy game sessions, but for short bits of time it does a good job of things.

Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is available for Windows 10 Mobile and is a free, ad-supported game. You can remove the ad-support through a $2.99 in-app purchase. Overall, Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is a fun freestyle soccer game and a nice addition to the Game Troopers portfolio.

Download Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 from the Windows Store

George Ponder

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