LG confirms no Windows Phone 8 upgrade? Not quite

There has been some confusion this morning surrounding a tweet that was published by the Italian LG Twitter account. The tweet in question was in reply to another user who queried whether or not the LG Optimus 7 would be receiving the upcoming Windows Phone "Apollo" update, which stated that the device would not be upgraded as confirmed by Microsoft.

Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed anything regarding the "Apollo" update, apart from app compatibility. LG has since published a follow up tweet explaining that the previous statement was made in error. It's still up in the air whether first and second generation Windows Phones will be updated to "Apollo", so we should all continue to await confirmation from the software giant.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • The tweet may have been an error but that doesn't mean it was incorrect information.  I do not plan for my Samsung Focus to get upgraded. If it does? Cool...  BUT...my wife is due a contract  upgrade and we are not going to get a 900 that is off the upgrade list within 6 months.
  • I'm in a similar situation. I have the Focus, and won't be devastated if it doesn't get WP8. However, my wife can get her first smartphone at any time because she's been eligible for an upgrade for quite a while, but we're both waiting until the end of the year to see what the real deal is with WP8 (and honestly, we'll also look at iPhone 5). Buying a Lumia 900 on contract was simply too risky for us at this moment.
  • I wish Joe Belfiore could just tweet the truth and end up with this mess. If I have any real confirmation my Titan won't get the update I'll sell it right away to buy something else.
  • Well, there must be a good reason for the silence. That reason is that it ain't happening. They haven't even said something like, "We're trying but we're not sure yet." That must be because they ARE sure that it ain't happening. Why else would there be silence on this topic? I appreciate wishful thinking as much as the next guy, but at some point you have to be realistic.
  • Unless there afraid of the backlash from users... :[
  • It sure is funny how Apple can remain tight lipped about future devices/upgrades, but when MS does it, everyone is ready to jumpship or constantly whining. Apollo is a very important upgrade for MS in the mobile arena and they don't need to risk any leaks related to features, etc. If they aren't upgradeable, I'm sure they will offer trade ins.
  • Simple: the only device at risk of being dropped last time, was the already two year old iPhone 3GS. EVEN THEN... the dev betas for the 3GS were already out 5 MONTHS before the official release, so no one had to question whether the 3GS would get IOS5, since it was already in the pipelines.
    WP8? Not even a leaked photo?
  • Seeing as how wp8 is still more than 5 months away...
  • ...and you know this for sure?
  • Exactly,can't stand this whining
  • I agree that people treat Apple and Microsoft differently but when you consider iOS is not switching kernels or invoking any change of the potential magnitude of Mango->Apollo, this is what leads to more concern for WP7. I assume all iPhone users were confident of at least one upgrade. Current owners of flagship Windows Phones don't know if their handsets will be "obsolete" come the end of the year.
  • My guess is they are still evaluating how the older phones will handle the new OS. I dont want the upgrade on my Lumia 900 if it slows it to a crawl like iOS 4&5 have done to the earlier iPhones. An update with a few new features would be cool, but a full OS update needs to consider the hardware differences. If Apollo can be made better by leaving behind the WP7 devices, so be it. So far MS has shown a lot of consideration to their early adopters, I would be suprised to see that attitude change going forward. 
    Everyone relax until we actually know something.
  • " I'll sell it right away to buy something else."
    I think you answered your own question...
  • The lumia better get updated, if it doesn't, shit will hit the fan
  • My bet is, all the phone could get the upgrade, but the carriers are free to decide if they want to pish the update or not, and that's why Microsoft isn't confirming anything until they know for sure which carriers are going to cooperate and which are going to force us, stupid customers, to buy a new phone to get Win8.
  • *pish = push
  • Soo...if you are on at&t you're screwed then.
  • Hooray!!!! Not
  • You sound ignorant! ATT is the only carrier that is all in with wp7 and has gained customer base because of it. They aren't going to screw that up; they at least offer trade ins
  • Yes for phone hardware att has been all in, but even Verizon updated their only phone (gen1) to the latest firmware, whereas att has not. That's not to say they won't, but must be really annoying to not even have the disappearing keyboard fix that's been out for a while.
  • Agree!
  • Dont think so, ifa huge update is available like Mango, the update will come to everybody.  ATT will not hold back because one, MS wouldnt like it, two, WP7 market share is so small that it pretty much crushes any momentum. 
    It is not like Droid where the marketshare is huge and they can do that...
    I think it is safe to say that if an apollo update is available for current devices whether it kills performance or not, everybody will be able to update.  You can reference all you want about the 8703 or whatever the number update is...But that is a minor update, if a huge update is ready, ATT will push it out...
    The question is, if there will be an update. 
  • Most Likely the Case...
  • The worst thing, Microsoft could do, is to not upgrade it.
    You can't do that with 2% market shares.
  • Even if not Microsoft, companies will not worry to please just 2% if their next release is the differentiator among rivals. People will still buy new ones if it's fascinating. Why should MS release a statement now if it's under testing in the lab?
  • I agree. Why worry about upsetting a 2% mobile population? Perhaps WP8 will be so awesome that MS figures it's worth the risk and "start over" with WP.
  • it wouldn't be starting over because all the WP7 apps should work with it..
  • it wouldn't be starting over because all the WP7 apps should work with it..
  • well microsoft will no doubt say nothing at all and make things worse than they need to be, thats what they always do.
    One of the main reasons i chose windows phone was to avoid all this android-like uncertainty about upgrades and no carrier interference, which turned out to be a lie.
    Due an upgrade soon too and the HTC One S is looking better all the time.
  • I disagree. The silence is unusual for them. We knew about Mango's upgrade path well beforehand if I remember correctly. Look at all of the other MS products. Windows 8 has been released to the public and there is an entire library of information about it. The WP8 secrecy is new and I don't like it. It was always one of things I despised about Apple.
  • The silence is absolutely normal... Look how quite they are with W8. They opened there mouths with Mango and everybody screamed forcing the carriers to allow it. They keep there mouth shut till the last minute and there of the hook(maybe)...
  • Quiet with W8? Millions of people are running a beta of it. They're so open about it that you think it's been released!
  • Quicherbitchen man gosh. Fúckin idiot!
  • I'm with FFugue that all phones will get upgrade but down to carriers to decide.
  • i'm ok with this, cause it means first gen phones can be unlocked and unbranded and get the updates.  2nd gen might have a tougher time but I bet those will get official updates.  Just make it possible to get the upgrade, I'll rely on the geniuses at XDA-dev to do the rest.
  • Why did I bust out laughing over the 2% market comment.....oh wait I know its because 2% market share sucks .lol still love wp
  • I would not be surprised if the Optimus 7 didn't get the update.
    LG doesn't seem to care much about WP7.
    I mean it was nice that they gave us the internet sharing update, but there are no generation 2 windows phones.
  • Don't expect your focus to get it either...
  • Microsoft: Hey LG, we finally have a phone that is selling ok and we don't want people getting distracted about it becoming obsolete in a few months.  Please keep your customers focused on their disappearing keyboards and blaming the carriers.
  • "Please keep your customers focused on their disappearing keyboards and blaming the carriers."
    LMAO! I'm still waiting for AT&T to officially release an update that will fix my disappearing keyboard that started with Mango.
  • All Nokia phones will get the Apollo update. Don't worry about that guys! The update won't be as robust as the actually Windows Phone 8 phones itself, but we will(Nokia Phones) get the update.
  • It would be insane and idiotic if Microsoft did such a thing. It would be like purposefully shooting both your feet
  • It's better than not being able to update it at all.
  • The word so far is no update for any WP7 devices...
  • There is no "word so far," nothing thus far has been official
  • My lord, this whole Apollo upgrade issue is getting ridiculous, I just can't stand the whole back and forth...im gonna go on record proudly stating I DONT CARE if we get it or not...ill worry about that at the end of the year, until then Im gonna enjoy my windows phone as I have been since November! Seriously annoying, how about we dedicate more articles towards helpful user tips, potential new phones, and getting the most out of what you have NOW!
  • +1
  • I think Nokia phones will get the update, and perhaps the latest Samsung and HTC WP.  One thing is for sure:  If Microsoft locks out all current owners, they might as well close up shop on their mobile OS.  It will go the way of WebOS.  In Android-land, OEMs can do this, because Android is on top.  WP is on the bottom, so MS has to treat their users better than Android users are treated.
  • Microsoft said the same thing abt lumia 610 not receiving the skype update,and had to eat their words in the end...smh
  • I wish that all these rumors would stop wasting our time. Nobody even knows what is in Apollo. With technology, what is current today is obsolete tomorrow. If you wait, you will never move forward
  • Stop buying into the Microsoft will screw windows phone users talk. They can't afford to anger their 2%. They will bend over backwards for the time being in an effort to bundle Windows 8, Windows Phone and the XBox brands as one system that's user focused.
  • It will come down to how well the phones run wp8 on single cores. WP8 will be optimized for dual core first so don't expect updates as soon as the wp8 hits the market.
  • I agree. Shit or get off the pot already. Keeping things close to the vest is good strategy when keeping software secrets, but this is friggin' ridiculous!
  • I'm going with the idea the Microsoft fully intends to release Apollo for all exisiting generations of Windows Phones, but both carriers and manufacturers are dragging their heels.
    Until Microsoft receives confirmation from the carriers and manufacturers, there is no possible way they can say Apollo will be coming to existing handsets without damaging business relationships.
  • No matter what happens, your current devices will get some sort of update.  It just may not be the entire OS overhaul known as "Apollo".  MS will not "screw" you.
  • Don't count on it...
  • I have an unlocked LG Optimus 7, not bound by any carrier crap - I should hopefully get the update.
  • Off topic sorry, heard anything about grow??
  • I am doubtful of any WP8 upgrades at all, but we can be fairly certain that any devices already at End Of Life will not be upgraded. An update to an EOL product would be unprecedented. If that is true, then the next step is to think which current WPs will be EOL by October. I would say all but the Lumias and Titan II. So I suppose there is still some hope for those, but everyone else I think needs to be prepared to get a new phone.
  • ^THIS^
    It would be unreasonable for me to expect a WP8 update for my Focus, but not unreasonable for a Lumia 900 or Titan II owner to expect it.
  • LG has produced any 2nd Gen devices, so if course there's no update... I'm a bit pissed because MS and Nokia hammered us for months about the Lumia 900 and after we all but defective devices (yes Nokia is trying to fix them) they said oops we forgot to tell you no WP8 :[ bad form guys.
  • I know that they would tell us what's going on with WP8. But if they'd do Apollo will be leaked once again and that's one thing they don't want.
  • Read Paul Thurrott on no Win8 for 7.5 handsets...
    Sorry, but Microsoft's silence on this issue speaks volumes.  If they did have an upgrade path they would be advertising that as a bullet point on current handsets.  That was the promise of the Windows Phone platform - spec hardware = upgradeable, however it's more complicated than that.  Ultimately carriers want to push new phones, not test and support upgrades on old phones.
  • On the other hand MS doesn't even want to support anything but WP7.5 or better so there are other arguments to support they will all get a WP8 upgrade.
  • My concern is that the app makers will threat WP7 as abandonware. Why maintain Whatsapp if WP8 will get a 10x larger installed base?
    That is the reason I'm hesitating to buy a WP7 phone for my wife at this moment. You cannot reason with your wife if she can't use her favorite apps within a few months.
    I'm very happy with my LG Optimus at the moment, but I got it with a huge discount. It's a gen 1 (512mb/16Gb flash/1ghz) which can be found at the same price point as the soon to be coming Lumia 610. So if the Lumia 610 ever runs WP8, the LG surely will be capable of it. LG is supporting the phone with recent firmware updates and apps in the marketstore.
    The only problem I see with the upgrade is AT&T & co. it is not in their interest to update the gen 1 & 2 phones. Microsoft can do it easily, what people tend to forget is that the original NT could run on a 386 with 8-16 mb ;-). The gen 1 and gen 2 phones hardware do not differ that much, so a single HAL could be sufficient to migrate WP7 to WP8.
    For a release so close we know very little.
  • Microsoft went on record saying that WP7 apps will work with WP8.
  • The problem is with WP7 apps that won't be supported or upgraded.
    This is no problem normally because the appstores/marketplaces facilitate updates. Within a few months the incentive to support  WP7 might be gone.
    I didn't buy my phone only for calling and texting. I cannot recommend any WP7 telephone at this moment as more than a short term app platform.
    I think MS should buy all of us WP7 owners a WP8 phone, there is not that many of us<grin>
    But I'm still hoping that our old phones will be upgraded. There is no technical reason which will prevent this.
  • Don't expect the current generation of phones to be updated. The current hardware will probably not support and that will be the main reason. Plus 1st generation phones if purchased in the beginning will be close to the end of their contracts. There is a reason for the silence. It is not happening folks.
  • LG quantum?? To poor to go to the lumia
  • I don't expect my phone to be upgradable and I am not sad about it. If it happens great but by fall/winter I'll change my phone anyways. I would not mind a trade in though :)
  • First everyone is yelling for more storage, dual/quadcore, 16MP camera, and FFC. Well all of use who purchased the L900/Titan II, knew the specs and now we want these same devices to get the upgrade? We're still calling for better specs which to mw says that if a device with better specs does come out, you will purchase it. I know i will even though i have the L900, so I'll refrain from joining the rest of the cry babies here.....
  • so will wp8 applications will work on wp7.5.....?
    If yes than i will be satisfied with no update to my NL710.
    And if no then i will never buy a wp and specially nokia, also if it is Top again.
  • honestly, i dont see how any of the device(probably except first gen focus... you know why) can't run wp8, but i do see a reason for the silence
    that is OEM's commitment to update their phones, MS can't be sure of that, and the fact that most gen 1 owners would be getting a refresh next year anyways makes this even harder as OEMs can just say they want to focus resource on newer devices so they may just simply drop support for gen 1 or even gen 2 given how they handled their android situation
    the problem really stems from MS don't know what OEMs would do when the time comes around so if they said anything the OEMs may jump, or worse flat out do the opposite of what MS says... don't need that right now, i think everyone should just chill, like what Daniel kept on saying
  • whatever happened to guaranteed updates? Wasn't that one of the big selling points for WP7? It was for me, at least.
  • I wish this threatening to goto other OSes would just fúckin STOP! It is SO STUPID to even assume that MS wouldn't upgrade phones that are 6-18 months old (lumia 900 down to OG titan and radar). I wouldn't be too disappointed if my HD7 won't get updated because I and other HD7 users are planning on getting new phones anyway. Plus I read that on WMPU that all phones will be upgraded. NOW LET'S ALL SHUT THE FUÇK UP AND ENJOY OUR WP DEVICES!
  • Your comments always make me chuckle. Keep them coming!
  • Im convinced and I'll just go ahead and say it, Microsoft knows that our phones wont get Apollo. I think they are silent because Nokia needed to sell some phones. They couldnt wait until later this year without coming out with something. We've seen "rumors" that Win 8 is being tested on the low end Nokia phones, but no rumors of it being tested on the 900? That tells me the low end Nokia's will get some stripped down version of Apollo and the restof us are out of luck.
    What I think will end of happening is MS will say here's another $100 off a purchase of a new Windows 8 phone. Let's face it, with the market share where it is, its possible for them to do that. The bigger deal for me is they pushed these phones knowing they wouldnt get an update.
    Of course they could say tomorrow that the 900 or even the Titan II will get  a full windows 8 upgrade in which case I'll be at ATT the next day.....
  • IDC if my Arrive gets updated or not,I put it in between a lumia900 + Titan II at local att store,first Gen owners should be looking forward to updating and buying a new phone when 8 arrives,IMO. I've owned this since day1 and enjoy the OS just don't use the keyboard. Sprint sold their soul to be able to sell iOS,so WP will get no lovefrom sprint until Dan Hesses great grandkids tell him how cool the lumia 4200 is. If Sprint doesnt launch multiple Apollo devices,I will probably take my 2 accounts of 10yrs elsewhere.
  • To get the best experience you have to get a new hardware with this bad boy...imagine a Samsung flash with wp8.. And the fragmentations begin
  • If I don't get Windows Phone 8 on my HD7S I bought in August, I am never buying a phone with Microsoft software again. Ever.
  • Quit being so demanding you ungrateful son of a bítch
  • My optimus GT540 still runs on outdated version of 2.2 android. The people at LG seem too lazy to care about updating the firmwares. I had to get it ported to the latest version.