Cyber Monday is here, which means there's no shortage of incredible deals around the web. To help you along, we've rounded up the top deals from Windows Central Digital Offers, available at exclusive Cyber Week prices this week. Check them out below.

10. VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

Retail: $500 | Normally: $49.99 | Cyber Week: $29.99

Say goodbye to all your online privacy worries, for life. VPN Unlimited is your one-stop shop for protecting both your Wi-Fi and cellular connections, securing your online activity, and bypassing web content restrictions. You can score a lifetime subscription today for $30, over 95% off its retail value.

9. Universal Waterproof Solar Charger

Retail: $49.99 | Normally: $13.99 | Cyber Week: $11.20 (w/ code CYBER20 at checkout)

Skip the outlet and get your phone charged up and ready to go without ever having to go inside. This waterproof charger draws energy from the sun to fill a massive, 5000mAh battery capacity that can easily fully recharge your smartphone. Grab one today for under $12. 

8. Virtual Training Company: Lifetime Subscription

Retail: $2500 | Normally: $89 | Cyber Week: $53.40 (w/ code CYBER40 at checkout)

Virtual Training Company is offering a lifetime subscription to their library of 1000+ tech training courses for a fraction of its normal cost today. If you've ever wanted to learn coding, graphic design, 3D animation, network security, project management, or a range of other professional skills, you'd be hard pressed to find a better value. 

7. Pursonic S450 Electric Toothbrush

Retail: $69.95 | Normally: $39.99 | Cyber Week: $31.99 (w/ code CYBER20 at checkout)

Delivering 30,000 sonic strokes per minute, the Pursonic S450 is ideal for hard-to-reach areas and removes even the toughest stains, leaving your teeth naturally whiter. The built-in UV sanitizer kills bacteria and germs left behind on brush heads, and the system includes enough brush heads to last 3 full years. Grab one today for just $32. 

6. GlassWire Pro: Lifetime License

Retail: $99 | Normally: $29 | Cyber Week: $17.40 (w/ code CYBER40)

No antivirus is perfect, which is why GlassWire's firewall software is so important to ensuring your PC's health. GlassWire is the all-encompassing safety solution, monitoring your network completely, tracking host change, erecting a secure firewall, and displays everything visually so you have ultimate control. Grab a lifetime license today for under $18, a fraction of its normal cost. 

5. eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School: Lifetime Subscription

Retail: $999 | Normally: $39.99 | Cyber Week: $20 

If there is any one office tool you should master, it's Excel, and regardless of your skill level, a lifetime access to eLearnExcel will give you a comprehensive knowledge of this powerful program. Get this lifetime deal today for just $20, saving hundreds off its normal price.

4. Raspberry Pi 3 + Speech Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit

Retail: $180 | Normally: $170 | Cyber Week: $135.99 (w/ code CYBER20)

PiSmart is an intelligent platform based on Raspberry Pi designed by SunFounder, integrating Speech to Text (STT), Text to Speech (TTS), and servo and motor control. PiSmart has been built into this fun smart robot kit, allowing you to build a car, program it to follow a line, avoid obstacles, and respond to your voice. This great STEM gift is down over 20% from its retail value.

3. Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Retail: $22 | Normally: $10.99 | Cyber Week: $8.79 (w/ code CYBER20 at checkout)

With an influx of hot new Qi-compatible phones on the market, this charger is one of the most popular phone accessories of the season. Aside from the convenience of wire-free charging, you'll spare your phone from the electric shock delivered by an outlet that can diminish the overall battery life of your phone. Grab this today for under $10. 

2. Zoolz Cloud Storage: Lifetime of 1TB Instant Vault and 1TB of Cold Storage

Retail: $3600 | Normally: $49.99 | Cyber Week: $34.99 

Data loss is never fun, so it helps to back up your valuable data to the cloud. With this lifetime of Cold Storage and Instant Vault, you'll have an extremely affordable place to safely store massive amounts of data that rarely gets revisited, as well as a home for 1TB of data you need to access regularly. 

1. TRNDlabs Spectre Drone

Retail: $150 | Normally: $99.99 | Cyber Week: $79.99 (w/ code CYBER20 at checkout)

TRNDlabs most powerful drone yet, Spectre offers an unprecedented level of control and stability, with four high-speed propellors and an HD camera that would make the best smartphones envious. With an impressive 50-meter range, you can explore your world and watch a live feed using the Spectre app. It makes for the perfect tech gift at this $80 Cyber Week price.